Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Trends: DIY Bleach Bermuda Shorts Styled with Fiesta Outfit!

                                                          Hola Everyone!
Hope You day is GREAT So far! since I will be Busy On Friday With the Fiesta day Parade! I will post about that next week, after the Parade with Photos for sure!! Y'all will LOVE IT! and in other news, I have been so busy lately! But I'm back! and Now on to the POST!

My pair of old jeans, You can use thrifted or old or new jeans that you want to bleach.

You need a pencil and scissor If You want to cut your long jeans, Unless You have shorts already Just skip this part. 

Then make a line with the pencil where you want to cut, it doesn't get on the shorts. 

cut It as straight as you can! 

Then you have on leg and Then Match it up with the other so they are matching. 

Then You have your shorts! 

Next You need a Bucket and Bleach and something to stir it with, You can Do this In a Bathtub but it smells up the House,make sure it's airy or Bucket, bucket is very easy so you can do it outside. 
Then You fill up the bucket half way or bath tube to enough to cover the shorts, Oh don't forget to plug it. 
then you put the beach in.. I used about half of the can, because I'm dying my whole shorts. 

Then you stir it then you put the jeans in! and keep stirring them about every one to three hours next And They sit there for 10 hours or about how long you want them too! 
(if they seems yellow when your done,you put them in Cold water and then you wash them ALONE! in Bleach again! if You want.. I did this! 

Then here's the final PRODUCT 
White Shorts! They Look store bought, I think. 

Need more help?
 Read this for different bleach looks --> CLICK ME!  
Read this for a tie dye bleach look  --> CLICK ME!

where I got my Ideas from? from either, Pinterest & Tumblr & youtube Then I look up a DIY then I make it my own like the Floral Crown. 
This one I found on tumblr then Looked up a DIY! & since I messed up my last pair of white jeans, AKA the Ombre Green jeans. I need white shorts & I did this! 

My Fiesta Outfit! 

What I'm Wearing?
Floral Crown DIY(CLICK ME!
Scoop-neck T-shirt in Rouge By Eddie Bauer (CLICK ME!
Bleach Bermuda Shorts DIY Uptop.
Flat Ankle Sandals by Old Navy (look alikes CLICK ME!

Dad And I had a photo shoot outside downtown while the river parade was going on since It's WAY TOO PACKED! so we don't go.. But My Dad took awesome Photos! I hope You like them! 

Along the River Walk. I LOVE this River.
When I was around 4 or 5  I would asked my Dad, "Daddy can we go swimming in it?" "no, Pam, It's too Look at! & not Swim in! well, now that I'm older, I feel so silly but I was so young! 

My Jewelry 
Rose gold bangles mixed with sliver bangels by forever21 (similar CLICK ME! )
Rose gold spiked bracelet by twinkle world (similar CLICK ME! !)
With a gold Cross ring from the Flea Market(Similar CLICK ME!

Hope You ENJOY! 
Now for a Bit of FIESTA! 
This Lady has won & gotten MANY Medals for Festa! 
During Fiesta people give out tons of Medals  & You get the MOST! You win something! They say.

Another contest The BIGGEST HAT! This is BIG! 

People Watching the River Parade! 

Festa Banners around Downtown. 

This is A Truck that plays music and throws out candy! During the parades! it's so much! 

hahah! The Pinatas hanging out of the Cute Truck! It's so CUTE! 

The Downtown Carnaval! It's Fun! 

Hope You like the Photos! & I'll be taking more photos tomorrow for Next Week's Blog post! 

Stay Safe! 
See you on Monday! 
Xoxo Pam 


Lisa Versace said...

I like DIY too. Your shorts are wonderfdul!

Anonymous said...

Your shorts came out really good. All with bleach? Awesome. Good job! I'm going to try it, too. Thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...


Can I do this any kind of jeans?

Pam E said...

Oh Thank You! With Water And Bleach.
YAY! I hope You do! & I hope It comes out GREAT! :)
You're very welcome!
Xoxo Pam
Thank you for Reading!

Pam E said...

Not on light blue jeans.
Any jeans blue or Dark blue works, Old or NEW works WONDERFUL!
Just Comment if you need any more help.
Xo Pam <3

Pam E said...

OH Thank You so Much! I LOVE THEM too!
Xo Pam
Thanks For Reading! :)