Friday, October 12, 2012

Trend Friday For Fall: Trench Coats!

I hope You Friday is well! YAY The Weekend! I'm so happy, if You haven't heard I got a new Cell phone! FINALLY! I have never had one.. I felt so Free Before But I knew needed one for so long so I got one! now I can blog on the go & takes photos & update when I need too, I'll a Post a Photo,on Monday!
Now Unto Today's Post, Is about a HUGE fall trend! Trench coats!  I got something for STEAL! So Good, I almost died! & ending with "What Magazine I'm currently reading??"  
                                  Trend Friday For Fall
                                     Trench Coats
My Mom & I were at Sam's Club, It's kinda like Cosco & they also, sell Designer stuff for a good price, that's also I got my nude Steve Madden's there & Mom & I were there looking for a Pumpkin & we didn't find one.. anyway, I was looking at the racks & I saw something oxford red, & I ran to it! &
I pulled it out & saw it was a Trench coat WITH a HOOD!
omgh, WOW! my Mom wouldn't buy me a trench coat since they don't have hoods & here in Texas, we always get a misty rain so I needed a hood & it was one.. It's so Pretty!
it's from "Jones New York" It's New York type trench & I LOVE IT! it's so warm & will be perfect for fall & winter! when I layer it. I know some people say, that trench's shouldn't have hoods, & if they do have hoods, they aren't trench's, they are raincoats but I don't know, but I think,they should have a hood,  if not what is a Trench then? just for the cold?
 I love Mine so far! I got this Coat For $36.00! At Sam's Club And On the "Jones New York" website this coat is $199.00!
Here Click me!  what I steal! I saved so much money! I'm shocked! If you near a Sam's Club, I Would go look for it!
P.S these Photos would have better if it would have rained yesterday! oh WELL!

my model face! lol.. 

I went with a Men's wear look & I will be posting about Men's Wear fall trend Next Friday! 

It's Pretty long on me But since I'm so short & wearing a skirt, It seems short but it's NOT!! 

Side View! 

Back view! 




Trench Coats,we saw them on the runway at fall couture lines of shows like "Burberry Prorsum" who made The Trench, a Trend in the first place!
Burberry Prorsum took a Different Take this year, 

I know this doesn't look like a Trunch but it kinda does to me. I don't know, I Love it! to See the Whole Show, Click me! 
Another show 
Christian Dior fall Couture also has a another take on Trench's 

Now, I know it's red but look at the Cinch of the top of the dress, it looks like a Trench to me! Dior had a Lot of dress that had the same look, to see that Click me! 

I also saw it on the Streets of Paris, I posted them on Monday Here Click me!  But I will Post them again to for Fashion learning purposes only! 

Stylist Elisa Nalin, I love her style & Her Trench is so pretty & her heels are wonderful! 

                               Tank Magazine's executive fashion director Caroline Issa
I love Trench, the lace gives it that girl feel & her heels are so pretty! 
These Photos are not mine! 

If you can't get to Sam's Club, well, I found some lower priced trench coats. 
Heavy Double Breasted Coat
At Forever 21

Yumi Print Trench
At Asos 

   What Magazine I'm currently reading??

Normally I don't get Glamour, but I'm a Huge Taylor Swift fan! She's SO PRETTY!& her Make up look Perfect, & I love Her wearing her Sparkle! So Pretty & very Taylor! & her hair look messy but not to messy! & her nails! I wear my nails like that so much, since they don't grow but keeping them very girly still! 
& It was the Hair Issue!! I wanted to read it.. I Just got it yesterday,I thought maybe later In the Week, I will post about what story's I like in it & if I liked it! So Look out for that! 

Have a Fun Weekend! 
Stay Safe!
Xoxo Pam         


Anonymous said...

Love it!
Xx G

June said...

Great post! Your red coat is very cute :)

Pam E said...

Thank You Darling G!! I know you, hahah! Means a lot to me that you dropped by!
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

Thank you for drooping by!
I love Red Coat is so pretty! I LOVE!
Thank you reading
Xoxo Pam

Marky said...

I am so loving the Fall season because of the women and men's trench coats! :)