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Ladies Who Changed Fashion: Jackie O

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So Sorry, I didn't Post on Friday since life kinda got busy, now I'm back. Today I wanted to talk about Ladies Who Changed Fashion and I picked one of  favorite Icons In the World, Jackie O, she changed my life.. And how I look at Fashion and I wanted to share that with you, If You like this, I may write another one on Audrey Hepburn soon. 

 Ladies Who Changed Fashion: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.               

                                                       The Family.
On November 27, 1957 Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy gave birth to Caroline Bouvier Kennedy and soon after John Kennedy was re-elected senator and returned to Washington, he began to seek the presidential nomination.
Jackie campaigned vigorously for her husband until she became pregnant again in 1960. Even afterwards she continued to help as much as she was physically able until the birth of her son, John Jr.                                                                                           
Jackie carries herself in a polished way that looked as if she was sophisticated all the time.  She was the perfect, All-American Queen of that era.
Jackie ranks among the most popular of First Ladies.
She was a stark contrast from her recent predecessors, who were all much older.
She was not only young and attractive, but intelligent and cultivated. She possessed an innate
sense of style and elegance. Though she was sometimes criticized for her aloofness, expensive tastes, the American public quickly took to her in.                                                                     
Now let’s move onto how she become a wonderful First Lady. It seems she always put her husband first then her littles ones. Family was very important to Jackie and to her famous husband John.

(How she became a Icon)

Jackie The first lady.

When they first got to the White House, Jackie planned numerous social events that brought the First Couple into the nation's cultural spotlight With many people.
She invited artists and many, many people of the Arts And for them to mingle with politicians, diplomats, and statesmen. Her appreciation for art, music, and culture marked a new chapter in American history.

She wrote an introduction to "The White House: A Historical Guide," and she also developed the idea of a filmed tour of the White House that she would conduct.

The tour was broadcast on Valentine's Day 1962, and it was eventually distributed to 106 countries. She was open and transparent person, That’s why Jackie wasn’t scared to show her true self to the press and the World.
She was humble and admired for doing things herself, also being true to herself even though she was in the White House.  
Jackie Kennedy did her own sketches for her 1961 inauguration ball dress. Ethel Frankau of Bergdorf custom design made the white dress which had a strapless bodice and chiffon overlay And It was worn with a matching cape, This dress changed the way, the public looked at First Ladies And showed the world how Jackie would soon come to change the fashion world.

Reasons why her style is classic.

The dresses she wore were not inexpensive. They reeked style in every way. From the color to the hat to the shoes.
From Left to Right, 
In a Oleg Cassini apricot silk Ziberline Dress. In the middle is Jackie in Cassini designer strapless evening dress in pink beaded evening Dress In 1963.  On The right in a yellow day suit by Oleg Cassini.
Now I remember something from Daniel Coyle’s Book. that he calls “Deep Practice” Now I’m applying it to Jackie O fashion, even though Jackie had wonderful style more of the time, I know Jackie did have her fashion mishaps as we all do! But we never saw them or she had them when she was younger But she always moved on and tried different trends.
Now almost everyone Knows or knew that Jackie Kennedy who later remarried and became Onassis.. That’s how she got the O! Now she’s known as Jackie O.

In her sense of style, Jackie knew always what worked best for her with the help of family friend,Oleg Cassini takes credit for forming her early signature look, having dressed the first lady head-to-toe, without any rivalry from other fashion houses for significant lengths of time, only thing is that Jackie was not intimidated into wearing what others were wearing and Jackie insisted on sleeveless dresses when they were unheard of. She became one of the trend setters wearing trousers at a time when pantsuits were considered unacceptable and loved wearing skirt suits, white gloves, pill-box hats and classic clasp handbag they seemed simple to Jackie but would later become known as Classic Jackie O, clothing and accessories.

Jackie’s Legacy.
You can see any of Jackie’s Dresses and Outfits on display at the JFK Library in Boston,MA.

Fashion and life quotes about Jackie.

Few women in history have captured the imagination the way she did, and it was Jackie’s courage and grace that have made her image an enduring one. She was an original, an icon." ~ Valentino

No one else looked like her, spoke like her, or was so original in the way she did things. No one we knew ever had a better sense of self" ~ Senator Ted Kennedy

Three attributes to describe my mother? Love of words, the bonds of home and family, and the spirit of adventure. ~ John F. Kennedy, Jr.

I hope You see Now why I wrote that Jackie is a Icon because she’s a Classic American icon and will always be one, and yes that sounds cliche but it’s true.
More Photos of Jackie!
P.S. some photos have info and a lot don't!

Jackie as a Child.


Jackie at 22 who Inquiring Photographer for The Washington Times-Herald. 
Her Iconic Wedding And Wedding Dress to her 1st Hubby John Kennedy. 

Candid Photo.  

Jackie And Pres Kennedy With Queen 

Her style More in the 70s. 
Jackie Out with Her Two kids, John Jr and Caroline. 
I love how it looks so effortless yet it's so chic.

Omgh.. This white suit.. Wow! And it's a matching white suit. 

Her 2st Wedding Dress to Aristotle Onassis

Her Dress was Designed by her friend Valentino. 

Jackie passed away In May 19, 1994 (age 64) this icon is deeply missed! and will forever live in our hearts. 

                                            How to get Jackie's style! 
You need to keep It simple and classic and 60's. I love her 60' and 70s style more then anything so I found some dresses, suits and accessories that are mixed with that 60s and 70s vibe with bright and modern colors. 

Pleated A-Line Dress 
at Forever21
Why it works, because it's A-line and Jackie Loved them Plus in the 60's A-line was a HIT & it's pleated Jackie didn't wear them too much But It still works. 

High-Low Piped Print Dress $38.97
At New York and Company 

Why It works? because if Jackie did wear Prints, It was the center of the outfit like this and It's very simple and Piping was also done a lot in dress in the 1960's. 

Solid Single Button Blazer
at Forver21
Why it works? It's classic color and blazer, you could also get it white or you could go bold with bright color, This a Modern take on Jackie's Classic Pink Chanel Matching suit set. 

Essential Woven Pencil Skirt
At Forever21 
in Many COLORS! 
It works because again, it's classic with a modern take with style and color, and You can Use it over and over again so get a color That's a classic Like black or white. 

               Jackie loved Classic pearl necklace and classic black flats and Big 70s Sunglasses. 
                                                          Here's some below! 
Graduated Pearlescent Necklace 
at Forever21
In so many Photos Jackie always wore Pearls, They are Truly Classic, You can wear them with anything you own! 
ASOS Geo Print Oversized 70s Sunglasses 
Jackie Wore these a lot, and protect your eyes! They are really great, For Any Lady. 

Patent Ballet Flats 
At Forever21
These are Classic and Jackie Wore them More in the 70s and I love THEM Because you still have the feel and style of heels But your feet don't hurt. 

Stay Safe! 
See You Wednesday

Xoxo Pam 


Anonymous said...

Pam, you did a very good job. I would really like to see you pick a curvier woman and do the same in-depth post. I don't dislike Jackie O but she was as thin as a pencil so very few of us can look good in her style of clothing.

Spashionista (Alicia)

Pam E said...

Hi Alicia!
I Do see What You mean. yes That's true. Thanks for the feedback, I was thinking about writing another one Either,Jane Russell Or Adele Or Marilyn Monroe,
Xo Pam
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Caroline Topperman said...

What a beautiful post! I think it's so important to remember and 'understand' all the style icons, they've definitely shaped what we do now!

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OMG! She looks beautiful whatever she wears. Thanks for featuring such a respectable fashion icon. :)

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Hi Carol!
OH Thank you so much!
YES! that's so true!
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Pam E said...

YES! she does!
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I LOVE Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis! Vivè Jaqui!