Friday, October 5, 2012

Shopping time & Hollywood Looks!

                                                         Hello, FRIDAY!!
Thank God for Friday, I have been so busy this week, I need a break, For real!  & I bet you do too! Let's grab a chair & start reading,Today's Post is a Haul & Ending with Hollywood Looks & I hope You Enjoy Today's Post! Monday we are off to Paris! Make sure, You Check Back Here on Monday!

                                                            Shopping Haul! 
 Mom & I had some time & I have been saving & I finally saved enough to go shopping!! I got so many different stuff. I hope You Enjoy!

First I got a pair yoga pants from Eddie Bauer, That were on Sale for $11.90! 

They are a deep purple & perfect for those lazy days in winter. 

Then I went to Crocker Barrel (It's a Restaurant on one side & The other side a store) On Sunday with My Family & we were waiting for a bit & I saw some stuff I wanted Then later I looked around & After asking My Mom & Grandma if all this was a good deal & hearing yes from both of them! I came out with this! 

Yup, a bag FULL! And they bag looks crunchy because Paco (My Dog) was trying to sit on it.. & He's all what Did I do? Look and me! 0_0 PACO! Anyway! 

So CUTE for Christmas! 

again for Christmas & This is Perfect for putting a lot of gifts in here to take somewhere or putting a huge gift in here. Each bag was $1.50! 

I LOVE This! perfect for my Christmas tree! 

Not bad at ALL! $4.99! 

This just cute again for your tree, just some sparkle $.99 cents! 

Then My best find!
I got two Christmas Mugs! 

I love THEM! they are so CUTE! Mom & I each have one! her's is white & mine is red! 

Look at the Little spoons!! They look like candy canes! 

Then I went to Bath & Body works. 

The small candles were 2 for $5.00! I love 'Tis The Season! smells so GOOD! 

Leaves is perfect for fall, There were only 10 left!! used my first one up,so I wanted one just last me for Oct. 
I went to Ulta, & Today I was thinking about it &  I forgot to use my coupon! I was so mad at myself .. It hunt me as nights but no really, I feel so bad!! *tears..*WAH!* anyway, I got

I got this pack because I just wanted these four colors!  why Pay $8.50 for all 4 colors That would be $32.50!! for huge bottles plus I have shorts nails anyway! & It was $12.50 for this pack! & OPI works wonders for me & lasts two weeks on my nails. 

I have just used "Don't Pretzel My buttons" so far! & I researched all the colors & picked what I wanted & I LOVED IT! It's the perfect nude for my nails. I used 3 coats only. 

If your like me & have SUPER oily hair no other Dry Shampoo helps, use this one, It helped me!
 It was $7.99! on sale but it's normally $12.50 but It's so good & the smell is Ok, not super nasty. I may got buy more. 

what it says on the bottom & It's pink for Breast cancer Awareness.

Got some Eye liners from Rimmel for $1.50! But when we got up there, the Black was $3.50 & wouldn't change it, I just took it... 

Rimmel Blush for ME! $1.50!

I got Orly nail polish that is $8.00, I saw online It looks, just like Rose gold! I haven't tried it yet! we will see.

It's RAGE! if You want to try it.! 

Then My Last store is 
HOBBY LOBBY! It's a Craft store, & I have been wanting to try some stuff If all goes well! I hope to share with y'all! 

I got a stencils page, I want to do some stuff in my room For $2.99! 

Stencil brush for stenciling! 

    Craft paint from left to right
Terra cotta,white,cobalt,violet,hot pink,bark brown. 

I know it wasn't to much clothing I was thinking about showing some super EASY Crafts, Or DIY's as some bloggers call it, would Y'all like that? (Please Comment) you could even use them as Christmas gifts for the budget girl way! 
You see a lot of stuff, I got were on Sale? I love to shop but lately it has been on sales & those are the best BUYS!    

                                               Hollywood Looks of the week! 

Anna Kendrick At the Premiere Of "End Of Watch" In LA & she's wearing Elie Saab!
she's great at Red Carpet dresses & This dress looks so good on her!

Nina Dobrev At was on the set of "Extra" at the grove was In Head to Toe Dolce & Gabbana. Black & white is a huge trend for fall & this outfit looks to pretty on her Click me!

Nicole Kidman At a tribute gala held in her honor during "The 2012 New York Film Festival"
Nicole is wearing a Red Dress by L'wren Scott & L’Wren Scott ‘Lady’ lattice Red Sandals, & Jewelry By Fred Leighton.

Taylor Swift at The Elie Saab Show In Paris This week,She's wearing Elie Saab Pre-Fall Dress & Her Light Blue Clutch is also Elie Saab, with tan Sandels & red lips, She looks so Classy & chic,She had a Front row seat at Elie Saab Spring Show. 

Stay With Style 
                                            Have a Safe Weekend!     
                                                  Xoxo, Pam 


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it's cracker barrel not crockett

Pam E said...

Ooops! I will Fix that right now! :)
Thank you Tiff! :)
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