Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post of 2012! & Happy New years 2013 & Blogs I LOVED in 2012!

                                                Happy New years!
I think, I should Give you all, a little update & how I Have been well, My Christmas Was Great! but the day after Christmas,I woke up sick and I have been sick all week but  I'm starting too feel better now and Thank you for all your Prayers for My Friend's Family.. I will miss her.. But I know, she's in a much better place with no pain..
I want YOU as my readers to know that I never thought my blog would be so loved by people who care so much, even though this is a fashion blog. you are there when I need you,I dream that 2013 will be better then This year! and I will learn even more in 2013 in fashion blogging & life. Thank You so much I couldn't not have done this without you!
By the way, I saw Les Miserables after Christmas.. I went Even sick! Mom & I cried like babies.. at Fantine! I had to buy "I dreamed a Dream", It's AMAZING!! She SHOULD win a OSCAR!! in 2013 I need to do a post on the Fashion in that movie.. It's amazing!

                                What I'm doing for New Year's 2013!! 
I really don't know what we are doing since we are all kinda sick but what we normally do is,be with the whole family and set off tons of Fireworks & EAT, well we have a PARTY! But It's outside with a fire & Indoors.. It's like half & half, what I always do is LAYER!
PS Sorry If My photos are not as Good as Normail. I couldn't Find the camera,so I used my iphone

                                                 My NYE Nails!                                       

( buy here)
My nail polish is "Orly RAGE" I love it! It's like rose gold on your nails.. looks good even on short Little nails like mine. please excuse my nasty hands! 

My NYE Outfit! 

I got this beautiful light green cable knit sweater for Christmas,Thanks Grandma!  
I'm wearing this with a tee under it, since It's not too cold. 

(buy here
With my black Jordache jeans! always classy! 

(all soldout) 
I must wear a warm hat I'm wearing my beige cable knit beanie with my striped black & white scarf. 

(last year from forever21) 
With my dark green leg warmers,To keep my legs warm, I wear them over my boots, Unless it looks too puffy, then I wear them under my boots. 

I will Ring in the new year with my Favorite boots! 
or with my old uggs, since this rain came out of nowhere! 
That will be my FULL Outfit! Plus wearing my Oxford Blood Red Trench, since it's rainy. 

Ending the new year! 
I have found Amazing Friend plus they even Amazing Fashion bloggers!
 I wanted to post some of the blogs, I have LOVED in 2012! & I know will be even BETTER in 2013! 

Blogs I LOVED in 2012! 

My Fellow Texans! I LOVE your BLOG! Plus They are so sweet! ->

I LOVED this Blog! They always keep me up to date with RedCarpet Fashion ->

I LOVE this blog because Caroline is so SWEET! & so real! ->

I love this blog! Because G always knows what she likes & is always classy in my book!

I love to read this blog! plus Frances is amazing! & has Great style! ->

I LOVE this blog! Caroline is amazing & has Classic sense of style I LOVE! her blog is so good! Most days, I love to read her post! ->

OMGH! I LOVED her blog for about two years now! Erika helped me see what Blogging is! & when she replied back to me! I DIED! I always read her blog everyday!

Ashley has amazing post & takes WONDERFUL photos, a Must Follow in my book!

I love Sarah's classic style & her Vintage dresses are amazing! when I read her blogs, it cheers me up! 

Jules has helped with Fashion blogging so much! Plus her Photos are to die FOR! even though her blog is so popular she's still so down to earth!

a must follow is Angelina! her blog is amazing & her Photos are amazing & she's stays true to her style! -->

The Best for LAST! My Dear Friend Samantha, I love her blog! Plus she's so down to earth & so sweet! a Must follow! --> <<---FOLLOW!! 

Happy New year's eve!! 
I can't believe, it's NYE day, already!  this year has went by so FAST! Gosh..I have so many plans for this blog! & I hope You will join me in this Journey! 

Stay SAFE! Don't DRINK! & DRIVE! please! 
See you NEXT YEAR! 
Xoxo Pam

Friday, December 21, 2012

See you after Christmas...

                                     Dear Readers,
A personal and dear friend of mine has passed on. We had a lot of things in common. We shared a lot of ideas. I am going to miss her very much. This will be a Blue Christmas. I'll be back when I feel better.
                                                           Xoxo Pamela
                                                           P.S. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Cyber Monday Haul!

                                                    Happy Tuesday!
I have a Haul today! Let's Talk about how Black Friday went down & why I got stuff at Cyber Monday instead. Well, After Thanksgiving Dinner we went to Target about 3 hours before it opened, we got there & it was PACKED!! It went all the way around to the dump bins, We want to get a lot of stuff,after talking about it & not finding a parking spot,we just went home because it looks about 700 people,that's just a GUESS! may have been more! were in front of us, Plus by the time,we got up there everything I wanted would be gone so we just went home! after talking to my Mom & best friend Samantha (her Blog) They both said, Get Online early & try out  Cyber Monday, After Looking at the sales, I said to myself, "Ok, let's Try this out if it doesn't work out,I'll just go to bed."
On Sunday night, I went to bed at 7:00 pm & woke up at 11:30 so I could be ok for the Night, I went to JCPenny' & & looked at what I wanted, I had it in My cart, till I got everything I wanted after texting Samantha all night too.
I was checking out like at 4:00 am, everything was starting to sell Out, I texted Samantha, "Oh no! people are getting online!" she said "yes, stuff is selling out for me too!" Finally at 6:00 am, after telling My parents what Deals I got! & gifts I got! I went to Bed a Happy Camper! I got almost all my gift shopping done that night, it helped me a lot! Then a Day later Mom & I  went to forever 21 for some winter hats& Now on to the Haul!          
                                                     JC Penny's first! 

My bag! 

My stuff.. HEHEHE! 

My Liz Claiborne Cable knit sweater, I got for $15.00! 

a look at the full sweater, I got red because of Christmas! 

My silky sweat pants, I got for $12.00, I think. 

I love how the drawstring is inside, it looks better to me. 

This Scarf it so warm!  when I saw it, I had to buy it,It was on sale for $9.00! It's a Textured scarf. 

Closer look at the fringe that I love! 

warm slipper moccasins that are normally $25.00 for $13.00!

I got my Original! MUK LUKS! They are so comfy! they are always $30.00 I got them for Drum roll please for $16.00, 

I love the color & If I would have know they are so warm & my feet never hurt in them, I would have gotten more, If You see them on sale, get a PAIR!

 Forever 21

fav store for Winter Accessories

It was $3.80
Rose gold head wrap. I LOVE IT! Since I'm crazy for rose gold! 

taupe Knit beanie I got for $5.50! LOVE IT! 

My CUTE! Pink & Gold Earrings, I got for $3.80

My Oxford blood red infinity scarf! 

It had some hints of gold in it.. I LOVE IT! 

Please Excuse, my bare face! but I wanted to show y'all how my Oxford blood red Scarf looks worn. 

My Taupe hat.. It's so warm, I LOVE IT! We are having warm weather for now, I can't wait to wear it! 
btw I can't show you anything I got from amazon because I got tons of gifts! 

Don't forget to Look at the Sales Forever21 Here!  & JC Penny's Here!  are having! 

What Magazine I'm currently read is?
ELLE! January 2013 with cover girl Jessica Biel! I'll Update You, later in the week! 

See you on Thursday for a New post! 

Stay Safe
& get your shopping done! 
Xo Pam     

Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter Trend: Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

                                                                       Happy Friday!!

I was in the Middle of writing this.. & I started getting breaking news alerts that a school shooting had happened in Newtown, CT I'm so sad for the families & parents & friends there.. I just send so many prayers to the families & parents. 
Just Makes me want to hug my cousins kids even more!!  
                           Just if you can send a prayer up for the families & parents & friends. 

                               Winter Trend: Ugly Christmas Sweater! 
I was on twitter looking at my timeline & I saw some people are going to Ugly Christmas Sweater parties Plus It's a awesome & warm trend.
I said Mmm... I have one sweater that is perfect for it! Maybe I can give you a idea of how to wear a Ugly Christmas Sweater, I wore last year to a Christmas party & people loved my Sweater!

This kinda of a cozy & warm look, anyone can wear when getting to any party. 
Santa Bear sweater by Thrift store (similar Here!  Or Look at thrift stores Or ask your mom, you maybe surprised!) 
Straight leg jeans (Mine are from Here! They have ALL sizes!)
Red scarf  (Aeropostale,last season, similar Here!)
Black Puffed Coat (US Polio Similar Just like it! Here & very low-priced Here!
Ugg look alikes (Payless here!
Hat (Forever 21,last season, Similar Here

Paco, My Dog was with me, I just had to put him in some photos!  
There were cute little girls near us, & they kept saying he looked like Santa!!
He loves Kids, he wanted to run to them. He's so cute. 

My Jeans Look kinda baggy since I had been walking around, try to stuff your jeans as much as you can in your boots. Unless you like it, It is warmer for me though! 

My Little Man! Paco, He's 4 years old & he's a full breed Chihuahua. 

His Santa Suit is From Wal-mart (Similar Here!

My Emerald ring (Avon, similar Here!
Chain bracelet (shop from Houston) 
(I know, my nails Look bad, I painted them then I fell asleep. They are "For Audrey by China Glaze"

Even if you don't get invited to "ugly Christmas sweater Party, Just wear it anyway! I get so many complements on it & people love how I'm not scared to wear it! 
Now That's Classy! as long as you Like it & wear it with Class! 
I know, it's tough to keep your class when your wearing a Ugly Sweater But It's just for fun, You could even wear a Cute sweater too! 

Now I'm ending with few Celebrities wearing Ugly Sweaters!
I found Online, NOT MINE! Not sure were when They were taken. 

Lauren Conrad 

Victoria Justice

                                                              Have a Safe Weekend! 
                                                                        Stay Classy! 
                                                                           Xo Pam 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Runway Wednesday: Sporty shows with a bit of simpleness

                                                       Happy 12.12.12!
Ohh scary!! Joking, I know But no for real, It's kinda cool! well I think so!
 Hope your day is well so far! It's almost FRIDAY! YAY! Because I have some new stuff I want to share for Friday look out for that!! 
I have been online window shopping for myself . I'm seeing that I can't stop looking at winter/fall Sporty wear.. Looks Like sport clothes but is not, But It has that fitted,clean look that sporty but yet simple.. inspired clothing look, Perfect for FALL! on I came across some Runway shows That are sporty Inspired, That is Stella McCartney but with a Simple, classic, neutral colors, sometimes bright colors yet sophisticated styles that are Phillip Lim.

                                                         Fall 2012
                                                  Stella McCartney

Designer Stella McCartney

Stella's Show was amazing.. so sporty yet with so much lace & fitted perfect dresses but still looks so simple but isn't, I love how so much of clothes looks like anyone can wear it! 
On to the Color trends: blues shades,white shades,grays shades,black shades. 
Clothing trends: Double breasted long coats, over sized coats, turtleneck silky blouses, A lines skirts & dresses, lace embroidery pattern dresses & blouses, wide-leg pants, matching suits, Cable-knit sweaters,sweater dresses,tweed dresses, hour glass dresses,color blocking,pleated pants slouched from the hips,Varsity bomber jackets, flippy skater skirts.
 In accessories: flat leather clutches & lace chokers were all over this show. 
In Shoes: Stella's New Signature, Stella McCartney Rubber-Platform Faux Leather Boot & Stella McCartney Rubber-Platform Faux Leather Pump, Stella McCartney Rubber-Platform "Chloe" Pump
Hair was Pulled back In pony tail or Bun
Make up was very natural makeup with a lot blue mascara.

Fall 2012
3.1 Phillip Lim

Designer Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim show This year I think was maybe one of the best show's I have seen in a while by him.
 I LOVE IT! The Simpleness but I love how different each clothing piece is.. 
In Color trends: white shades & black shades from deep to light black & taupe shades & Deep blues & bright green shades,Oxford blood red shades & bright orange shades. 
Clothing trends: cape Jackets & cape Coats,sleek jackets,sweater knitwear, sharply creased trousers, and great tailored coats,color-blocking, Phillip's Classic slim-fitting pants, houndstooth patterns dresses & matching black & white suits, tons of layering with jackets & coats, geometric-inspired dresses & blouses,structured blazers,cable knit sweaters, sheer pants & tights, peplum blouses,high waist pants. 
In accessories Flat leather clutches,over sized clutches & Black Sunglasses & thick belts, leather collars. 
In Shoes: Cut Out Booties & Delia Bootie in Yellow Gold & leather multi-strap pumps & Leather Laceless Oxfords & Ankle Booties & Kiara Criss-Cross Sandals
In hair: It was either half down or in a low pony tail or small curls.
In Make up:Phillip teamed up with NARS make up, everything was natural on the girls but the eyes they had amazing fake lashes & Bright color eyeliner

See you on Friday! 
Xo Pam