Who am I? & Why Fashion Love?

                                                            Who Am I?

I'm Pamela 
You can call me Pam and I'm 25, I live In Texas, & I started Fashion Love by Pam on June 27th of 2012.
     I had been wanting to start it a Fashion blog since I read so many fashion blogs, since 2008!

My love to help people with style tips & I like to show my taste of style! & My style is conservative & Preppy & Trendy.
 I love to Keep Up with Trends,only if I like them & I LOVE to Budget shop & Thrift shop.
There aren't so many blogs like mine & I wanted to change that! And thus I made mine!
Don't get me wrong! I would love to wear designer all the time but Let's be real! We all can't afford that even though we all want to buy that bag but we also have to be sensible.
And yes, I love Fashion because to me it's like learning there is always something new to learn and to me fashion is fun and this was going to be a hobby for me but one thing, I have learned since I opened this blog is that I love doing it!!  because I love writing about fashion and I would love to share this fashion blog journey with you, My readers!

My Blog description would be: I love Street Style looks to Runway Looks to Celebrity looks & I get ideas from Everywhere from Art to even Looking at Outfit Photos & Blogs from All over the world &  I'm a huge fan of  Vintage looks & Very Classic looks.

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                                                 Why Fashion Love? 
I wanted to start Fashion Love! Since I love FASHION! Since Fashion is endless,Never Ending different  ways of LOVE! From Clothing,Style & Class & People who make Fashion! & When We buy a New Outfit We must "LOVE" & make sure It's in "FASHION"  & The People are LOVE to me! & I want to Spread & handfuls of Fashion LOVE! All Over the WORLD!

                                           Who are My Fashion Icons?
Audrey Hepburn,Adele,Elizabeth Taylor,Lauren Conrad,Katherine Hepburn,Taylor Swift & Sarah Jessica Parker.


Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Hi Cutie,
My blog Spashionista Report has a new name, just Spashionista, and has it's own url now - it's spashionista.com - so it won't appear in your WordPress reader anymore. If you'd like to continue following send your email address to Spashionista@gmail.com or subscribe via bloglovin.

Hope you are well and happy!

Pam E said...

Hi Alicia!
OMGH That's Awesome! yes, I did it already! :) and blogloven'
Xo Pam