Wednesday, April 3, 2013

See You Friday!

                                              Happy Wednesday! 
Last night & today I have been fighting with Really bad thunderstorms here in Texas! Yes, We need rain but It's thundering bad & last night our light were out for about 30-45 mins & That means when it rains, I need to turn off my computer! But  It finally stopped for a bit! 
 I'm not feeling very well on top of it all & I'm kinda working on new things here On Fashion Love also I'll Be back on Friday with a NEW Outfit Post about Spring & April Magazines
                                                            Xoxo Pam 


Caroline Topperman said...

I kind of love thunder storms, we don't have them very often in Vancouver but they can be very spectacular! I hope you feel better.

Pam E said...

Hi Carol!
OH Yes! I like to rain all day.. Just lighting,It's the worse here in The South.
OHH awesome! No Wonder when I'm On Your Blog, I'm like Wow.. It's so PRETTY! & Different! I thought maybe YOu lived near Seattle or somewhere.
Aww! Thank You!
Xo Pam
Your Truly a Great Blogger friend.