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Surprise Monday Series:NYFW (New York Fashion week) Men Designers (Part one!)

                                                                 Hello Monday!!
I know, NYFW is over and everyone is onto London fashion week but! I wanted talk about the Men designers who are wonderful in Women's fashion and have made a name for themselves and Why Men designers are so good at what they do.
Today is part one and we talking about the shows by Oscar De La Renta & Jason Wu.
Later in the week On "Runway wednesday" part two of the Male designers series Zac Posen and Derek Lam then Part three and ending the series with Male designers M&M, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.  If You like This Series Please tell me! Maybe I could do for Female Designers. Because I was thinking about it
Btw there are so many outfits from these two shows but I wanted to show you the full shows, because I have a point to make at the end and I will you my commentary at the end unless I really love it OR Hate it, I will put something right under the photo like I normally do.
                                        I hope You don't mind! & I hope You Enjoy!

                                                "Oscar De La Renta"
                                           Spring 2013

I love the rose colored skirt plus, peplum navy blue blouse & oscar adding his own tough a classy rose on the right side of her blouse. 

That blouse I need it's breath taking & necklace looks like real roses. 

This a deep slit and the white,makes the outfit look very daring & the blazer makes to look very polished & necklace rose in WHITE! WOW!! 

I love how Oscar gives his Outfits that Edgy, and white is very edgy and the way it's fitted but not to tight just make her look like a queen. 

I love this dress to me, It look very vintage to me & the gold clutch & belt come together wonderfully. 

LACE, I'm the only one who sees a trend, still nude pumps. 

Turning to light blue

Look like old Hollywood to me. 


The cut of the dress is beautiful!

Many prints, I will say this kinda over board, very Spanish to me. 

The pattern is kinda cute, but the heels got to go! 

Love the pattern! 

Love this outfit! 

Wow. It's so soft 

Just yells Vintage to me! 

                                                                   Pretty pantsuit.

Love the blouse! 

The bow is HUGE! where's the model? lol.. 


Breath taking! 

Designer Oscar De La Ranta.
I have been a Fan of Oscar for a long time, his designs got me into fashion, can you tell where this going? I was really looking forward to his show last week, and I saw the photos on and I though some of the dress and outfits were Beautiful and some were like, Oscar what were you thinking?!?! but I love all the colors, I didn't think they were Easter colors at all! Maybe because I love Pastels
Then I read Fashionindie here's the link to read the story Click me! & Click me!
 They were talking about NYTimes Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn calling him a Hot Dog, It's a 50s term for “they do not fit into a scenario or have any purpose being there" in a review about this year's line. I can not find this Review, and the next day after she wrote this, Oscar put a ad in Women's Wear Daily 
with this latter below and
Now Moving on to Why, I love Oscar's Lines, For a Man, He designs women's clothing in a wonderful way! & always with a Vintage touch, The cuts and flow of his designs are Beautiful, and adds such a class to his designes and is not scared to try new ideas or colors and since he's Hispanic, Like I am! I think, I look up to him in Fashion if I could meet anyone in Fashion if would be him and Yes, I was kinda down that someone made fun of him but he talked back to her in a classy way, I think. 

                                          "Jason Wu"
                                        Spring 2013

I love the sandals. 

For the beach? 

I really love the top, for spring. 

The lace! at the trim

Pretty floral! and LOVE The pumps! 

Love the bag. 

The blouse is so pretty! 

Love the pumps! 

Love the sandals & lace blouse.

Do You like harness? I don't.  

Very 40s. 

Love the pants! 

The skirt is very nice! 

The skirt is very chic! 

Designer Jason Wu
Jason Wu has a very different taste of designing sometimes he's vintage or dark but yet very Modern.  I must say, I wasn't very happy with this, I have been a fan of his for about two years now before he dressed First lady Obama but this show seems very different from his other shows. I'm kinda like what's Up with the harnesses? They look kinda odd, I think. he normality is very Conservative but yet threw in a Daring dress or too.. I just like a lot of Shoes and Bags and Make up here, I know since a Lot of designers went for a more White and Black so he did too. But i'm just Glad the Dresses still look like Jason Wu. 

                                                                     Fashion Quote of the Day! 
"I've always loved fashion so much and I didn't have access to the kind of fashion I really wanted, so I would do vintage shopping" ~ Rachel Roy

Stay with Fashion.
Xoxo Pam

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