Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Ending of: NYFW Men Designers Series (part three)

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                                      HAPPPPPY FRIDAY!! Whoop It's the weekend!
Today we are ending Men designers Part three, & we are talking about Marc by Marc Jacobs & Micheal Kors NYFW shows & ending Sales of the week" *one thing to note, each lines seems to be very long! I will be going my full commentary will be at the end of each show photos!*  I hope you enjoy! today's post!

                               "Marc by Marc Jacobs"
                                        Spring 2013

Designer Marc Jacobs

Trends at this show are: Patterns & all Types of colors, seems like more Pastels and in all different Shades & Scarves & socks & chunky heels & wedges & stripes & Big purses. 
In Men trends white & black & bright colors & Hats. 

Why is his lines so different? 
even said we went very 1982 with this Line, I can kinda see it with the bright colors & patterns but! He did so many different takes on simple pieces, to me this Line has a very London feel with the winter ending pieces for spring or even NYC feel with the chunky!  heels & wedges & LA feel with the shorts dresses & swimsuits. Love the layering he did with the scarves, & socks & Headpieces & head scarves that kinda was Awesome!! I mean, it may look tacky to some people but the way he did! With the same colors or Patterns. 

                                                                   "Micheal Kors"
                                                                     Spring 2013

Designer Michael Kors

Trends at the show are: COLOR! & brights & Strips & fitted, white & black & Heels & Ankle heels Small bags.

His show was Dubbed "Geometric glamour" Because of the cuts & all the color! some people hated it, and Others LOVED it. I have mixed feelings, because I love all of his colors & different takes on trends, I really LOVED IT! as I think about it more! I just wanted more classic Kors pieces. But I did get one, The Classic Trench. 

I hope You Enjoyed this Series

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                                                      See you Monday ALL about London fashion WEEK!              

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