Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Welcome! & what I'm reading & Must See Fashion Video

                                       Happy FRIDAY!
We made it! & HAPPY Pre-Weekend!! & Yes, I forgot that St. Patrick is This Sunday!
well, I have all Spring & Summer to wear green! But I think having three Pat's in my family helps too!
Today I have a Brand NEW Outfit for you! & Magazines, That Look Great But Are They? & Karl Langfeld Fashion Video that you must see!                                                                
                                              Spring Welcome! 
My Outfit. 
Dark purple knit sweater by Laura Scott. (similar Click me!
Long Black Skirt by Josephine Chaus (similar Click me!
More info Below! 

I'm wearing white a shirt under my sweater since this Texas weather is crazy someday's 
 I'm wanted to give you some outfit Ideas for Good Friday or even Easter.
 because a simple black skirt & simple sweater could look so classy! 
(mine is a tad long But I love it! But I'm still looking for the perfect black skirt) 
 I think Most women should, Try to look for one just below your knees..

For My accessories, I kept it very simple. 
Rose gold chain bracelet By Thrift store (similar Click me!
Dark silver chain bracelet by a gift 
btw, the white on my hand is paint, I have been painting a lot lately. 

My Very Loved Hologram Flats in Gunmetal. 

What I'm currently reading?

Glamour USA for March With Covergirl Dakota Fanning. 
I love the cover blouse & her make up & hair looks amazing! & it's perfect for her age! 
That I LOVE so Far, I''ll be finishing it up this weekend with a Mini review later this coming week. 

ELLE US for March With Covergirl Taylor Swift.
 (One of many magazines she covers this month & Next month!) 
I haven't even read it yet! but it's so THICK! Since it's ALL The Trends for Spring! & I'm hearing from other bloggers that this issue is Great! Can't wait to read it, & I'll be posting a Mini review on later this  coming week also. 

Costumes Since 1945
Couture,Street Style & Anti-Fashion
By Deirdre Clancy
I got this out from the library & it's great so far! Since I'm really into Costumes lately & It also talks about how Costumes have changed fashion inself. 

                                 Do you Love Karl LagerFeld? 
I got a email By Styleite  Click me!  & I saw this Wonderful Video, for Chanel Fall 2013 collection.

I Love Karl, he's so funny & sweet, & I'm already a fan of  Harper’s Bazaar’s Laura Brown, they are so  wonderful together! 

Stay Classy! 
Have a Great Weekend! 
See You Monday! 

Xoxo Pam 


Unknown said...

Loved it!
I agree that every girl should have a perfect black skirt and an LBD too. It's always a go to.
PS- Love your flats!

Fashion HotBox said...

omg youre hologram flats are literally to die for!!! I want a pair :)


Pamlati said...

so true! & Thank You for reading!
Xo Pam

Pamlati said...

OH Thank You!
Yes!! You should get a pair, I can't stop wearing them..
Xo Pam

Chinnyob said...

Love your shoes!! your pictures are lovely.

I'm hosting a giveaway

Pamlati said...

Hi Chinnyob!
OH Thank You so much! aww! Your the Best, Thank you!
Make sure you go look at her give away! :)
Xo Pam

Unknown said...

Oh how pretty! I love your silver shoes!

Guiltyhyena said...

ooooh those holographic shoes are delightful!! Texas's backdrop looks lovely.

Cheers and thanks a bunch for visiting! :)



Pamlati said...

Hi, Carol!
OH Thank You! I love them! :)
Xo Pam

Pamlati said...

Oh Thank You darling!
aww yes! OH Glad You Like it! For My Easter Outfit, I'll be taking photos at another Texas Church that I LOVE!!
Aww! Always! :)
Xo Pam