Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday Gift Haul and 15 Home Moving Tips, And Goodbye Google Reader!

                                    Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!
Moving is very tough! it was on me,since I'm kinda a baby and can't do a Lot! because if I do too much my body starts hurting a lot!!  I just did what I could! and Thank you God for my amazing family!
Last week when we were moving.. I was so upset and mad! I knew we had to move because it's very SMALL for all of us!! I'm really Happy now that I have my huge room! and I can't wait to start Shopping for two new desks! one for writing and one for makeup then another bookcase all in white or black for it to match my theme! and if y'all remember my birthday was June 9th and I wanted to have a Birthday gift Haul with some home moving Tips from your's truly and Goodbye google reader! <3

                                                  Birthday Gift Haul! 
The Gift cards! from my Parents for Sam Moon and it's a AWESOME store! I hope to do a reveiw of their store soon! they are ALL over the country and and they have everything FASHION! and I LOVE it And Yay! for $25! and two $10 itune cards! from my Uncle and Aunt I need it since I'm always buying music! 

Y'all know,how I LOVE Old Navy! And I got a $25 gift card from my little brother and how sweet! 

A Visa Birthday Card from my little little brother! I LOVE IT! with $25 and I used it on Starbucks 
(before the prices went up) And more! 

A wonderful Purse From My Grandparents! that I LOVE! My Grandma said, It's yelled Pamela! haha. I LOVE It because it's huge and very boho and can go with my everyday outfits. 

Lina is an Accessories Brand from Sears. 

Mint bracelets from My Grandparents they were inside my purse! My Grandma is Great at little Things like that. 

I LOVE Hello Kitty! And a Hello kitty Clock! OMGH! and I posted on my instagram and I haven't even opened it yet.. I'm such a hello kitty collector! anyway I may hang the clock up with the box,still on it! From My Uncle and Aunt,they spoil me! 

My older Cousin Vi and her Family who really knows me and she got me two Clutches that I love, 
this first Clutch is SO perfect for a fierce and edgy look! with that leather dragon head, I LOVE IT! 
 since she knows, I love clutches for My blog and she told me, That she really reads it and I hope she knows, I love her,even though I don't say it! and she is my cousin who was having surgery and she's healing well!! and we hope to all hang out on July 4th! 

LOVE this blue one! it's perfect a date night or family Fancy Dinner outfit,I LOVE IT! and It kinda yells, "Life of the room!" 

An amazing grace blouse from my parents for Sleep or working out! I love it! I wore when we moved and It fit perfectly. 

How CUTE! 

A sliver necklace from my Aunt Mary and I LOVE IT!! It can go with anything! I can't wait to wear it! 

my card from Aunt Mary and such a cute idea! 

All my cards! I'm hoping to do to try a DIY with cards soon and if all goes well! I'll share it with everything one! 
 I loved all my gifts and I feel truly blessed and thank you again everyone! 

15 Home MOVING Tips! 
1. Hire someone! If you do, make sure you watch how they pack your stuff and watch the movers as My Aunt did and if You don't want them packing Fragile stuff, well grab a Box and pack It yourself, It's easy once you get the hang of it.
2.If you're packing your own stuff, like we did! you will need a ice chest for water and make a small bag with clothing and medicines and things you need for let's say a week, since most of your stuff will be packed. 
3.Try to mark all your boxes and with details if you want to! as many boxes as you can! Ie: Pam's books goes bookcase in third shelf or your name's bathroom.
4.Make sure you turn on water and lights as soon as you CAN! and call the cable man so you can have internet!
 (My mom called as soon as she could and we had internet within two days of moving in) 
5. If you need help packing, please Ask you family and friends for help and if You don't have Money to pay them well, at least buy them lunch or dinner. 
(No one can turn that down and send them Thank You Cards)
6.Make sure pets are with you or with people who can watch them while you are moving. 
7. Pack one room at a time and don't get overwhelmed! 
8. Be orderly! 
9. Get tons of tape and boxes,don't be afraid to ask walmart or stores if they have any boxes, you can never have a enough boxes and tape!  
10. Don't try to do it all! ask for help! and if you're done with your stuff go ask your other family members if they need help! 
11. REST! After you are somewhat done moving, please give yourself time to rest! Because your body has been moving too! 
12. Try to eat at normal times and so your body doesn't freak out! 
13.if you have kids, ask a friend or someone to watch them so you can pack even more or get the kids something to do while You're packing! 
14.Start EARLY in the MORNING! because by the time, you know it it's 1! and 1-5 is PEAK Heat times and I would try not to be out, since it's so hot And if You have to be out, drink water or vitamin water to keep you going. 
15. Take time unpacking! and if you need unpacking,Ask for help! 

GOODBYE,Google Reader!
if You didn't get the memo! Google reader will be closing on July 1st! 
so you can follow my blog and ALL your favorite blogs on blogloven (Here!
And if You make a account It can move all your google Reader blogs and stuff you follow onto blogloven'! 
if you don't like that, well You can Follow me On email, It's on the right side of my blog and you should see it! 
and if you could use feedly! follow me (Here!
And If You make an account it will move ALL your Google reader blogs to feedly ALL for FREE! it's simple!

I will see you This coming week with a Fourth of July Style Post! 

Stay beautiful! 
Happy Summer! 

Xoxo Pam 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Trend: Outfit for a Cool Summer day.. What I got at BBW And Sales!

                                    Happy Friday! And Happy Father's Day!
How is Everyone? I hope y'all read my mini update on Wednesday,because I am very busy right now with so many things, plus we are going to be moving this coming week and Packing is tough! and if you're like me who has many things from makeup to clothing to shoes to fashion magazines! I will still be posting only on Wednesday and Friday and my giveaway for my Blogiversary may have to wait just a few weeks and Thank for always reading!

What I'm Wearing? 
Grenadine colored blouse By Rafaella (gift and similar Here!)
Black jeans By Jordache (similar Here!

 Lately here in Texas,the weather has been odd, It's cool then hot! then rainy! I have No idea how to dress!! I pick wore jeans so my legs won't get cold and a short sleeve so I won't be hot and I carried along my trench,  I forgot to take a photo of it, but You can see it Here!

My Jewelry And Nail Polish.
 Rose gold watch by Xhilaratiton (Here!
Rose gold chain by Thrifted (similar Here!
Gold heart charm bracelet by gift (similar Here!)
Siver Heart Shape Ring by Hometown Store (Here!
Nail polish is OPI Germany Collection,Don't Pretzel My Buttons, (Here!

Nude Flats By Steve Madden (similar Here!
I wore simple shoes so If I got them wet, They wouldn't get messed up But It never rained while I was outside. 

Round Coral/Orange round clip earrings by Dots (Here!

Mini Haul and The Big Semi-Annual Sale! 

Left side is: Cherry Blossom Hand soap,that smells Cherry flowers! and It's $3.00! (Here!)
Right side is: Daisy Dreamgirl Mist That perfect for the weekend or Everyday! It smells like passion fruit and clementine and grapefruit and daisies. Mom Brought one too! she loves it too! And It's $4.00! (Here!

This is My favorite scent right now, But since It's leaving..  And Sold out online! I got it for $1.50! 

If You can't make it in store to Bath & Body works, you can still shop online! The Semi Annual Sale ends MONDAY! 

Bath & Body Works will being having summer Sale Starting July 8 And will be Having a Collection called "Summer Chill Collection"! I can't wait! is Having a 70% off Sale! (Here!
Charlotte Russe is having a 60% off Sale (Here!
Romwe is having a Leggings sale! & another a 70% off Sale! (Here!
Forever21 is having a  50% off Sale! (Here!

Have a Wonderful Weekend! 
With Your Dad or Remembering Your Dad. 
See You soon! 
Xoxo Pam 

P.S. Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No Post till This Friday!

                                                Happy Wednesday!
Happy Hump Day as They say, Well, I have been very busy with my health & life things And I won't be posting today BUT I will be posting This Friday!  Please look out for that! And Thank You For Reading!              
                                                 Stay Beautiful!
                                                  Xoxo Pam 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Birthday Outfit & Quote of the day!

                    Happy Friday! & Happy Birthday to all the June Babies!
I'm so ready for this weekend! I had a pre birthday party on Wednesday, since my cousin was going to be in surgery today & this weekend and I didn't want to be with out her & her family Plus it wouldn't have been the same & My real birthday is Sunday! & I got my birthday outfit! & I wanted to share with y'all and I want to have a Birthday Haul soon & this coming week,I'll be guest blogging on a Friend's blog while she's away. I can't wait to share with y'all!

My Blouse from Anne Klein & TJ Maxx. It was on sale!   

My Outfit! 
Navy Blouse By Anne Klein (Similar Here!
White Skirt By Metro Wear (Similar Here!

More Info below! 

I know. It's Only a Blouse I got, but I love to wear my white skirt with sandals! all the time & everything went well, It's been very busy here with my cousin & my hometown team The Spurs In the finals and I was editing yesterday while watching the game! 

Beige Sandals by Old Navy (Here!

My Jewelry And Nail Polish. 
Rosegold with Pink watch By Xhilaration (Here!)
Rosegold Chain is thrifted (similar Here!
Sliver By hometown store (similar Here!
Red Nail Polish is S026 "Pick Your poison" Spoiled by Wet N Wild 

It has been very Sunny in Texas Lately, Besides sometimes the rainy days,I'm moving on to Summer trends now next week post will be on Summer trends!

We had dinner At Chili's & I got a free brownie with Ice Cream & It was Wonderful Then I had cake and ice cream at Grandma's That was wonderful! always good to spend time with people who love you! 

I had this tiara since my sweet sixteen! I'm now twenty two! (similar Here!

my brownie & Ice Cream! 

"The first duty of love is to listen." 
~ Paul Tillich

Happy Weekend! 
See You Soon!
Xoxo Pam 
P.S. Sorry for being so short! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Runway Wednesday: Happy Clothing!

                                                    Hello Darlings!
Hope Your having a Blessed week so far! Today is one of my birthday party's and I'm dolling myself up & resting.. My real Birthday is on Sunday! I'll be turning 22! I know.. I'm so old! haha! &  since I have been feeling kinda sick so today's post will be very simple! & I can't wait for to share Friday's Outfit! & it's my birthday outfit!
                                                     Kate Spade 
                                      Summer 2013 

(More info Here!
I LOVE This Collection, Mostly because it's bright & Perfect for Summer! I can't wait to go shopping & look for pieces like this. I wish Kate Spade would team up with Target! I would buy it all. *sighs* a Girl can dream,right! 
Let's talk trends! 
COLOR Trends: light pink,white,hot pink,baby blue,black,brown,beige, bright green,bright yellow,navy blue,orange. 
Prints & fabric Trends:tweed,silk,stripes,florals,gingham,watercolors, lace.
Clothing Trends:Long Thin Jackets with shorts,high waisted shorts, Matching suits with shorts, boat neck blouses, Peter pan collars, matching Gingham outfits,mini skirts,dresses with cardigans,color blocking, A line dresses,color blocked T shirts, shift dresses,A line skirts, Bow dresses,peplum dresses,crop pants,sweater short sleeves, capped sleeve dresses, sleeveless button down blouses. 
Shoe Trends: 
Flats with Gold or Silver caps 

Wedges! Floral or Red or Blue 

Accessories and Handbag trends: 
White Straw shoulder bags with Gingham nails! 

Love this clutch with bows on it with the white! 

50s radio clutch!

Pop! for your ipad! 

Sunglasses! Wow.. 
& tons of tights from Pink to bows! and thin short socks, Vogue didn't like them But I do! I would wear them if I could find them! 
Hair and Makeup Trends: 
aqua eyeliner & eyeshadow & the rest of the face was natural Makeup

That Roll in the hair is a trend, I couldn't find any hair tips of it. I'll keep looking! 

Very Pretty! & Different in a Awesome way! 
For Nail inspiration, Look Here! & Here!
 Kate Spade is having a sale right now! some things are a Very Good price! Look for it Here!

Happy Summer! 
see you Soon! 
Xoxo Pam 
P.S Title goes to My BFF Miri who calls Kate Spade Clothing Happy Clothing! :)