Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday Outfit ideas & 7 golden rules..

                                                                Happy Thanksgiving!!
I covered all about outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving & fall trends. NOW! let's get into the HUGE Topic around for all people & Only in America.. well, people in other counties could use this too if you have your own Sale day! 
it's BLACK FRIDAY BABY!! do I go shopping? well yes, not to much.. but I'm out there. 
I'm kinda a pro at this so I know how to dress for it & how to shop. Let's START!! 
How to dress when standing in line?? waiting for the doors to open.  
I took some photos on how to dress & how to layer just for it! You may think, she's taking it over board!! Ummm No, I'm not!! I kinda know what I'm talking about..

Outfit,black Beatles tee by Walmart(old) Purple warm ups by Eddie Bauer (in Eddie Bauer store only) & Uggs by Target(old) 
grey by Forever21 (old) rose gold watch by Merona (Click me!)
Start with warm pants (NOT JEANS Because they don't let you run or move fast) since you will be waiting outside before 1AM!! You must be warm! simple Tee under it all & warm boot, These are so WARM! Plus I know, they are uggs but people can run on them & i'm ok, please wear a hat while you are waiting then as the time comes take it off so it won't fall off when you are running or moving around & wear a watch so you can tell the time, not your phone, because 1! they can steal it while you are waiting 2! it can die on you. 

On Top of all that put any long sleeve shirt you have!! I used a long sleeve thermal by Gilligan & OMalley® Click me! Got in grey & on sale too! 

Hoodie is from Old Navy (old) 
Now You put a hoodie on top of all that, Why? It keeps you warmer plus, if your warm enough here you don't have to wear a heavy coat on. 

My coat is very old! & my scarf is from aeropostale got it last year at black Friday! 
It's super cold at 1am or what ever am your out, I would wear a small coat (unless your out in the snow, then wear a huge coat!) then your warm scarf then warm gloves & yes I know, I forgot about them in the photo.. (no comment) 
So where do you pick where you are go to!!????? 
Umm.. we get the newpaper on Thanksgiving from some guys who sale it just on that day! & online
& from the stores,I want to go too. 
we are going to Bath & Body works,Target,Old Navy, ToyRus and aeropostale,Ulta & Kohls. 
Think about what You need, just don't Shop for the rush! I'm really thinking what do I need?? is it worth it? 
I need more winter clothes & scarfs & purses & candles.. so if I don't see a sale worth it, I don't go. Why? because it's sometimes SO PACKED!! Walmart is the worst! I have gotten my foot run over, ToyRus is bad too, but we are still thinking if we should go or not. 
Ok, If Your a newbie to all this or maybe want to try it.

Here's Pam's " 7 Golden Black Friday Rules"
1. if they shove you, push BACK! BUT only if you were there first!! That's the only time, I push back! 
2. Don't make friends while waiting.. some people do that then the person will trip you or something.. (shaking head) 
3. leave your iphones or ipods in the car or pocket.. I use them on our way over there then I leave it in the car! I know you want to show the lines are long or show off what you got But do it at home!!! 
4. if there is a line, stand there as soon as you see it!! don't be all, What's this for? or wait for someone to meet you there, Just stand THERE! you could let 2 or 10 people get in front of you!! 
5. be careful with slow people! My mom who walks slow,almost got run overed! she's staying home from now on. just keep a eye out, go around them! don't hurt them. I'll try to run around them.
6. GET THERE EARLY!! get there at least one hour early, we get there two hours early. 
7. Believe it or not, You will have to run!! if You want that item. 

I don't really do Cyber Monday.. I can't give you tips on it. All I can say is Get UP EARLY!! & get Online & SHOP! 
(I'm old School I would rather shop in store.) 

This My Last Post of November since I will gone till December 1st, I'm on Thanksgiving Vacation!! plus I'm working on something.. HEHEHE!! Sneaky... 
My Fashion Loves, Have a WONDERFUL!! Thanksgiving & Pigging out! but stay in STYLE! & Stay safe!! & Have Fun shopping!! 

I leave a Photo that is awesome, is so CUTE!! 
From Fashion Love by Pam to YOU!! 

Xo Pam

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall Outfit ideas! One pair of jeans, Two fall looks!

                                                     Happy Saturday!!!
My Loves, Hope everyone is having a Great day so far!! (& If your last day of school or work was yesterday, YAY! for you!)
Well,Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I thought, I should show you some Outfit ideas, & update on what Magazine I'm currently reading. Hope You Enjoy Today's post!

                                     One pair of jeans,Two fall looks
I'm using jeans, because they are warm & don't get dirty easily, & They are perfect if you want to play football or eat till your tummy hurts. one is very causal then one is very business causal. but perfect for family photos & family time.

                                                    The one pair of jeans 

Jordache Skinny dark wash jeans. 
Jordache jeans are great because they are kinda cheap & Last for a long time, plus they are in all sizes from 0-20, they sell them at wal-mart & yes, it's not the best place to buy jeans but believe me they are great jeans will lasts up to 3 years! for me they did But I saw no one was selling them then I saw Heidi Klum, on the Ad & she loves them too,even better!  

Back pocket details, Perfect & simple, I LOVE IT! it's so Texan for me. 

                                                  Casual Thanksgiving outfit 
White shirt by wet seal (similar Click me! ) red & blue flannel button down by vintage (similar Click me!) Dark wash Jeans by Jordache (Click me! ) Boots by X-Appeal (Click me!), Crossbody Bag by Liz Claiborne vintage(Similar Click me!) Deep blue peal necklace by Vintage similar (Click me!

I wanted to keep in simple,yet very comfy & warm. I looked very tomboyish,I added my purse & jewelry & belt to make it look let square& kinda too make it look like I took my take getting ready, plus the boots give it that Fall touch. 

My jeans, I LOVE them! 

Rosegold watch by Merona at Target, Rosegold chain bracelet is vintage, Sliver ring by store in Houston,Nail polish is "Nein! Nein! Nein Ok Fine!" By OPI The Germany Collection.  

Casual Business Thanksgiving outfit 

Yellow short sleeve turtleneck sweater by (similar Click me! & Click me! ) Black Blazer By Ann Taylor (similar Click me!) Dark wash jeans by Jordach (Click me!) white pearl necklace,vintage (similar Click me!  

Side view of my wonderful jeans! 

I wanted to give everyone some ideas, even Very dresses up idea even with jeans! because we need to have some class & style even on Thanksgiving! here I went with a Look, that will make you shine! plus you can mix whatever you have on hand or take over the blazer if you get cold or hot, & I keep it very kinda simple yet again using my jewelry as the finishing touches again & this is a perfect outfit for even photos or meeting friends. 

These mustard sling back peep toe sandels, are very differnt that's why I love them! & thrift store find! 

Rose gold chain bracelet by Vintage, orange & black bracelet by Mark by avon, (old) 
& grey chain bracelet from Store in Houston (Similar Click me!)

If you want more outfit ideas for a Christmas party or New Year ideas, Please ask me! I would love to Post some! 

Update on what Magazine I'm currently reading
Elle December 2012
Cover girl Jennifer Lawrence. 
I liked it, I'm a hunger games fan but of the book, the movie is great & i'm not a Jennifer Lawrence fan, plus she's kinda to much in the interview,Warning! she cusses in this interview more then once. BUT!! One thing she said, I LOVED! 
Quote from Jennifer Lawrence "I’m never going to starve myself for a part. I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner." & "In Hollywood, I'm obese," "I'm considered a fat actress." 
& she's really right! Hollywood shouldn't show that it's good to be super skinny! because it's not!  Plus
 & She's a Southern bell like me, I loved that! 
My favorite Editorial was "Our Time to shine" Modeled by Erin Heatherton
 Photographed by Bruno Staub & styled By Joe Zee 

Stay with Style & Have a Wonderful Weekend! 

P.S I wanted to do a post on black Friday! What Do Y'all think?? If You want the post! Please comment! 
P.S.S So sorry this was late, I have been so busy lately But I LOVE My Blog! Thank you for reading! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Look: at Maison Martin Margiela collection & Anne Hathaway On Vogue

                                                      Happy Wednesday!
Hi,Everyone! I hope your day is great so far well,since it's Runway Wednesday, I'll be showing y'all a look Maison Martin Margiela's With H&M ,I wanted share with y'all a look at Anne Hathaway on the cover of Vogue & photos at her fashion. Hope You Enjoy,Today's post!

                                Maison Martin Margiela collection  
                                          With H&M 
Candy Wrapper Clutch – $59.95

Oversized Peacoat – $349

Plexi Wedge Ankle Boot – $349

Duvet Coat – $349

Mirrored Leggings – $39.95

Oversized Jeans – $69.95

Trouser Skirt – $99

Silk Top – $149

Silk Skirt – $129

Trompe L’Oeil Tattoo Top – $49.95

Car Seat Cover Dress – $349

Narrow Shoulder Jacket – $99

Trompe L’Oeil Fishnet Leggings – $24.95

Oversized Dress – $129

Glove Clutch – $149

Suit Trousers – $99

Plexi Wedge Pump – $299

Oversized Turtleneck – $149

Fusion of Several Coats – $199 
Hand Painted Loafer – $199

Hitched Up Dress – $199

Dress – $99

Reversed Coat – $399

Men’s Suit Jacket – $129

Knee High Leather Boot – $299

Hitched Up Dress – $199

Mirrored Tuxedo Jacket – $199

Open Clasp Watch Bracelet – $49.95

Hair Lock Necklace – $12.95

Suit Vest – $59.95

Boots – $299

Wool Coat – $199

Plexi Wedge Boot – $399

Oversized Fanny Pack  $199

Scarves Sweater – $99

Sweater – $129

Faux Fur Coat – $349

Trompe L’Oeil High-Top Sneaker – $129

Guitar Shaped Weekender – $399

Leather Belt Jacket – $399

Pump – $129

I really love this line so much,I want everything the are selling But guess what We don't have H&M here so I'm ordering online.. Let's see how this goes!! 
I love it because it's fall dark trends with brights & nudes, plus it's kinda cheaper then most Designer clothes,that's why it's a HUGE DEAL! Or as I told My mom, it's Like Chanel clothes at Wal-Mart! but better! so if your blessed to have a H&M near you, please GO Tomorrow, Nov 15th!! for us who are not worthy enough for a H&M store in our cities. 

US Vogue
December 2012  
Covergirl Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway on the cover of December Vogue, & is wearing a green Vera Wang Spring 2013 RTW Dress Shot by for the Annie Leibovitz. 

 She's wearing Ralph Lauren Collection’s gold-embroidered vest, linen blouse, and wool trousers.
Hugh Jackman On Anne Hathway’s Performance In Les Misérables: On set, Hathaway’s castmates were bowled over from the start by the seamlessness of her transition into Fantine. As Jackman puts it, “After Annie’s first day of rehearsal, I said to Tom, ‘You can just turn the camera on, digitally remove the script from her hands, and she’s going to win the Academy Award.’

while opening up about everything from designing her wedding dress to making dramatic physical changes the role of Fantine & Turning 30. 

On losing 25 pounds for "Les Misérables"  
“Before the start of shooting, she went on a strict cleanse and lost ten pounds, which in the early scenes of the film gives her a gossamer quality. She then took two weeks off and lost another fifteen pounds by following a near-starvation diet, consisting of two thin squares of dried oatmeal paste a day. ‘I had to be obsessive about it—the idea was to look near death,’ she recalls. ‘Looking back on the whole experience—and I don’t judge it in any way—it was definitely a little nuts. It was definitely a break with reality, but I think that’s who Fantine is anyway."

Anne is wearing a valentino Haute Couture velvet dress & On her dramatic pixie haircut: "I love the short-haired lifestyle. It's awesome that I was able to go for a hike right before I came here to meet you, quickly wash my hair, and now it's dry."

I LOVE her dress! WOW! she has true Class! 
On designing her wedding dress with pal Valentino: "I begged him during the first fitting to make the train detachable. He looked at me and said, 'But it is a dress, not a costume.' The memory of creating it with him is something that I will treasure forever. He somehow read my mind and designed the dress that I'd always wanted."


Stay with Style