Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspirational Friday & My Fashion LOVE!

                                         Bonjour, Mes Amours merveilleux!
(Hello, My wonderful Loves!) I want to share with you about things I may be doing this Month & things That I LOVE right now & also to really inspire you too! If You Love Hair ideas, Room ideas & fashion Ideas! This is for you!
                                               Shoulder length Bobs

Found on Pinterest. 

Karlie Kloss

Valerija Kelava for Woolmark.
LOVE IT! This is Very me.

Found on Pinterest.
LOVE it! 

Olivia Palermo. 

Nails Polish, I NEED! 

OPI Nail Polish Oz The Great and Powerful. 

OH!! I want them all, it comes out today!
Ulta isn't selling them yet.. :( so I'm waiting for it. 

My New comforter
I got On Sale at Target for $25.00! sale ends Saturday 

I love Black & white ever since I got this pillow At Ikea. I'm In love with it. Now My bookcase is white & all my chest Of Drawers are white, I just need My desk white & more pillows black & white then My room should be Done. 

My Black & white Room ideas. 

Oh With all my make Up & Perfumes on it.. would Look amazing with My grey walls. 

If I ever get a dining room, I want it kinda like this! 

I LOVE the walls. 

My Dream Purse & outfits! 

Z Spoke Zac Posen "Danes" Tote In Red. 
$550.00. I LOVE it.. Omgh How I would Love to have it. If If it gets under $200.00! Maybe I'll buy it, But Right now, It's sold Out everywhere! From 2013 Spring Collection. 

Mossimo® Women's Stripe Peplum Dress. 
I went to Target today I tired on this Dress. I'm going back to Buy it Soon, I LOVE IT! I just had to think about it & ask My Mom What she thought of it, even though I'm 21,sometimes I still need to make sure that my Mom likes it,because She tells me just as it is! 

What I'll be Reading This Weekend! 
(I don't Like what she's wearing though.. no, just no! ALL white would have been better!)

Lucky March Issue with cover girl Lauren Conrad, Full review will be up soon! 

Stay Classy! 
See On Monday! 
Xo Pam 


Caroline Topperman said...

I love all of this! Those haircuts are pretty great. I have to go in for one pretty soon and I'm just trying to decide what to do!

Pam E said...

OH Thank you! I would Love to try some new features on my blog & This is One of them.
aww! It will come too you! Or you will get some ideas. I keep looking in Magazines or online.
Thank you so much for reading!
Xo Pam

neeyd said...

I would love to try out this type of hair on the shoulders! But I'm too afraid to cut my long hair :(


My giveaway:

Pam E said...

HI! Neeyd!
Aww Yes, You should! aww.. You shouldn't Be sacred, I was scared too! my hair hit My knees & I was 15 But what helped me was donating My hair to locks of love. Because Of It's Virgin hair.(undyed hair) They will use right away! :)
I hope That Helps!
I Followed Your Blog! & I'll try to give You a Shout out soon!
I LOVE Kawaii Fashion! Just can't find it, here in Texas.
Xo Pam <3
PS Thanks For reading! :)