Friday, September 7, 2012

Little bit of everything! (week of Sept 2-8)

                                                                   Hi,My Loves!!
On Wednesday I did a inspiration post, since I was on a trip to Houston, I was with my family & the trip was fun, we didn't have to much to spend there & we didn't go to the galleria this year but I went last year and it was so much fun! a MUST see if you look to shop like I DO!
Since I Have some new followers, I post every Monday & Runway Wednesday & Friday! by the way,Thank You for Following me!
Now onto This week's post! It's Fashion Week! And Spring 2013 looks so beautiful!!
I kinda now can't wait for SPRING NOW! I will show you some Resort wear (it means year round fashion) and Then the VMA's were yesterday, I will show you some of my Favorites And so I will be talking about that and then you know some lower priced finds as normal will be thrown in there someway! But First it's RUNWAY Fashion!

                                                                    "Spring 2013"
                                                                Resort wear
                                                              Christian Dior

I love the blue and white and how clean is looks. 

Wow.. I love the deep burgundy color and that purse! I WANT!! ok,I'll clam down now, I want this whole look. 

This whole white look just shines! and the belt helps her to not look boxy in a long tunic.   

Wow. Perfect for fall and Peplum is still here, baby! 

Love her Peplum blouse it's so simple yet looks so classy and her bag! again.. I WANT! Wow.. 

Perfect for those hot summer days and love her pastel purse, it brings it all together. 

That floral pattern is beautiful & the blue in the blouse matches the deep blue pants. 

I LOVE this Dress! Wowm It's Fitted but look bussiness like enough for work or party! and sunglasses are perfect match! and Since it's all from Dior, it matches perfectly. 

Wow. it looks like beach wear but ten times BETTER! The floral is perfect with some white thrown in and beige sweater doesn't seem see though so it's perfect for a women any age! 

Full floral outfit matching is just WOW! plus the matching bag is WOW! My favorite outfit of the whole line! 

This has 1930s all over it! to her hat and to her white blouse and bag, Just not the pants, Lol but they are cute! 

This dress is Wow.. You would wear this in winter, blush is still here for This coming winter Season. 

This blush leather peplum blouse is breath taking! 

I LOVE this blush and purple dress is so elegant! the belt gives her that tiny wist look! 

White is BACK! and more Beautiful then ever! it's so bright. 

this Dress has that nautical feel but yet in a classy way. 

such a classic peplum look and the deep blue just runs with it! 

Such a bright orange, looks like the new black to me and again the belt makes a huge difference & that necklace!! WOW!! and her chunky heels bring it all together! 

The fullness of the dress is wonderful! and The dots on top of the dress makes it look very pretty and somewhat cute! 

AMAZING!! Wow! with that peplum top, Tops it all off! if I were dressing you, I would tell you,make sure you wear a slip under it or your legs will be showing unless that's what you want.. 

This is such a daring dress with again legs showing unless you wear a slip.

 This RED! is bright and vibrant color and the heels are so beautiful! 

White and black can never make you look bad and here, It looks at it's BEST!

The Perfect LBD (little black dress) what can I say about this dress! 

           I'm in love with this Velvet looking pattern! The Perfect dress to end the show!
                                       Dior did a WONDERFUL Job with this resort line.                                                                   
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                            "MTV Music Video awards Red Carpet fashion!"

                     Celebrity Best Dressed Fashion at the VMA's! 

Taylor Swift went sexy in a J. Mendel pant suit and Tom Ford heels.
she's looks Sleek and beautiful in this pant suit. I love that she's growing up and still in a classy way. 

Rihanna is wearing a clean white Adam Selman gown finshing her look with Nude pumps, I LOVE the dress on her since she's so edgy. when it comes to the red carpet the Camera shows everything, She just needed to wear some covers on the girls because it makes it look really tacky to me. 

Emma Watson looked adorable and pretty in Peter Pilotto and this dress is very age appropriate. 

Gabby Douglas shined on the red carpet in a black and gold sequined dress and peep-toe ankle booties. 
There is no info on who she is wearing but I love it anyway! she pulls it off! 

Side photos! I LOVE! 

Fab Five! They look so Beautiful! 

One Direction who three awards! stay true themselves! 

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                                                      lower priced finds! 
Spiked wedge sneakers
$28.95!! That is cheap and they are all the rage right now! 
in two more colors! 
They are New at, I would get them soon. 

 Vintaged Skinny Jeans $10.80
At Forever21, I'm not a huge of Forever21 anymore since I'm older now but I love Theses Jeans, I get them every year! in all colors! 

Aeropostale is having some sales on Colored Jeggings right now! 
also They have summer stuff on sale right now  Click me!

                if You want some Runway Eye Makeup This is the Article for you!
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                                         Not mine, It's Daily Candy's but when I saw it, I had to share it!

                                         Have a Wonderful weekend!
If You want to see a Good Movie, "Premium Rush" is AMAZING! and Joseph Gordon-Levitt  is so CUTE! lol. We saw it today and it was so good! 


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