Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY Friday: DIY Floral Crowns,Spring Trend:Festival worthy outfit with Magazines for May! Audrey Hepburn & MORE!

                                                   Happy Friday!
It's the Weekend! YEAH BABY! I'm off to a Festival Later tonight, Yes we have some here in Texas. I'm so ready! Today, I have another DIY for You! It's something, That I loved when I saw it on other bloggers & here In Texas, We wear them for Fiesta, That is Starting April 18! I can't wait so I made one just for Fiesta, It's Different then most floral Crowns But they are all made the same way! & I styled it with a Outfit that is Very Festival Worthy.

DIY Floral Crown!

I got everything at Michael's Craft store & on sale too! 

I got spring Flowers & Spring Daisies. 

what You need! 
Any fake Flowers.
from left to right. 
Floral tape 
Duct Tape 
(works Better though, No one told me that!)   
Wire cutters, They sell them at Micheal's 
floral wire 
Rustic floral wire. 
It cost me $18.87! 
It would have been $14.95!
if I would have used Duct tape But every DIY Used Floral tape but as I found out
it's CHEAP! & doesn't work.. 
It all Cost me, $23.48 But I brought ribbons for Fiesta, I'll show you below! 
Get your Rustic Floral wire, and Then shape around Your head, You may need help with this to it right. & 
use your Wire cutters to make the Perfect Round for your head. 

This How Mine Looked! My Brother helped me. It fits Perfectly now! 

if your Wire is frilly  & the wire is showing 
 when you wear your crown,it will hurt head, you must use your tape to cover the wires. 

Left top: pull the flowers off the stems Or Cut them off. 
right top: they should look like this.
 bottom left: cut them apart. 
Bottom right: It cut them to be about one or two inches. 

start by placing them where You want to be! Before doing everything! start from back to forward
 (I kept changing mine.. that's why I didn't stay with this look.) 

Then you start by placing them upside down. So you can grab them while putting them on. 

then start by using your green floral wire & wrap it around the flower stem.  

Then wrap It around the Rustic Floral wire, as many times as you want so It won't fall off when you're wearing it. 
( It's the same with bigger flowers just wrap around the top of stem more. 
It should start to look something like this, and if You feel ends of the wires just get your cutters and tighten them together. 

My Ribbons for Fiesta! 

I got my ribbons On sale for $.50 cents!

then we had some curling ribbons laying around the house, So I used some colors to add more color to make it look more festive! 

for the thin Ribbons & curling ribbons  I tied them around my crown & for the thick ribbons, I just used a stapler a few times, since I didn't have any glue.

Thank You to Kelli Murray! Since I used her DIY to help me. 

Styled With a Festival Worthy Outfit! 

What I'm Wearing.
DIY Floral Crown. 
Pink & grey thin striped jersey dress By Old Navy. (similar Here!
White cardigan by design history. (similar Here!)
Wayferer Sunglasses by Forever21 (similar Here!

More Info below!

I kept it very simple, because the floral crown is the star! & I love this dress, I got it late last summer on sale, But It's still brand new! 

My Floral Crown from that BACK! 
It came out so WELL! They are so Festive! I really Hope You try this, If you do send me Photos! 

Wedge white sandals By Rocket Dog! (Here!

In Love!... I may make another for the Beach. If I do, You know I will share With you! 

Magazines for May 2012! 

Vanity Fair 
May 2013 
With Cover Girl Audrey Hupburn! 
OMGH! I DIED! I'm Framing the Cover last this Month.. It's so pretty. I died..I'm a Huge Audrey Hupburn Fan.. She's the Queen Of Class.  

Marie Claire 
May 2013
With Cover Girl Scarlett Johansson. 
She's so Pretty, I love what she's wearing! I mostly got it because I use to Love Marie Clare & I wanted to see If It's still good. 

Both Reviews will Be Up this Coming week! 

Stay Classy! 
Have a Wonderful Weekend! 

Xoxo Pam 


Caroline Topperman said...

I really love your floral crown! That fiesta sounds so fun, I hope you post pictures!

Aileen Awesome said...

I have to try this DIY floral crown. Thanks for posting!!


Debbie Adesina said...

Love this DIY post :)

your newest follower,
deb xxxx

Lauren Sonken said...

I LOVE YOUR FLORAL CROWN!! A very easy, practical, DIY to post. Thanks so much for the idea.

Hanna & Christel said...

great DIY!


Pam E said...

Hi Carol!
YAY! Thank you so much! YAY!
Yes, I'm Hoping too! since I want share my City With Everyone.
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

Hi Aileen!
Yes, please do! it's very Easy & Once you get the hang of It, It's easy.
I love Your blog! & your style. I'll Leave a comment right now.
Xo Pam
Thanks for reading!

Pam E said...

Hi Debbie!
I'm so glad!
YAY! & Your style.. I love, it's so perfectly Edgy.
I always Love it when Followers comment With their Link, I love finding new blogs.
Xo Pam
Thank You for reading!

Pam E said...

Hi Lauren!
THANK YOU! Yes, It is! YAY! That's what I Love to Hear. I'm looking at Your Blog Now.
Xo Pam
Thank You for reading!

Pam E said...

Thank yo,So much!
Xo Pam <3