Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Navy & Black Summer Outfit! And Sales! For August 8th Weekend!

                                   Hello Darlings!
                     How has your Summer Been??
Mine is pretty good! my Birthday was WONDERFUL!! June was amazing! I did miss,My Blog birthday, I was very sick on that day.. I keep feeling bad that I missed it! July was just crazy! had Family come in & Birthday's, Holiday's!  Now we are in the beginning of August! Wow.. so fast. 
Now school is starting! *Sobs* my brother's & friends are dreading it, already! the Months go by.. as summer is ending, then soon as we know it, it's time to let Summer go.. *NO!!* But wait! I'm Here to help you with Summer outfit ideas, I love to keep cool, while wearing skirts, I swear, they help you keep cool, in this heat. 

                     "Navy And Black Summer Outfit."

It was hot and sticky Day, I grabbed my simple black skirt & my favorite shirt at the moment . 
Navy and white striped shirt, by Eddie Bauer.  Look alike (HERE!
Black skirt by Laura Scott. Look alike  (HERE!)
Pearls by thrift store. Look alike (HERE!)  
Rose gold watch by Merona (HERE!)

Beautiful Texas morning.. 

Hologram flats are by Forver21.  They are sold Out! Here's some flats, I'm eyeing! (HERE!

Here In Texas and Nationwide, There are tons of sales! 
I wanted to share in case, anyone is in the mood for SHOPPING!
Texas is Having Tax Free Weekend! Till Sunday,midnight. 
Full Tax Free List is HERE!

August 8th Weekend, SALES! 
Back to School & Jean's sale 
At Old Navy, this weekend starting at $19.99! & Up! & $10.99! For Kids! 
Details (HERE!

Jean's 40% Off! 
At Express! starting at $47.90 & UP! 
Details (HERE!)

Hot Summer Sale! 
At JCPenny's store wide & online.
Till Saturday August 9th. 
Details (HERE!)
By the way, use code (SAVBUNCH) 

Thank YOU for reading! And supporting me! While I was on a break! 
Xo Pam 
Believe in yourself! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Fashion Post of 2014!

                                          Hello Loves!
How is Everyone?? I sure have missed Everyone! I'm Back for GOOD! This is kinda a update on me and what I'm working on For this Month and I hope the Year!
I'm ok, my Holiday's were great, they went by WAY to Fast! How were your Holiday's?
I did take photos of my Christmas outfit just didn't have a enough time to post them, I tried so many times, It felt as if time was Flying by even more then normal,*Sighs* Ok, Now on to the fashion.
All the award shows have happened or are going to happen In this coming month, I will be working on some posts on different events, I hope you will like as in the Golden Globes and Grammy's,The Oscar's then I hope to post my Christmas outfit and tons of different things for the end of Winter & Spring.
Then Valentines day is coming up and So I will have a full post, about Being a single Girl and some gift ideas if You have somebody and for Family & Friends, If I can get to this Valentines Day Post.

                                            Have a Blessed Day!
                                                 Stay Classy!
                                                     Xoxo Pam

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!! & Black Thursday?

                                             Happy Thanksgiving!
To All my wonderful & Great Readers! Have a Great And Family Filled Thanksgiving! And Happy Hanukkah! & Happy Thanksgivukkah as some people are calling it.

I'm wearing a simple thin white turtle neck with jeans & my new pink shoes! that post will be up New Week, But here's a Sneak Peek.

Don't Forget,Shopping! TILL YOU DROP!! If Your going Shopping! Tonight Or Tomorrow Morning!
Don't, forget to Read My Black Friday Or Black Thursday? haha Outfit & 7 Golden Rules of Black Friday Shopping!

This Year, I'm doing CYBER MONDAY!! Then starting December,Every store will have sales, unless You want something for super CHEAP!

Ok, I'm MIA, Because My internet is ATT&T And It's the WORST the internet in the world.. It's so slow.  I hope to be back soon!

 I want to Thank EVERYONE! For Being Wonderful Readers & Friends! I have been going though a lot, With My Health & My Mom's Health & Now the Holidays, That I LOVE! but someday's They are so stressful!

                             Stay Classy! STAY SAFE! & Happy Thanksgiving!
                           See you in December! Or Monday! haha.
                                                 Xoxo Pam                                                        

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Simple Fall Outfit with a Good Life Box With Reviews! Plus Magazine of the Month!

                                                  Happy Mid Week!
I HAVE Missed EVERYONE! I have been sick and My Mom is sick, so much has been going on lately But let's hope I'm Finally Back.
This Past weekend, It was raining very bad, That we didn't go out all weekend well,only for lunch!
All week, It's going to be rainy and cool,I'm talking about Cool/ Hot Fall weather Outfit! and A Good Life Box! And Magazine of the Month!

                                A Simple Fall Outfit

My Outfit.
 White Rib Tank By Old Navy. (Similar Click Me!
Grey V-Neck Cardigan by Forever21 (Click me!
Black Skinny Jeans by Old Navy (Click Me!)

Since It always colder in the Morning and At night, I wear a very warm cardigan with Tank if you don't like Tank top's,A white shirt would Look great too! Just remember to wear a white bra Underneath Your tank top! And in Texas by noon It's 89 or warmer, I just Take off My Cadi and Just Wear my tank or shirt. It's Simple yet chic. 

a Bad model pose! haha. 
Still a outfit is you do get warm, Just take off the Cardi and it's a Tank top with Jeans Plus sneakers give it that effortless and clean outfit with just the Outfit shining. 

My Arm Candy And Nail Polish. 
Rose Gold Watch By Xhilaration  (Click me!
Black Side Cross By Sam Moon (Click me!)
Owl Ring by thrifted (Similar Click me!
Nail Polish is by LA Colors In Nuclear Energy.

Floral Sneakers for the last time.. 
I want These! Perfect for all season! (Click Me!)

Baby Paco who wanted to be in the photo.       

                                      Influenster Good Life Box! 
       (This was Free Box and It was Sponsored Box And these are my HONEST Opinion!)                                                                      
I got Mail! And It was a box with goodies from! 

WHOOO HOOO! Big Surprises come in Small Boxes. 

For the past three weeks, I have been using & eating these products from Influenster & I'm finally Done with my reviews! So let's Start!!                      

                                               "New-Skin" Spray Review! 

"New-Skin" Liquid Bandage! 
It's a Liquid bandage that you spray om. 
This Works so WELL! You Spray it on and let it dry and Then Done! And It's waterproof! And comes off naturally. 
It's Great For Mom's and For us Ladies who doesn't like to walk around with a Band-aid's and it's a Great Price at $7.29 and coupons come out in the newspaper from Time to time.
                                                      If you want more Info (CLICK ME!)

                                              "UrgentRX Fast Powder For Headache Powder"
                                                                 a Great Price of $1.39                            
                                                                 More Info  CLICK ME
This for when you are having a shopping day with the girls, then someone perfume smells nasty then BAM! 
You get a Headache and you whip Your Relief-To-GO! Fast Powder and you don't need any water for it. 
I Love it and it works well, I just wish it lasted longer! 

  It's $13.99 At Vitamin Shoppe (Click Me!)

       They also add a "Vitamin Shoppe Garcinia Cambogia" Bottle also from Influenster,Then on the Label it says it Supports Appetite Control aka Weight Loss And I took it for two weeks but I didn't lose anything! But the Vitamin made me feel Shaky and I was very hungry! I stopped taking it, But Other Ladies on the site Have Said, It's working Very well for them. You May want to Try it and See if it help you!            

These were SO GOOD! my brother's brought more the other Day, they very good and healthy. 
worth it! 
                                 "Nonni's ThinAddictives Baked Cookies"
They are made with Real fruit and Loaded with Almonds or Pistachios, They are only 100 calories per 3 ct. pack For only $3.99!! (CLICK ME!)

"Zone Perfect Vanilla Greek Berry Yogurt Nutrition Bar."  
This works WONDERFUL! I got tons of Energy! And It works Very well, Plus It's Very Yummy! 
And It has 3 grams of Fiber,plus 12 grams of protein And It's made from Greek Yogurt!! 
More Info here Click Me!

This was ALL my Goodies! and Paco had to be In the photo! 

(This was Free Box and It was Sponsored Box And these are my HONEST Opinion!) 

Magazine of The Month!

Fall Fashion Packed Huge Sept Issue Of  InStyle with Cover Girl Drew Barrymore! 
Full Review coming SOON! 

                                     Thank You for Reading! & See you Soon! 

I just want Everyone to know, that a Lot of changes Have been happening in my life and my Mom and I have been sick a lot lately That's why I haven't been writing. Please Forgive me! 
I also wanted to Say THANK YOU!  to my friend Fatin S, Who has been waiting for my Answers back for something, we are working together On, she has been so patent! And Don't forget to Read her blog!
                                                             Xoxo Pam

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's After Labor Day And I'm Wearing White!

                                                      Happy Wednesday!
How is Everyone? I hope you are all well, I'm doing Good & I know, My Post is a day late But Oh well. For Labor Day  day,we had a Family BBQ, It was Great Food, and Wonderful company & One Amazing time!
Today's Fashion Love (What I'm Wearing) & Packed with Outfit Inspiration!

My Outfit. 
Basic White Tee By old Navy (Click me!
Bleach Bermuda White Shorts (DIY Click me! Or Click Me!)
More Info BELOW! 

Manly This Outfit is around, This one of a kind,Cross Body Bag I found at Thrift Store for $7.00! With Tags On it and Brand new, It's from Mossimo, I LOVE IT! I mean, It's One bag, I just had to have, I was fighting over it with this Lady at the Thrift Store, I went for a little with my brother, since I was feeling Ok, then we had to stand in this LONG Line since it was Back to School sale & all clothing was 50% OFF! I just got this and Another Bag, I can't wait to show Y'all! 
what I meanly love is The Colors & How It Looks and The fringe, I LOVE so MUCH! the Colors, My Grandma LOVES! since It has such Beautiful weaving.

I love a simple white blouse & I really wanted My Bag To be the Center of this Outfit, and To make that happen, I wore a white outfit and since Old Navy had a sale on basics back in august, I brought what I could, but They didn't have my sizes so this blouse looks a bit big, but kinda all works out since I dressed up This simple Basic, That's kinda what I love about Basics. 

Silver Necklace (Gift, This would great with it too Click Me!)
I wore one of my favorite Necklaces Since It's so light, it works out to not overshadow, the bag and the rest of my outfit. 

My Accessories & Shoes! 
Rosegold Spike Bracelet By Twinkle World (Similar Click Me!
Rosegold Watch By Xhilartion (Click Me!)
Owl Ring By Thrift Store (Similar Click Me!
White Flip Flops By Old Navy (Click Me!
Cross Body Handbag By Mossimo (Similar Click Me!

Now, yes.. My Nail Polish Is ugly! so oops, Forgive Me! & I was in Pain and sick. My nails were looking bad. Lol!   
Yes, You can wear white after Labor Day, It's really a thing people would do in the 1920s-1960s, But We don't Follow if Here,  Because in Texas and other Places it stays Hot until October Or November.. So I will keep wearing white till the Winter then I wear My off white Sweaters! 

Fact: Designer And Icon, Coco Chanel Wore White Year around! 

I hope the photos down below, Give You some Inspiration of How to Wear White, Other than summer since the weather is different everywhere. 

How To Wear White after Labor Day, In a Fashionable Way. 

White Coats & Blazers. 

 White Sweaters & Skirts. 

One Piece or a Touch of White. 

Full white outfits with a touch of Color. 

Be Yourself! 
Stay Beautiful! 

Xoxo Pam 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Trends: Neon Pink, Makes Me Happy!

                                                   Happy Monday!
Hope your week has been great! I have been piled with a lot of stuff and even my dog has been neglected! and Fourth of July was Great! Just came and went to fast! July is passing so fast and we haven't even had to time to go to the Beach this summer! Now Let's talk Fashion, I love this look and put it together when we had to somewhere fast and it's simple yet very Pretty and I love Neon's, I just want to smile when I wear neon's!

                                    Summer Trend: Pink Neon, Makes me Happy! 
What I'm Wearing? 
Neon Pink Star's Blouse (Here!)
With a Tank Under my blouse (Here!)
White Bermuda Shorts (Similar Here
MORE Info Below.. 

During Fourth Of July, I went to the Old Navy Sale with birthday gift card and I got a lot of basic pieces, I can't wait to show some ideas I have and maybe some Back to School Looks coming up soon!  

We took some photos at the playground & It was so much fun! & I'm Loving this look, It's yells "SUMMER Neon" it's Chic yet simple. 

Arm Candy! 
RoseGold Watch (Here!)
Three Silver Cross Bracelets (Here!)
Rosegold bangle bracelets (Here!)
Spike Stretch Bracelet (Here!)

My cute and Loved Boat Sneakers.. (Here!)

Silver Floral Necklace (I can't find it anywhere) 

Please forgive my 80's hair, I was inside and it was perfect then, I went outside then it just blew up.

Quote of the Day! 
"The most important thing is to enjoy your life is to be happy,it's all that matters."
~ Audrey Hepburn 

Have a Great Week! 
Stay Wonderful! 
Xoxo Pam 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth of July! What I'm Wearing? And Red,Blue and White Make Up Look!

                                               Happy Fourth Of July!
How are you? And What You are doing for the Holiday? we are going to have a BBQ with family stuff and always ends with Fireworks! I can't wait! and Today is my Brother's Birthday,HAPPY Birthday Pat! he's turning 21! And He's a Fourth of July Baby! Ok, I had this Blue and white outfit ready.. well, when I was taking Photos, and since it's stripes.. It didn't come out good! WAH! Then I had to run and change into a white blouse, That y'all Haven't seen! So I hope you like it and I added a Mini Red,Blue and White Eye Make up Look, PLEASE tell me what you think!

                                               Fourth Of July Outfit! 

What I'm Wearing? 
White Polo By Gap (Similar Here!
DIY Bleached Bermuda Shorts (DIY Here! Or buy Here!

MORE INFO Below!  

I really love to wear white when in the summer but since we are making BBQ, I normally take a another outfit with me in case dirty! And we took the photos a new area, Do you Like??

What's My Jewelry and Nails! 
Rose gold watch By Xhilaration (Here!
Rose gold bangles mixed with a red bangle (Here!
My Ombre nails, Red,white and blue,over a white nail colors and my friend Miri helped me,we used a DIY (Here!) 

My Naked Dog! Paco.. He's always outside, since It been so hot, he's taking his clothing off! 

My Sneakers from Forever21 (similar Here!

Red,Blue And White Make Up Look.
First You use a White eyeshadow base and put it all over your lid, a little bit more in your brow area. 

with a small brush or your finger is fine too. 

Use a red eye shadow with a small brush and you are going to put this on you bottom of you eye lid.  

Like this and keep blending till you can see it and if you want it to be lighter or heaver, just add more eye shadow or less. 

I didn't have a Blue color! but I did have a minty Blue so I used that and I used it with a small blending brush! since you are putting this in your eye socket and the middle of your eye. 

if should look a bit like this! and keep blending till, it comes out to your liking, I wanted to be able to see when i'm blinking.  

once you are done blending, you can keep a natural look or get a wipey and give it a clean look, If you wear winged out eyeliner, this looks better! 

If your going from day to night, brown eyeliner for day looks wonderful! and then Put Black on top of it and it looks so edgy. 

and don't forget to put your under eye concealer on!

and I use 
Rimmel Perfect Match Concealer for undereye and spots, I'm 335, Light to Medium. 

For My lips, I use! 

Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finishing Lipstick That I LOVE! 

Color 06 and It's now color 12, and It's a BRIGHT Red Lipstick (Here!  

The Finished Look! 

You can tell, I love Rimmel and ELF and NYC and NYX, I'm huge fans of them! and I would Love to make put together summer Make Up Look? and please Tell me what You think! 

Stay Safe! 
Stay Beautiful! 

Xoxo Pam