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Fiesta 2013: The Battle Of Flowers Parade.

                                                     Hi, My Darlings!
Hope Your weekend was Great! Mine was too! and I wanted to share some photos from The Fiesta Battle of Flowers Parade & Yes It's not Fashion But It's something My family & My city loves to do!
We have two Parades, The Day Parade Aka The Battle of Flowers Parade, That almost my whole family goes too.
then we have the Night Parade Aka The Fiesta Flambeau Parade but We don't go to the Night parade. It's Very Crazy & not as family friendly.   
                 Fiesta 2013:The Battle of Flowers Parade!                      

Before the Parade & waiting for it to start 
( I'm reading another fashion book & yes, My hair looks bad plus it was humid & It tough to stay classy while being outside! But I tried,my best & yes, That Chair is Camo, It's My Dad But I stole it because it's the most Comfortable chair) 
since It was cold in the morning I had a jacket & blanket with our fold up chairs that are lot more Comfortable on our backs, then those chairs in front us & People pay for $5-$25 for seats up front & they aren't comfy! Plus we can bring our own stuff. 

More families with Their Owns Chairs. 

The Parade Route before It starts. 

The Police were everywhere With K-9 Unit sniffing everything & everyone. 
(we were very safe)  

the JROTC from all the high schools In our City always come out first. 

Middle schools Now have their own version of JROTC, This the first time they have been in the Parade. 

The City's drink & drive Campaign 

The American Flag! 

Fire Chief 

Boy Scouts. 

Texas Cavaliers King Antonio Committee.   

U.S Air Force

                                                               U.S. Army Band.

The Fighten' Texas Aggie Band.
Rose Volunteers Texas A&M University

Aggie Drill Team

Parsons Mounted Cavalry

Mayor Julian Castro

The horse Move so fast! They Look so Pretty! 

I love how they do different things to Horses hair. 

we always have different Fiesta Royal Families who Raise Family for Fiesta. 
She's Showing her Shoes Because At Fiesta for the Parade's We have a Saying
 "SHOW US YOUR SHOES!" & they were really Different shoes most of the time! 

we always have someone one who Famous & Awesome! for each parade. 

He's the Twins from Social Network & His New Movie Lone Ranger & Other movies &  His wife from E! News, Elizabeth Chambers & They Both Now Live here! (So Awesome) 
own Blue Bird Bakery Here in Town ( Need to eat there)  & I love Her Dress & The Color 

Taft High School, I love the T's! 

The Mexican Music Program Of Taft High School. 

El Ray Feo's Float! 

Princesses Float With Miss San Antonio & Miss Fiesta & Miss Jazz & more. 

High school With Awesome SPRING Colors! They ROCK! 

Cute Late Easter Float.  

Another Cool High School, They were Playing "Teenage Dream"  

My Cousins FREAKED! 
haha.. It was so Huge! 

Mexican Folk dancers. 

More Mexican Folk Dancers. I'm Kinda in Love with the Colors, You think They wouldn't work But they do, I wouldn't Try it though! haha.

Another Princess float & She Cowboy Boots on. 

A Viva Mexican Fiesta Float from One of the High schools. 

Well's Fargo Bank horse carriage.   

Episcopal School horse carriage. 

More Horses with the School. The colors are amazing! I love them! 

Aww! Purple With ribbons on their Hair. 


US Army,US Marines US Navy,US Air Force,US Coast Guard. 
So PROUD of them! 

One of the Best Flag twirling Teams in Texas, Plus I love their Outfits!

More Princesses Wearing Cowboy Boots! 

a Couple that was dressed up just like the couple from "El chavo Del ocho" Spanish Show. 

Susan G. Komen Truck! GO PINK! 

Another High School. 


US Border Patrol. 

a Meat Market with good prices & everyone couldn't stop cheering! 

More horses, I love the bottom of her dress. 

Her dress is so PRETTY! & Matching Green. 

a trick ropers doing a Lasso. 

The Ronald Mcdonald's Float. 

Another Princess with Church On her dress. Very Pretty! 

The Bulldog Mascot of One of the High school's. 

One of The Princess Dresses. It passed so fast, I couldn't get the whole Float but I got the back of it! &  I LOVE IT! It's Theme was Water & Fire, It's Looks Like a Dragon in Water.  

Jazz Float. 

The END! 

The MESS! & us & other people waiting for them to Clean up the mess so we can leave. 

 They Had tons of dumps trucks! & People that were helping with the Clean up, It was Easy for our Spot since we kept it clean but other people.. Not so much.

                                         UPDATED! From My Photos from my iphone & instagram.

selling Fiesta Crowns 


ME & My Sunglasses & Fan to keep me cool! 

My LUNCH! TURKEY LEG! so good!

My Dinner.. My First Sandwisch from Jimmy Johns. 

(All the Photos are MINE) 

                                                             See you in May!
                                                            Stay Classy!
                                                               Xoxo Pam
PS. My Health is kinda Up & Down right now & I may be posting when I can,  I wanted to let Y'all know, what's going on with me & why I haven't been posting too much. 

                                                          Thank you! 

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