Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello London Monday! (London Fashion Week 2013)

Start of the work week for most, & for a few of us, It's the Middle of Milan Fashion week, It feels though it's passing fast for some who are there but for those looking in, It's a dream & a want.
I know, it's tough to keep up with the dates for ALL the fashion weeks but if You love Fashion you WILL keep up with it, No matter what.
Today I'm taking you to London, others may be in Milan but we are in London And also Good day to you! I didn't know what shows to talk about since London fashion is WONDERFUL! I mean, they really take fashion to a new high there.
I had to pick The Best I have seen & I think are Classic London and People will be/are talking about, The shows I we will be talking about Today are "Erdem" & "Mulberry" & "Acne" also Again commentary at the end of every show!  Please Enjoy & Thank You for reading!

                                 Spring 2013

Designer Erdem Moralıoğlu

More info Click me!

Why is Erdem so Good? 
Erdem is Not from London but he's from Canada, His Father is from Turkey and His Mother is English, He has a Love for London & he's mostly known for his Cuts of dresses and the pattern he uses, He has worked with Diane von Fürstenberg & Vivienne Westwood. 
& In America His Collection is sole at Barney's.  
I really feel like some people over His Collections & he really good what he does! 

Trends at this show are: Floral dresses & bright colors & Neon colors & some skin showing, & Clear over coats & Platform heels & Matching outfits. 

Spring 2013

Mulberry Creative Director & Designer Emma Hill

Why was the show was so Groundbreaking?
Mulberry is growing and opening flag ship shores all over the world, New Store in NYC Just opened on Sept 8th  & they want to keep true to who Mulbarry is, Not many store do this And Emma Hill Lived in New York has a Huge heart for it. Emma was inspired by English Gardens & it even smelled Very Sweet in the show, Like Candy some People said, & the colors she used were Pastels with Many More colors, & tons of BAGS! & leather Of Course that's what Mulberry is known for! 
 Next to the Runway were tons of British Stars, Elizabeth McGovern & Joanne Froggat) from Downton Abbey & Rebecca Hall from Parade's End & Gillian Anderson from X-Flies & Kate Moss & Lana Del Rey & Alexa Chung. 

The Trends at the were: Florals,& Pastels & whites, Black & golds & Matching outfits & Summer dresses with Leather Jackets, & one color outfits & Tons of  sparkle & blazers & Different cuts of dresses & blouses, In The Bags, They had small clutches to huge leather floral bags, Shoes Strappy sandals to floral Boots. 
P.S The charcoal standard poodle, his Name is Max & He's three years old & this was his First Show.  

Spring 2012

Why I liked this Show? 
Acne hails from Stockholm, Sweden But they just don't do jeans Anymore, They just do FASHION! 
In a way that Sometimes leaves me speechless, I love they whole Look of the show, They Show Had Neil Young music playing & They use The Wrecking Ball inspiration if You don't know the Album it's by  Bruce Springsteen and it was his newest album. This Season that's why Acne went with a Simple Look But Edgy show. 

Trends at this show were: Leather pants & Jackets & parachute dresses & Parachute skirts & matching outfits & all types of colors & Brights, & Denim & all types of vests & Big bags & Cowboy hats & Different types of creepers & gladiator sandals & tons of Belts! 

On Runway Wednesday "Vivienne Westwood Red Label" & "Christopher Kane" & one more, I haven't picked yet! 

                                                         Have a Wonderful Week! 
                                   Be Happy with yourself, that is ALWAYS in Fashion


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