Monday, April 1, 2013

March Glamour US & Elle US review & Editorials with Dakota Fanning & Taylor Swift & MORE!

                                          Happy April 1st!
I hope You had a wonderful Easter, yesterday! with eating & hunting for eggs, I know, I did! & Seeing all my family & my little cousins hunting like crazy! Since My Dad & all the parents put money in some of the eggs!
On Today's Post! I know this all late! because I just finished the magazines yesterday! & life just gets way too busy!

                               Glamour US March 2013 Review!
With Cover girl Dakota Fanning!
On Page 76 "Cover Confidential" it was all about Dakota Street style (that I love)   
On page 92, "Top 10 Glamour Dos & Don'ts"! I love #5 about Rocking the color pink for spring!
& On Page 110 I loved the glamour poll About "35 under 35 in Fashion" With so many different Women & How they how are changing Fashion. 
& They had so many stories about Spring trends! From "60s Strips to Ruffels" 
They have a Glam girl Story "What Inspires Me," by Mirosava Duma! who I LOVE! I was in love with it! 
Then I fell in Love with Three Editorials!  

"Dakota is not kidding around with Cover girl Dakota Fanning" 
By Amy Spencer.
Fashion Editor By Anne Christensen 
Photograph by Ellen Von Unwerth.

I really Loved how simple yet Classic Dekora looks In these wonderful photos! 

"Trends With Benefits"
Modeled by The Host of "The Face" Super Model Coco Rocha. 
Fashion Editor By Anne Christensen 
Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier.

ALL the Perfect Runway Trends that we will be seeing this Spring & Summer.  

When In Rome (Dress like This) 
Fashion Editor By Anne Christensen 
Photographs By Hans Feurer 
Modeled by Diana Khullina

I loved how they talked about so many Trends in one photo shoot! (See all the pink!) & how they look perfectly styled! 

                                               Elle US March 2013 Review! 

With Covergirl Taylor Swift. 
On page 176, "Elle Behind The Cover"  All about what Taylor was wearing from clothes & shoes to make up.
On page 190 "Spiritual Home: Guatemala" as Told by Jewelry Designer Monique Pean who got inspired By Guatemala. 
On Page 196 "ROLL CALL! By Joe Zee.(who I LOVE) about very differnt Trends from A to Z! 
On Page 206  in Shopping now "How We Shop" 
about the different ways of shopping & new sites & different ways,  many I have never even heard of!
from Page 302 to page 310 had how to wear "The Laid back boho Woman" to "The Professional Woman"
Then in Elle Beauty on page 339 to 350, They had THE BEST make up looks!! 

"Whole Lotta Love with Cover Girl Taylor Swift"
Photography by Carter Smith.
Styled by Joe Zee 

She as if she's Runway Model, I love all the clothing on her, Joe Zee did a Wonderful Job. 

"A Simple Plan
 Modeled By Wang Xiao
Styled By Kate Lanphear 
Photography By Laurie Bartley

I'm loving The Asia background & it's very simple yet Wang is pretty she barely needs any make up, so This was just so perfect! 

I didn't see too many editorials. I liked in Elle, That's why There are only two! & this Month Glamour WON! I LOVED IT a lot more!

(FYI! all Photos belong to the magazines) 

Stay Classy! 
 See You Wednesday! 

Xoxo Pam


miri lulu said...

I Love Dakota!
Another great post!
Keep up the good work!

Pam E said...

Hi Miri!
YAY! I'm so glad You like it!
Xo Pam

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