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Runway Wednesday: Rachel Zoe Spring 2013 & ELLE US & Instyle US Reviews!

                                                        Happy Wednesday!
Hope You having wonderful day so far! It's a gloomy on this cold,rainy wednesday in Texas. So I will be Stuck inside writing & resting since when it rains, I don't feel so good & Then watching the Rachel Zoe Project tonight.
So Yes, Lately I have been into Rachel Zoe since almost all my friends Love her TOO! & I love the way she dresses & this Whole Collection of her's, I need to SHARE! Then We have Magazine Reviews  That I love! & ELLE Magazine of April Rachel Zoe helped style with Joe Zee.. More about that Later.

                                                  Rachel Zoe
                                          Spring 2013
                                         Ready To Wear

Designer Rachel Zoe. 

(More Info & Photos Here!)

Why I love it? Because It's so 70's Boho Fashion mixed with on trend outfits, Plus It has a Edge that is very California 70's boho girl vibe, That I LOVE!
White,black,mint,beige,camel,yellow,emerald,blush,dark turquoise blue,dark red,blunt orange,dark grey color,dark blue.
Pattern & prints trends:leather, cotton, breathable fabrics, sheer fabrics,thin & thick stripes,thin knits,shimmer fabrics,denim,sequins, leopard, monochrome
Clothing trends: Matching suits with pants or bermuda pants suits, bermuda shorts, collar dresses, color-blocking dresses, shirt dresses, shift dresses, leather jackets, maxi gowns,flare pants, skinny pants,ruffle cardigans, leather pants, maxi skirts, draped blouses & dresses,Tuxedo suits,jumpsuits,matching leather suits, maxi dresses,sequin dresses,A-line dresses,Off the shoulder Dresses.
Shoe Trends: 
Rachel's Lexi Raffia Platform Sandals. 
I LOVE the Heel & the Platform, They yell Spring to me!

Rachel's 'Katia' Wedge Snakeskin Wedge Sandals  It's so Spring like & Bright, gives that perfect POP To every outfit.

Handbags Trends: large Totes & Medium toes, square clutches,leather fanny packs, large satchels.
Accessories trends: Waist Belts,skinny belts,tassel jewelry.
Hat Trends: woven fedoras in Black,woven Sun hats in black & gold & Raffia newsboy Cap in Gold & black.
Hair & Make up & nails trends: hair was a loose wave with straight hair & some models had bangs,Make up was simple yet no make up just maybelline BB Cream & On the eyes They used brown shadow on the eye was used to bring out the natural brown around the eyes and it was blended under the socket of the eyes, creating an interesting take on a natural smokey eye. 
The goal of the look was to contour and bring out the models' best natural features. 
For nails, three shades of Maybelline polishes were blended: Born with It, Porcelain Party, and Sweet Clementine.
                                                                 (More info Here!)

        Magazine Reviews! 
First is Instyle US March 2013                                                          

    InStyle March 2013 with cover girls Rachel Weisz & Michelle Williams & Mila Kunis. 
Plus the Instyle Spring issue! 
                                                             (That's what it's so long)
Let's Start! You must read Page 72 about Social network for the Golden Globes then I always love what Instyle editor Ariel Foxman says in Her Editor's note on Page 82, Then I Love "Spring trends:Love'em or Leave'Em Where People Vote & say if what Trends they LOVE or Leave! I agree with almost all of them!

Photo from Yolanda's blog. 

Then I was Reading "Inspired by instyle! & On Page 142, I saw a fellow fashion Blogger & Friend Yolanda Black!! I was "omgh!! I KNOW HER!" from Her blog Here!  it's always cool When you see a fellow blogger in a Magazine & Congrats to Yolanda! 
Ok, Then I LOVE "What's NEW" On page 183! from Fashion to perfumes, I saw this awesome story on page 206 "Cause Celeb:Child Play on Andrew Garfield Aka Spider Man" It's amazing what he does, I love him even more now! 
On Page 239 :Designer Focus On Donatella Versace" Aka the Fashion Queen of Italy & she talking about 5 lessons from her! I love them ALL! 
I loved on Page 349-356 "How to Organize Everything from Clothes to Jewelry" had awesome tips! Then My I saw "clothes we LOVE" About all the trends page 363 to 398! I love all them But Peek-a-boo! I don't like to show skin, But if You do, wear it! 
In Beautiy I needed to read Page 429-436 "Battle of the BB Creams" Now I know What I need more or less. 
In Shop it on page 453-488 Had Cheap Steals & deals! & had the best bags! from low to high! 

                                                     "The Wizards of ahhhs!"  
                                                                    On page 519-531
                                                              Styled By Samira Nasr 
                                                    Photographs by Michelangelo De Battista

I love how It's perfectly styled  & they each have different looks yet it looks as if it was suppose to match! 

(Scans from Here! )

Then I love Life etc On Page 573-579 
At Home With Lela Rose, I love Her homed! 
Then I laughed so hard My water almost came out when I was reading 
From the desk of Magan Mullally On the Very Last page.

 Elle US April 2013 
With Cover Girl Nicki Minaj.
Every Month has Elle Calendar page 42,They had a awesome one for April,new Sneakers & The New Princess Diana Movie. 
on Page 68, Elle Webwatch "guest fashion Blogger: Karla Deras" who started out as a fashion blogger Who owns & is now a Jewelry Designer,It's really good story. 
Page 136, Elle Style Close-up "The Fascinator Kelly Oxford" Who is very funny & real, Kelly's new book looks amazing is Big Tweeter & sold two TV pliots & a film. I love the interviews with her, Must Read if you don't know who she is, Like me. 
Pages 158-160 Elle A to Zee "The Z Factor" Where Joe Zee & Rachel Zoe Styled together!  who styled together, I loved it! It really made me think..about how I style myself & sometimes you! 
Elle Fashion "trends" I love Pages 166 about Leopard to Leather 176.
Elle Fashion  "News" page 197 Karl Langfeld will be coming to Texas! For a Dallas Runway show for his His Watches since one of them is the Giant watch Like Texas, Makes Since! But I doubt, I can go! I don't live in Dallas.. & I don't know any bloggers there. Oh well! Still awesome though.. That Karl will be Here, (Same Air as me..haha.) 
In Elle Shops "lingerie Guide" on page 243 I love "Cat's Pajamas, All About Mixing Silk or cotton Long sleeve pjs in with your everyday clothes & It gives you that Creative look, I would wear it with heels or flats with Done hair, so you can Pull it off. (shoot any reason so wear pjs, I'll take it) 
Elle intelligence Books, Page 252 "Leading lady" With Maya Angerlou, My Gosh, she has amazing story with Her Mom, & I can't wait to get this book, Looks great! 
Elle Beauty "The 2013 Genius Awards"  page 261-298. Omgh YES! You must read! I'm not kidding.. I read stuff I didn't even know about. about Korean Skin Care That I already love! & what make up Trend was the best! I can't wait to try some of them! & Hair trends. 
"The Joy of Having To Work"312-316 about  Why You should Love working! &  women who are climbing the ladder, It's very interesting to me. 
I Loved the Next vintage inspired Photos Editorial! 

                                Tops Of The Pops! 
                    Photographed By Horst Diekgerdes 
                             Styled By Brian Molloy

That's The end of the Magazine! 
Hope you liked it! 
Oh, I Loved Both magazines this Week! So It's a TIE! 

Stay Classy! 
 See you Friday! 

Xoxo Pam 


Aishly Tromp said...
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Aishly Tromp said...

Love this post! I'm also a Rachel Zoe fan. So maj!

Yolanda B said...

Hey Pam,
Thank you so much for featuring me. I love InStyle because you can always follow your trends and really reflects fashion in real people. By the way the April issue is good as March only colourful . Xoxo

Pam E said...

Hi Aishly!
I'm so Happy You liked it! & I love You blog, I really Love Your style, It's so Street Style, I added you on google+ & followed you.
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

Hi Yolanda!
Oh,your welcome & I'm so Proud of you! I'm very proud of My friends like you, That Make it in fashion mags!!
yes, ME too! That's so so true. OHH! Ok. I may Get it for Next week. There was a studded handbag in March's Handbags, it was By Betsy Johnson, I swear I saw 5 people with it this week, It's amazing How so many People read it.
Xo Pam

Je ne sais quoi said...

Thanks for stopping by love!
i loveee rachel zoe ! i mean who doesnt !!! that collection is just beautiful! the monochrome is just to die for! im in awe for the glitter white dress!
thanks for sharing hun

Pam E said...

Hi Nini!
Your welcome! & ME TOO! That's True!
It is!! Omgh, I KNOW! I want the whole Collection.
Your always welcome!
Xo Pam