Monday, October 8, 2012

In Love with Paris..(Paris fashion week that is!)

                                                       Happy Columbus Day!
To Those in America! & Yes, It's also Monday... WAH! :( I know, some people have off ,YAY! for you if your off! I had a super busy weekend! & Since It's my dad's Birthday tomorrow, I was with my family all weekend & it was fun! we saw "Taken 2" It was Pretty Good, not as good as the first one though no one can beat that one! But I guess, we lot of people saw t also since it's made 49 Million so far says here! Click me!
Now onto Fashion, this week We are going to Paris! I wish, I could have gone since it was so wonderful, But who wouldn't want to go! I mean, Paris is has shopping & Breath taking places & food, Ok, now I feel down! haha, anyway! The Shows were are talking about Today are 'Stella McCartney" & "Hermes" Ending with Photos of Paris fashion week.

                                                                     Stella McCartney
                                                Spring 2013

Designer Stella McCartney 
Stella McCartney's Show this year, was Maybe her best ever! also this year's line didn't seemed rush either after being busy with the London Olympics, I thought maybe it would since so many people were watching her lines the Most since she's from London her self. I'm so proud of her! & I haven't been a fan of her's that long, Just last year, but after looking at her past springs lines online, I like this one the best! It's has so many trends & is perfect for so many women from young to old! 
Trends I saw at her show were: in colors black & white, brights, & tons of sheer & patterns, pinhole blouses, floral! different cuts in the dresses & blouses, one color outfit & Military Jackets,thick sweaters, (LOVE IT!) & color blocking, Peplum, In shoes:all colors platform sandals, Strappy sandals, One strap Sandals,Bags:small clutches, In Accessories: oversize sunglasses. 

Spring 2013

All designed by Christophe Lemaire

Hermes, show this year, was pretty wonderful, I thought! but Vogue says, it's Review of the show,That Designed Christophe needs to work on some stuff (since he just moved to Hermes not to long ago) They didn't like the HUGE bags that did not match the patterns or colors of the outfits, That does make sense but maybe he was doing for the everyday Woman who does not have time to change bags every day, or maybe he just rushed anyway, I loved it all! I saw so many trends in the photos & they were: colors: white & black, deep & bright colors, All colors of patterns & paisley patterns & leather, In clothing: Tuxedo suits, short suits, one colored outfits & tons of color blocking,Blazers, Trunchs, In Shoes: Pointed heels, high heel loafers, In Bags: huge bags,Clutches, In accessories:Ties, suspenders,belts & Arm Candy. 

Paris Fashion Week photos

Model Kate Moss and photographer Mario Testino

Miroslava duma

Anna Wintour

Rachel Zoe

Elin Kling 

Sir Paul McCartney & his wife Nancy Shevell were joined on the front row at the Stella McCartney

                                                               Miroslava Duma.

(Unnamed people) 

Photos from
Some I found on google when I typed in "Paris Fashion Week" 
I hope You enjoyed the post, I loved Looking at Photos of all the weeks, makes me feel like I'm there! 
& someday I will be there. 

See you on Runway Wednesday,
                                                                       Stay with style! 
                                                                            Xoxo, Pam 


Caroline Topperman said...

You certainly have some beautiful pictures on your site!!!! I agree, I love Paris, it's such a wonderful city.


Pam E said...

Caroline, Thank You so much for Looking at my blog! :)
Thank You so much, I try. I love Looking at different Photos & Paris I love! I need to go someday!
Xo, Pam
I love your blog & Followed you! :)