Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trend Friday: Old school loafers.

                                                         Hola, My Dear readers!
YAY!! Yes, we all know it's Friday and Work Week is ending, YAY! so I woke up late today and i'm feeling super sick.. right now so hence the lateness of posting this, So SORRY! Ok, Today's Post is about Old School Loafers, They are huge Trend right now and I found some that I wanted to share with you and what's the best in loafers when shopping for a Pair & ending with some cheap finds.
                                        A Short but sweet post! Hope you Enjoy!
                                                          Trend Friday.
                                 Old School Loafers. 
My  Outfit & penny Loafers! 
White button down Blouse by New York & company ,Pink Blouse By Forever 21,Gray Skirt By Forever21,Penny Loafers by Franco Sarto.

Penny Loafers and I have a Love that is Unbreakable because I had a Pair when I was 11 and they CHANGED my Life, That I knew Class was FASHION! even if my Outfit was nasty those Loafers made me feel like I was Worth a Billion bucks But I out grew them! But When I found These at Plato's Closet for $10.00 I died!! and they look Brand new, Franco Sarto is not a huge designer but His shoes are AMAZING!! & I love Them so far and Loafers just give you a Old school feel and a Old Hollywood feel also, I really feel Like they are a MUST have for any girl who wants to be classic in her style.  

This was Something, I was Trying Out what do you think?

Closer Look at my Penny loafers, 

when Looking for a Par of Loafers Look for what Color you want I picked Brown Because Like Black they go with everything, & I like My loafers to be Classic Penny loafers and No Studs or Spikes. But if You want that make sure that what you want! Teen Vogue Put together This List All about Loafers from High End to Low end Click me!  & More loafers are these 

Patent Loafers
at Wet Seal
Yes, they are gold But this is a New take on penny loafers. 
These are $20.00 at Shoe Carnival 
I can't post the photo but here's the link! 
They look just like mine! 

 Remember Loafers & moccasins are Different, Not the same! Loafers are More for everyday wear, &  Moccasins you can't get wet or wear them too much in the winter. 
Mosscasins I own and Love are these

They are $26.99 
At Payless 
See the Difference? 
you can find cheaper ones but these are the ones, I have they have lasted me for about 6 months already. 
Loafers are Better for winter, I wear these at home and just to go out if it's good day outside. 
I hope this helped you!! 

                                           Cheap FINDS! 
Women's Cowl-Neck Sweater Dress
At Old Navy, Pre-order now. 
Remember if You order online you can get it Tall or Petite also and Many more colors! 

Women's V-Neck Sweater stripe Dress
At Old Navy, In Many More colors And more color Stripes remember You can order Tall or Petite, So it will fit Better!  
Stripes are Huge for fall & yellow is The Perfect bright for Fall!

Floral print ultra skinny jean
they aren't that skinny they just look it but You can wear a Cozy & Chunky sweater That would make you look even more Skinner, if you like me and want that LOOK! Don't we all? 
This May not be cheap for some people but Aeropostale is having a Sale on jeans this week, Buy one pair of Jeans get another free! the Jeans are $14.00 and UP! 

Stay with Style 
Have a blessed Weekend! 


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