Monday, September 10, 2012

Special Guest Monday? and Magazine Monday!

                                                        Happy Monday,My LOVES!! 
The weekend went by so fast.. I was like where did It go? I know. my Grandma was so Happy for Yesterday, It was National Grandparents day! Hence, the Title & at Church yesterday,we had something for all the Grandparents!  I took some photos with my Grandma (Special Guest)   
I also wanted to talk about What Magazine I'm Currently reading? later in the post! 
                                                I hope You Enjoy! 

Flowers we gave all the Grandma's, they are all really colorful! 

My Grandmother M And I!
 we are both Mixing Brights with dark colors even down to our shoes!
she's the best! I loved watching me take Photos yesterday for my blog, She saw how it all works!

what I'm Wearing,Coral crochet pattern Knit blouse by designers original (Thrift store) white silk blouse under it (Gift) grey and white skirt by Forever21, (No Longer available) Nude Flats by Steve Madden. 

Left side, rose gold watch by merona (Target) rose gold chain bracelet by house of Harlow (Thrift store) heart ring (store in Houston) 

Closer look at my blouse

My Lighting guys, My Brother P and My Dog/Son Dog, Paco.

Magazines I'm Currently reading?                                                              

                                         People style watch (August 2012)
                                           With Cover Girl, Sofia Vergara.
I have never read this magazine before, I had seen some people talk about so a friend a gave me her copy, Thanks! Now I'm reading it and I really LIKE IT! it has so much info for someone who is new to fashion,  And They have some Clothing steals in there But not as good as mine!!! Hehe. and My fav article is "Get ready for FALL!"  and I'm also reading 

Glamour (September 2012)
With Cover girl Victoria Beckham!!
she's a huge Fashion stylist role model for me in Fashion for me, and I LOVE how she put her twist on everything! a MUST read! and My fav Article is #10 stylist take over the world & My Girl Rachel Zoe gives so many tips! must read for Fashion bloggers!
For more info Click me!

                                                     Quote of the day! 
"The controlled person is a powerful person. He who always keeps his head will get ahead." ~ Norman Vincent Peale 

I must go! My family wants to watch a movies together tonight, till we meet again on RUNWAY Wednesday and You know, It will be Packed with tons of new stuff! 
                                                        Till wednesday! 

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