Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Trend Fashion: Slouchy Boots

                                                 Hi,My fashion Loves!
                                            Thank Goodness, it's Friday!!
 If your Like me, & your in Texas, well That means your getting cold right now, just for a bit But in the east coast, your already cold & west Coast, Your either hot or cold, so It seems to me, It's just plan COLD now..everywhere That means Beside sweaters & coats, It means BOOTS!!
Today's post is about slouchy boots & Some Lower priced Finds& ending with What Magazine I'm Currently reading?  Have a wonderful day!

                                              Fall Trend Fashion: 
                                        Slouchy Boots! 

We are driving around & found this area, we (My Mom & I) thought, it would fit with my outfit. 

My outfit,  grey & pink striped henley from H&M (No longer available) Grey wash jeans from Forever21 (Click me!) & my boots will be below, & white tank under my hensley (Click me!
& sunglasses from Forever21(No longer available) & Hat from Forever 21 (Click me!) floral Sunglasses From Forever21 (No Longer available) 

Sitting in the grass.. 

my new black slouchy boots. That are so warm!  

Closer look at my Slouchy Boots, 

the back of my boots,You can tie them tighter or looser

My boots Box, They are from Rack Room Shoes for $49.99 Click me! also in Tan. 

Are slouchy boots a trend? Well, not really but Victoria Beckham show that I posted on Wednesday  had some boots that looked Slouchy too me, plus, I love them & they are really warm & comfy they don't hurt my feet for me that's a PLUS! Lol.. But if You want a pair here are some lower priced boots, I found online. 

Lower Priced boots! 

Leather slouchy boot 
 At GoJane

Leather flat boot
At Target

What Magazine I'm Currently reading? 
Elle November 2012 on the cover is Sarah Jessica Parker. 
I'm really looking forward to reading it this week, & I will update you On how I liked it Next Friday! 
First Thoughts? I didn't like Her dress on the cover but Sarah can pull it off because she's so pretty but yet,classy & tasteful. 

Quote of the day! 
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. ~ Audrey Hepburn" 

Stay Classy! 
Xo Pam 


Daisy Quijada said...

OMG! My sister has same pair of shoes with you! :) She got it for like $50. :)

Pam E said...

OMGH! haha,we must have same taste!! OH Wow.. The almost same price too. Scary...
Pam <3

Anonymous said...

Those boots are just adorable! Boots are definitely in at the moment. All kinds, actually. I've been loving ankle boots and high heel boots.

Pam E said...

Oh Thank You! They sure are! OH YES! High heels boots are awesome... They are so many types of boots. Thank you for commenting. :)
Xo Pam

Windy City Mama said...

I love the boots! I'm on the hunt for a pair of comfy flat slouchy boots. Thanks for posting. Perfect timing for me.:)

Pam E said...

YAY! So happy It helped you! :) You made my day with that Comment. :) & Thank You for stopping by, means so much to me.
Xo Pam