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Runway Wednesday: NYFW Men Designers Series (Part two)

                                                   Happy Wednesday night Day!
                                        We are so close Friday! can't you feel it??
Hope You liked this Series one thing, I forgot to do in the last post was about the trends! I will be talking about that today also Shows we are talking about today is Derek Lam and Zac Posen ending with What Magazine I'm currently reading? & I finish this series on Friday, I will take you to London starting Monday and talking about all the trends there so keep checking back with the blog!  I hope you enjoy today's post and have a wonderful day!

                                                       "Derek Lam" 
                                          Spring 2013

I love the patterns

Wow. Plus I love her heels. 

Can you see what he did here? he made the yellow the bright here and the green together looks so awesome! 

I love the yellow and patterns are the star in the outfit. 

not a huge fan.. 

LOVE this trench & it's perfect fit, classic Derek. 

I kinda look the cut, you wouldn't think it would work but it does. 

Skirt & the Sunglasses & boots I love. 

Prefect trench with Perfect boots. 

Wow. My eyes are in love with this Pattern & he made it the star here. 

Wow.. I love this dress & it's leather look.

I always love Derek's bright with dark outfits, no one does it better then him. 

This bright blue dress cut is a piece of art. 

I love the pattern. It looks so spring.

Such a simple dress but the cut & flow make this dress, classic Derek.

I love skirt out of anything in this outfit. 

Wow.. The cut & pattern on this dress is wonderful! 

The blouse is kinda a lot, I think it's the colors but I love the skirt & boots. 


I love this pattern.. 

I love the Oxford dark red color blouse.. wow! yellow some how evens it out. 

Pattern looks better in this color, I think. 

I love the white & yellow. 

He makes this tee look like so classy. 

This whole casual feeling this outfit has is so classy yet chic. 

This dress is stunning the pattern looks kinda busy but yet the Black boots even it out. 

The white & sliver look so comfy yet so very classy. 

Green blouse & green boots evens out the blue pattern. 

Designer Derek Lam

Trends at this show is: Patterns & so many! & brights,yellows,blue,sliver, whites & dark's, oxford red,deep blue, black & Trenches & leather & leather dresses & Cropped midriff. 

Why is Derek Lam Spring 2013 line Wonderful? 
First off, he knows what women like and how to make a wonderful cut & Silhouette a dress. I saw his line I think, Last year when I started getting more into fashion, I know people say That his lines are very Sporty & they are but he can also make a great sweet & girly dresses & I admire Derek Because he stays true to what he likes & stay humble. 

                                                                "Zac Posen"
                                          Spring 2013

Yes, That's Naomi Campbell. I love how fitted the dress it & the HEELS, WOW! 

I love the cut & flow of the dress & is this Blush or Coral? 

In love with the floral & again, light color floral with deep heels. 

I love this deep yet silky one color outfit. It looks so perfect. 

I love the blues & whites & the heels just make this outfit! 

Red floral & blush comes together so well,again bright floral & bright earrings & deep heels.

Blush, I love & whole outfit & One color trend. 

This blush blue is so pretty, looks so 50s Vintage.. 

Pale white dress & the cut is wonderful! 

Peplum blouse is so pretty, it looks like art! & deep colors & lights colors together is so pretty! 

not a fan.

My fav Oxford blood color! WOW!

Red and white looks so good together! 

so French.. I think. 

Fav outfit of the WHOLE line..

Kinda see though. 

I love the deep blue! 

The Cut is so different & I love it! 

Piece of ART!! Wow.. 

Wow, Everything about is Wonderful! 

Oxford Red in Silky dress. 

I feel Like i'm Holland with all types of floral. 

Oxford blood red & the cut is fitted. 

Maybe a different take on peplum,to me.

Wow, It's like a Mermaid cute. 

Different dress but I really like it, It's very slimming.

Beautiful dress. 

Light blue color & fit is wonderful. 

Light green is another trend & the fitting is another story. 

The bottom of the dress with floral,is wonderful & again Fitting, the dress looks way to small on her! 

Just Screams wedding dress,to me! 

Designer Zac Posen 

Trends at this show are: Floral & White & deep colors & light dark color & new cuts on dresses & Beige & Peplum & ankle heels.  

Why Zac Posen is Amazing at what he does??
Because his dresses are always unique & always very different, I really like how one show can change in a matter of a few dresses! I mean, It's never the same thing with Zac! he changes & gets better every season, I really just became a fan of his last season but this season really made me love his dresses even MORE! 

What Magazine I'm Currently reading?
Elle October 2012
With Britney Spears as Cover GIRL! I have been watching X-Factor, and I must Say Britney really grown up & My Favorite photoshoot is "Top Coats" It's wonderful and has so many ideas for layering. 

Ending my Day with watching X-Factor! omgh, I love this show! Even though I talked about Britney, I'm really watching it for Demi,she's so sweet! & her style is wonderful, And I love How there some awesome upcoming stars & some people that you just laugh at and Not feel bad because everyone else is laughing at them too! 
Xo, Have a Wonderful Day or Night! 

Stay with Fashion


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