Friday, October 19, 2012

How to layer the Right WAY! & More!

                                                        Happy FRIDAY!!
I got my bangs cut today, They Look really good, you can't really tell, in the photos, but I'll post a Photo at The end & anyway! On Wednesday, I was talking Fall & trends on the Runway,well today I wanted talk about how to Layer,  "The right way" & updating you on the Magazine,now I'm done reading.  Hope You Enjoy!
                          "How to Layer the Right way!"

(while I was taking photos, It was cool Then the Hot sun came,Mom & I had to hurry with the photos!) 
First you start out with a clean slate basics shirt or long sleeve or thermal is great & Comfy & Warm pants. (I'm wearing warm ups from Eddie Bauer) 

Then You put on a warm & cozy sweater (Mine is from St John's, I got at buffalo exchange,It's a Men's Sweater)  I mean this was THICK! perfect for when your outside & it's cold, 

Then don't forget your cute & warm accessories, Like gloves & hat
 (mine are from Target this year & the hat is from last year ) 

Then Your coat, I just used my trench & you can any jacket over all these layers. 
(since my other coat is SUPER warm & I would have died in it since it's not cold.)

Showing you my layers! & my moccasins are from Payless,( Click me!)

Don't forget that HOOD! my Mom has taught me that Hoods are another great & last layer and are so warm & if you forget your earmuffs, just put your hood on! 
Remember it's best not to wear any jewelry, because my bracelets always get caught when wear sweaters & coats & hats & gloves. 

Here's some lower priced finds! 

At Target 
This doesn't look very warm but you can layer it with a thermal & you will stay warm. 

It still doesn't look very warm But then it does. Landsend it pretty good, It's on sale!! 

if You remember last Friday, I had started reading Glamour Magazine Nov Issue 
It was a really Good Magazine  That I may even get a subscription, because I got in Sept For Fall fashion now again! I just love it! my fav articles were "The seven sweaters of life" & "Taylor's Ticket to Ride" & "1 star/ 7 hairstyles" It's NINA Dobrev!! She's so pretty & I love her style, I may do style post on her! since she's always in Red Carpet of the week photos here on my blog
 I LOVED These stores! 
Here's some photos from 
About Taylor Click me!
& Nina! Click me!

My Hair photo, I wanted my bangs like this 

My bangs, Yes They are shorter but I wanted them like that! They are Pretty close to the same! Thank You Miss M! Who Cut my hair! 

That's it for today! See you on Monday! 
Have a Safe & Classy weekend! 


snoopellie said...

Nice post, I'm actually the one cutting my bangs as well as my sister's bangs :D Yours cute btw :D

Pam E said...

Oh Thank You Ellie! OH Awesome! YAY! Bang's Sisters! that's awesome you know how to cut them, I wish I did!
readers,GO Follow her blog it's awesome & Ellie is so sweet!
Xo Pam

Trureader said...

love the layering. Love that trench coat. Don't need an umbrella when you have a hood. Thanks for writing this.

Metajojuana Nyt said...

Love your trench coat

BIG hair LOUD mouth

Pam E said...

Thank You so much Trureader, That is so true!!
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

Thank you, I love it too! Thank you for commenting!
GO FOLLOW HER Blog too! she's wonderful & Sweet & has so much style. :)
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Pastereczka said...

Bangs like this is perfect to You:)

kisses from Poland

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Arleendee said...

love your coat!! <3 xx

Pam E said...

I love your blog!! It's so nice & Simple. Btw I Love Poland!!
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Xo Pam

Pam E said...

Thank You so much Arleendee, for commenting & following! :) Means so much!
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Daisy Quijada said...

Hi Dear! It's me from IFB!


Pam E said...

So glad you stopped by, Thank You so much & for commenting
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Make sure you Look at her Blog too, It's very Wonderful!