Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Winter Trends: Ugg look alike boots & Jeggings.

   Happy Saturday!
I hope your weekend is well so far! 
I know, This Post was for Friday, Aka yesterday but My day went away, I didn't plan for! But at lease
I get to try a Saturday post! 
Today's post is about my new ugg look alike boots & my Jeggings & how it's still a trend, I just want to apologize for falling behind on emails & messages with other bloggers & readers! I hope to Catch up soon! Just getting my shopping done, take long! Remember if You Have a Fashion Question, for me, You can email me at, Enjoy today's blog post! 
                  Winter Trends: Cozy Boots And Jeggings.  
I was looking at the Payless Ad, that came in the mail  I saw these PRETTY boots, for $15.00! I needed them for everyday boots, I went to payless & they were $24.99! but with a coupon, I used they came out to $15.00, Such a awesome sale price,and I just had to show them off! 
 yes, they look a lot like Uggs but I love Ugg's anyway! I know some people don't, but I love them, #1 because they are SUPER comfy & can wear them for hours, without feet pain & #2 because they can kinda go with a lot of stuff.. that, I own! 
Plus, I got some Jeggings back in October that were on sale for $10.00 but they were $15.00! I love getting a good sale. But target no longer sells them & I love them, they are so comfy & feel like pjs to me. 

I'm wearing a Cowl neck sweater tunic (similar Click me
Jeggings from Target (similar Click me!

Regan Flat Boot
At Payless
$24.99 But I got them on sale for $15.00!!

My jewelry. 
Watch: Target (similar Click me!
Rose Chain, Got at the thrift store. 
Gold ring, got at the thrift store. 

Me, Looking cute.. (yeah,right!) 

Love this.. 

These photos were taken at the Library, Hence the book. 

I really think if you want to pull off Ugg Boots or Comfy boots for everyday, you need to wear them How YOU WANT! but tights always make boots Look better, Because it makes YOU look better! Here's some ideas for tights

See how Leighton Meester is wearing her floral tight , she layered very well, so It comes together well. 
(Similar floral tights  Click me! & Click me! ) 

I don't know if you can tell but Elle Fanning looks taller and slimmer, white tights always help with that! 
(Similar white tights Click me!)  

Comfy boots with a dress is very pretty, I want to try it now! You must wear socks, Here's how 

Hayden Panettiere
is wearing them with socks & she's pulling off very well, yet it kinda still looks comfy. 

Jules from Her amazing Blog "Sincerely, Jules" Wore this on her blog
her blog post
She looks so wonderful & pretty yet looks so comfy! 
(I just used her Photo,NOT MINE!) 

Have any Questions, Leave them below in the comments. 

See you on Monday!
Xo Pam 


Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I love Uggs. They're so comfy and it's so perfect for this season. Just, don't wear them in the snow or you'll have to go get them clean, but as far as I know, Texas doesn't get much snow. Happy Hanukkah.

Pam E said...

Oh Thank you! They are!! Oh ok, I try not to! haha, not It never snows here, Just in the pan handle. You too!
Thank you for reading!
Xo Pam