Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Runway Wednesday: Goodbye Paris!

                                             Bonjour,Tout Le Monde!
(Hello,Everyone!)  Since we are in Paris finishing up today's & I love FRENCH! if only I knew it for real, haha thank you google! today's Runway Wednesday post is all about Elie Saab! ( who I LOVE) & Christian Dior ( who I also LOVE) I wanted to point out something, If you see i'm not talking about ALL the Spring Shows is because when Spring comes, I still need to talk about trends & Stuff then  & Friday's Post we are back to FALL Trends!!  Enjoy today's post!      

                                        "Elie Saab"
                                       Spring 2013 

Designer Elie Saab. 
Elie Saab, This Season kinda shocked me because of the lace & ruffle dresses seems WAY too sexy, Don't get mad but I didn't post them since this blog 13+ but Everything Else, I love but that But I know, that's a huge trend for designers right now, But I love this whole show! because it had so many trends, & trends I saw were: Black & white & bright colors & floral's,Sparkle, floral stripes, lace & perfectly fit dresses & perfectly tailored Menswear suits & one color outfits & peplum dresses & rounded Or full skirts! (I LOVED them the most) & In Shoes, pointed Heels & t-strapped heels, strappy heels & in bags, crossbody bags & big bags were the trend. 

                                      "Christian Dior"
                                        Spring 2013


Designer Raf Simons 
I must say, I thought Raf Simons did very good In July at the couture show, so I must say I was looking forward to this season's show & this Year's show, blew me away! I was shocked, It was so good, I was love with everything! Wow, Raf Made me a fan of his for sure now! Make sure you see the Dior “New Look” silhouette dresses, with sleek black tops and full blooming skirts, appropriately printed with rosebuds, so pretty! now let's talk about trends:Black & White bright colors,floral's, neons,stripes  Sheer,& Menswear suits,Peplum & full gowns,Shorts Suits,one shoulder blouses & dresses, Tube dresses & blouses,In shoes: capped heels in neons & metallic colors & metallic pumps,Strappy sandals & in Bags,Over shoulder bags, Clutchs, & in accessories: tons scarves & Sunglasses, & Makeup was so bright! & Wonderful!

Good Bye Paris! see you next Season!  

Fashion Quote Day! 
“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.” ~ Christian Dior
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