Friday, August 31, 2012

Preppy Pink and Celebs of the Week and Sales!!

                                                                     Hola Mi amores!! 
                                                       It's Friday, YAY! Plus it's a three day weekend! 
Today I wanted to talk Since summer is Ending! I wanted to do one more Fashion Look on a Summer trends, Preppy! and Ending with Celebs of the Week and Labor Days sales!!
It's pink! You will see me wearing this knit sweater more in the winter, I just love the color and how Warm the sweater is!
You maybe asking what is preppy??? well, If I look I belong in a Prep School, that it!
It was kinda of big trend for Fashion and the Olympics,I think and where I live, I saw a lot of Girls wearing it!
During the Olympics,(July) Mom and I went to do a mini photo shoot of My pink Knit Sweater and My Pink polo, early in the Morning since It gets Hot so Fast and I didn't want to Melt.

                                                      Preppy pink Outfit My way! 

Pink Polo:no name band,Knit pink Sweater: Hillard and Hanson,Dark Wash Jeans: Forever 21
Nude flats: Steve Madden, Ring: Fleamarket. 
and yes Some it is from the My Fav Place Thrift store! 
Did I  pull Off Preppy? 

By the way This was Before I cut my hair! I miss it! 

Me, doing a Model Face.. Lol.. I'm so awkward sometimes!  

                                Lower Priced finds and sales! 

                                                   Kimchi Blue Printed Backpack $29.99
                                                                        To Buy!
I may Buy this.. I love the Flowers and It would feel Like I'm taking a Bit of Spring with me wherever I go! and It's Big enough to use for school.

                                           Striped Knit Top was:$14.80 Now:$5.99!
                                  At Forever21, Labor day Sale! buy one get one free!
                                                               To buy!
I'm going to Forever21! This sale is so good and it's in stores too! I found so much stuff I wanted but a it was running out and it's just Friday!

                              High Waist Striped Pants w/ Belt was:$26.90 Now:$11.99!!
                                                                     For sale! 
These are Perfect for Fall and if Your like me who lives in a Place where Winter is late, these pants are Perfect since they look so thin But warm for fall with Tights under them they would be even more Warm.

                                                        LABOR Day SALES! 

I'm going to so many Stores are Having a Labor day sales so Here's all the links just click them!!

                                                           Celebs of the week! 

Kate Hudson on the red carpet this afternoon for the Venice Film Festival photocall,is wearing simple wearing a Gucci Resort 2013 suit, And is also wearing A yellow-gold Bulgari statement necklace plus a pink-gold and diamond pave Bulgari bracelet and Jimmy Choo ‘Tame’ pumps accessorized her look.
I love her Whole look!! Wow.. 
                                                                For More Photos!

                              Kasia Smutniak is wearing Valentino Resort 2013 dress at the photocall ahead of the 69th Venice Film Festival at the Villa Laguna in Venice, Italy. and also wearing in her hair a silver brooch intertwine in her chic chignon and perfectly coordinated peach pumps.
I'm in love with this Dress,It fits her so well. She new to Hollywood and it fitting in just fine! 
                                                                    For More Photos!
"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"  ~Coco Chanel

                                                                    stay safe this Labor day!
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall outfits looks you can wear!

                                                            Hi, Loves!
I Hope Your Wednesday is going well! we are almost done with the work/school week!! Thank goodness! lol.
I'm trying to get you and myself ready for Fashion week! Sept 6th-13th! :) Make sure you mark it down! I wanted to show you some ideas for fall with Outfits and looks as Seen on the runway But so simple You can wear it!! With Screen tee's and Skirts and so much more even some outfits looks for your boyfriend or Brothers!
Hope You enjoy!

                                                            "Burberry Prorsum"
                                           Fall 2012

Kinda of In Love with his tweed coat and his hair! 
I love how his Outfit looks like It's all tweed. not sure if It is. 

You could even wear this as a dress. I would, If you going to a winter outdoor party. Her heel boots and sunglasses are so Beautiful!

If I could buy one thing from this Line it would be this COAT! Wow. Perfect fall & Winter. I love the Bow belt and her bag. 

 I love this skirt,if Your a Thrift shopper like I keep a Look out for a Skirt like this one.

That BAG! and Her Bow Belt are Perfect for winter! 

Her hat is so French And is perfect for those bad hair days In winter & fall. 

That Shirt is so Nice..Now Ladies. I have seen These At Target so keep a Eye for them since More Stores may be making some too! I'm on the Look out for one! 

If I go To London this how I think men There should Dress like! Love this Suit and his Harry Potter Umbrella! 

That Coat! WOW! to Die for.. Wow. And Her BAG! Burberry You are killing me! 

Her Jacket is so nice and the color, Her Gloves are so red. I haven't seen any like them. 

I love her Cardigan! it looks so warm and her belt is so bright. Perfect way to Wear Brights in Winter. 

I love Her Gloves! Her Outfit looks dark them the Gloves add some Bright in there. 

His Hat and shoes and Bag are Amazing, Wow.. I can't look away! 

I haven't seen Any Celeb Wear this Outfit yet, Have you? But I know I would wear it. 
It's Perfect for Fall & Winter & That brown is such Breath taking.

Looks like such a Quiet dress even if It is Bright colors that look Dark here, then the Gloves yell FIERCE and Tough!

This Peplum Skirt and Blouse combo is so Pretty, I love the flowers, They are so fall like.  

I love This Velvet Looking Skirt and velvet bow brings it all together and her clutch matches the gloves.

Peplum Skirt is so Awesome and the Country Flowers, I heart them! is That Green stuff a Collar? I think so.  

I love his Velvet Suit Jacket and His Gloves. Wow, They are come together! 

not My Fav Blouse but I'm in Love With SKIRT! the colors and it screams 1930s! To me! And her heel booties are amazing.

This Dress Wow.. Again 1930s to me!  I love It!! just In love with the Dress. 

I love the Velvet Coat Dress  And The tights and heel Booties Just work together. 

that's why, they all had Umbrellas! Wow. It's snowing! 

Designer  Christopher Bailey! CHEERS For you! 
Sir, Can You please Give me some Outfits,Please?? LOL!!
if only!
                                                                  Click me for more info!

                                                      "Marc by Marc Jacobs"
                                           Fall 2012

I love the Colors! and The heel Booties, I LOVE! 

that Coat is so beautiful! 

Such a furry Coat but has a Tailored Look! 

this suit has such a Laid back look but so nice!

I love Skirt and Boots!!! WOW! I want them in that Deep red! 

I love Men's Over type Blazer it's so long but Perfect for winter and that peep of brightness. 

That blue and black make the perfect fall color and it makes the perfect blouse and her BAG! Wow! 

So Simple.. I like thick strips On Men, makes them look very skinny! 

more blue and black!  I kinda don't like the cut of the dress because it makes her Hips look big. but the Boot shoes are To Die FOR! 

Very preppy looking skirt and the simpleness of the sweater gives it that effortless look. 

that Black furry Coat looks so warm! And the coat makes the Dress not look to Busy, I think It may look better with tights because socks give it that School girl look, Unless the socks are high socks. 

the Puffiness of the coat makes it look kinda funny! but I love the Grey and Brown of the coat. 

I love the velvet look dress! It's My fav Of the Whole line! And those boots look so comfy. 

I love this Velvet Skirt! I see a trend! Velvet skirts and dresses.  

I really love Skirt and the way it flows, You know I love Flowy skirts! her sweats, I'm so going to Try this. 

This a Classic look and the boots give that London Look. I would Rock something Like this. it looks Super tough and Like you planned the outfitbut Yet didn't! 

I really like the Collar of this sweater And I love Red Pants on Men! I think It should be a trend for them? Ladies, what do You think?  

Preppy Skirt But I love the colors of it! WOW! so pretty! Kinda looks changing colors on leaves and her boots I LOVE!  

I love how the ridges looks like Black Stripes such little details On the skirt and I love the blazer!!

Rain Coat blouse? kinda looks like one to me. I do like the skirt, peep of Gold 

Gold Jacket make this Look. I don't know why, I just can't look away Plus the dress under it looks so simple.

Love got circles of gold, on the dress looks like holes of gold. Wow,Perfect for late winter/spring. Her boots make the whole look. 

Grey and black making a come back! I really like this Dress. 

Designer Marc Jacobs.
he's so daring in His own fashion. 

Before I go, I wanted to remind My Loves about Ulta (beauty store) is having 21 days of Beauty! and a lot of Sales! 
I'm plan to buy some stuff and i'll make sure to show you all. |
Click me to see all the sales!

Stay yourself!