Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Runway Wednesday:Goodbye Milan!

                                              Happy, Wednesday!
I know... My last post was Kinda not good, Even I saw that reading it today, also I won't be posting Dolce & Gabbana since some people didn't like The show Because of somthing they put in the show & I don't want to start anything, I will be posting another show in it's place! :) And that show is! Moschino, I know A lot of people were talking about this and me, being a lover of the 1960s,I had to show you this SHOW!! Today's Shows are, Versace & Gucci & Maschino Ending, This Milan fashion week Posts. I Hope You Enjoy your day & Today's Post!

                                     Spring 2013

Designer Donatella Versace
Donatella Versace did a Good Job at This show, But I was Kinda Sad because Donatella Had been doing a Little bit more Skin Free outfits but This year, She showed a lot of Skin, So Bad That I didn't want to show on my blog, Because My Blog is 13+ Friendly for Teen girls & I don't want them to think, They have to show skin, anyway, The show Models walked Out to "Stevie Nicks" Music & had a California Feel to, I loved the colors & Patterns & Everything! The Trends I saw at this show were: Bright Colors, Lace! & Leather Jackets & High/Low skirts & blouses & Very Fitted outfits & Different Cuts, wrapped around Sandals In Golds & bright colors & gladiator sandals And Makeup was Glam! & Hair Blown Out & Glam looking 

Spring 2013

Frida Giannini
Frida Giannini, did Gucci's Show this year And It was WONDERFUL! This Show was So great, Show was Kinda late 1960s & goes into 1970s, The Colorful & Japanese Floral outfits & Upbeat Music,Give this show a Japan spring feel to it! pajama suits and long dresses a sensual twist with bell sleeves and billowing ruffled necklines gave this a very Conservative Classy feel also if You know me, I loved That! & I loved these outfits for a Powerful, Independent  women & also Trends at this Show were: Brights colors & whites & Blacks One Piece Suits & one color outfits, Feather looking patterns,& Puffy Jackets & Puff Sleeves,& strappy sandals & Clutch Bags, To Simple Makeup & Pulled back Hair. 

                                              Spring 2013

Designer Rossella Jardini
Moschinco this year, went back in time to the 1960s! A lot of shows, yes went Back in time in For spring But Moschinco did It the BEST! I think, Down to the heavy makeup & hive hair! The show started In a BOOM! to me with The wonderful Outfits & The COLORS! WOW! & With the White & Black just rocked! So This show was all around TRENDS! & The Trends I saw were: In Colors, Black & white to brights, Then she went big In bright big Floral Patterns to a Strips trends, & Framing the clothing making the Outfits The ART! & In Shoes, The T-shaped Sandals Had tons of Glam & Sparkle in them from Sliver to White to Colors, In Bags They Had Big Striped Bags to Clutches to tiny one hand bags to Backpacks, And Don't forget the Round hats & In Makeup Was Heavy eyeliner & Bright lips & hair was Beehives Or Puffed up a hat. 

GoodBye Milan we will meet again Next Season! 

See you On Friday! 
Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 


June said...

Loved this post!! Couldnt stop drooling!! I love versace!!


OMG I love the Gucci collection!! Thanks for posting. Please check out my style blog as well:

Pam E said...

Thank You for reading June!! HAHA! Awesome, Glad You loved it! :) I love your blog.. :)

Pam E said...

Rox, I do too! I want all of it too! I hope some Stores will take a Cue from them and Make cheaper versions of the dresses, That's what I want the most!
Than you for reading!
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