Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Runway wednesday: NYFW Edition

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I hope your having a wonderful day and today fashion week is coming to a close. Then we are moving to London & I can't not wait for it! It will be wonderful and I will be doing tons of posts on upcoming shows to keep you up to date. Today we are talking Ready-to-wear lines by J Crew & Vera Wang  with full photos and about the trends that we saw at the shows! & closing today post with street style photos of what we saw on the streets at NYFW.
Make sure you come for Friday's post! we will be talking the Celebrity lines at NYFW like Holmes & Yang, Jason Wu & Victoria Beckham & more!
                                                  I Hope you Enjoy Today's post!
                                                              "J Crew"
                                       Spring 2013

Blush blouse & white pants with a hint of black then finishing it off with sliver pumps & hint of mint with the bag,Bring this together! plus her coral lips are still light to still make the outfit shine. 

I love the white outfit with light but still bright blouse Plus her orange bag and light gold pumps still make the white pop! 

Blush and floral are still here for this coming Season!
this dress is so simple yet so classy and the floral pumps still look polished. 

I love the capped pumps and patterns with the white it looks so good together! 

I love this whole outfit,with the bright pattern skirt and light sweater and neon pumps. 

perfect for spring since it's still cold but still warm later in the day, Mixing dark colors with floral.

again, dark colors and mixing in some neons and florals, still looks effortless.

This look like the perfect street style outfit, Plus I'm IN LOVE With that blouse.. wow! a hint of neon & floral & pink capped heels are so different. 

All these patterns,floral and brights but they still don't look like to much! 

I like those heels so much, and her skirt and blouse look like they match, with that pop of brightness from the bag still makes it all work.

pattern on the skirt and the neon with dark caps on the pumps. 

I want those pants! WOW! & neon heels are so pretty. 

I love the matching suit look with the floral pattern with a pop of blush heels. 

That SKIRT! wow.. & pumps color,this the perfect way to wear one color the right way. 

Skirt looks so classy and Denim with floral pumps.  

Paint' splattered pants are IN! the heels make it look so classy but yet comfy.

stripes and mint are so in! 

I love these pants!! with dots blouse and pops of pastels and brights. 

That skirt is so pretty & bright! 

Stripes and floral but with a Asian take on the pants. 

                         Trends for this show is stripes,floral,brights, neons,denim & white & bright patterns! 

"Vera Wang"
 Spring 2013

white is shinning here and the flow of the dress is so Beautiful! 

The floral ruffles on the blouse are so pretty & bermuda shorts are back!  

I love this dress, For a Spring runway show, the floral ruffles look likes roses on the blouse. 

I love the floral pattern on the pants and I still love the floral ruffles! 

I love the pattern on the dress! 

Great pattern with a hint of lace. 

Floral lace looks so good. it has a romantic feel to it. 

I love this dress, floral lace in deep blue looks so nice. 

The deep blue lace looks so good here with a Hint of skin. 

This of my favorite outfit of this whole line, the deep blue with the lace pants and blouse.

I love deep green even it spring you can rock it! the lace short are wonderful! I love the blouse, wow. 

I love the collar look on the blouse & lace & Pattern is so different. 

I love these patterns & the deep green and deep gold looks so classy! 

Wow.. I love this skirt! and the deep gold.. just brings it all together. 

matching pant suits are still here this season and I love the colors! 

I love the light green with a hint of pattern & gold. 

the lace shines in the color! and With the nude heels, They look so good together.

That skirt is Amazing! & the deep gold & mix together so well.

I love this pattern, mixed together with lace It looks gold then it looks green.

The lace and gold makes this dress look sheer but it's not. 

Designer Vera Wang
Trends in this line are white, patterns & deep colors & lace & lace ruffles. 
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                                                    Street Style: NYFW Edition 
P.S there are also some random Photos in here too.

  Who: blogger Tamu McPherson,At Edun Taken by: photographed by Phil Oh & her blog:

Who: Ramya Giangola Wearing: Comme des Garçons skirt, Photo by: Photographed by Phil Oh & her blog

Who: Blogger Susie Bubble, who runs : trying to get to Fashion week. 

Who: Taylor Tomasi Hill, style and accessories director for Marie Claire

Who: Ashley Roberts, Blogger & Model  Photo by:Photo: Statia Grossman for DailyCandy. Her blog

 Who: fashion consultant Miroslava Duma,where at: Jason Wu show, Photo by: photographed by Phil Oh

Who:actresses Anna Lynne McCord & Minka Kelly.

Who: Models

Who: Model So Young Kang, purse: Chanel bag,Photo by: photographed by Phil Oh

                               Who: Model Hanne Gaby Odiele, Photo by: photographed by Phil Oh

Who: Model Liu Wen, After a show. 

Who: Model Martha Hunt, Photo by: photographed by Phil Oh

Where I got the photos!  
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None of these are MINE! 
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