Friday, March 8, 2013

Goodbye Winter Outfit! & New Bag & Mini Hauls!

                                         Happy FRIDAY!!
Hope your having a Blessed day so far! & Happy International Women's Day! My family & I saw "Oz: Powerful & Great" It was WONDERFUL!! OMGH! I LOVED IT! MUST SEE!
Now Let's move onto this Packed Friday, we have a GOODBYE Winter outfit & a NEW BAG!  & Mini HAULS!

                                 Goodbye Winter Outfit!
I'm wearing 
Mom's Floral Turtleneck Sweater by Basic Editions (kinda one of kinda) 
Blue Jean By Faded Glory (similar HERE!
Ugg's By Airwalk (no longer on sale) 
More info BELOW! 
I love The flowers & It's so thick & warm! I wish, I would have worn it sooner! 

   See my new bag? More info down below! & It was Sunny But still cold out & even though It was still kinda warm it felt like a jeans day! before I stop wearing them & move on it skirts & dresses & bermudas & shorts for summer.
Like new hair style?? I DO! I just cut about three inchs for spring & she layered it a bit & just trimmed my bang & I love it! It's so light! I hope this Helps you see if you want to cut your hair! 

Oxford Blood Red Trend By Jones of New York (Similar Here!
If it's Gets really cold like it is for my friends up north, Just use either a Coat or a Trench so It still keeps the snow off & yes that groundhog was VERY VERY Wrong! 

Maroon infinity Scarf (Similar Here!)  
That's VERY Warm, Most of time, I wear a Hoodie & this it's so warm!  

My Nail polish Milani Nail polish "Tropical Fiesta 44"  
wonderful jewelry! 
Three trier spike Bracelet By Twinkle World (similar Here!
Rose gold Chain bracelet By Vintage (similar Here!
Charm braclet by Gift (similar Here!
Gold Cross Ring By Flar Market (similar Here!

Make Sure You go Check OUT! 
a Brand new Blog! & Make sure You Follow Samantha She's Going to be going to ALL The Big Festivals This Summers! So make sure to follow her! 

Mini Thrift Store Haul!  
They are a sale on the 15th! so if You have one near you I would go! 
So I did get some really good stuff But I didn't want to post it yet since I'll be using it all this month! 

I was walking in the handbag area & I found this wonderful, beautiful bag at the very bottom of the shelf! 
A BRAND New Donney & Bourke Handbag! It was $19.99, It looked beat up, I was thinking maybe  I should  take, because I do need a new bag for now & then Mom said, TAKE IT! 
If You Don't, I WILL! 
Then I said, OK! I'm Taking it! HAHAH! I KNOW! I'm like a child.. haha, 
We will both use it! & I got it for $19.99! & It's REAL! The stitching was sewed in & all the handles are the same color. 

               I LOVE IT! It's so Pretty! & I found one that looks just like it Here! & It's priced at $188.00.

I don't Know If you can see it, but it says, Donney & Bourke & also that stain was there already 

It has no tassels just these as the end, it one string but should have had two! so I just pulled off the string it looked better anyway! I LOVE this bag, it's so light! I'm kinda In love with it! 

Bath & Body Works HAUL! 

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP!??? YES! I KNOW! I LOVE IT! Good Thing, I had coupons, I could stay in here for hours & Buy the whole store.. I mean. really. FOR REAL!
Hello, I'm Pamela & I have a Bath & Body works addiction!
OH By the way, Fresh Picked is a NEW LINE They are coming out with! & It SMELLS GREAT! & Lasts longer then normal! 

First Bloom is the scent for me! for summer! I'm crazy for it, I got the cream! & It's AMAZING! Stays for ALL DAY! this was $8.00 On sale! always $16.00! 

Left to Right
Fresh Picked "Tangerines" & Fresh Picked "Aloha Oachid!" Fresh Picked "First Bloom" & last is Japanese cherry blossom & I got 5 for $5! We got 7 but Mom took one & I got one free But it's for someone! 

WHAT IS IT?? Mmmmm....?

My CANDLES!! They were 3 for $10! 
"Caribbean Escape" Smells like Coconut with fruit! SO GOOD!
"Palm Beach Cooler" smells like Fresh flowers with candy.. It's just GOOD! Everyone loves it! 

(SALES ALERT! SATURDAY! The BIG Candles are going on Sale for 2 for $20!) 
 I want to Go but we may not.. But MAKE sure you smell both of these. I LOVE THEM! I just got them & I'm using them up.. I KNOW! Candles addict! 

"Apple blossoms" smells like apples with flowers & "First Bloom"
Anti-Bacterial Hand soap 5 for $15! I thought It was the one you didn't need water for.. but it's Normal SOAP! I was like.. Oh ok... I should have doubled checked! I love the smells anyway! 

Both are "Strawberries" 
Two Anti-Bacterial Foam, That Smell great! I haven't used these yet, I can't wait! 

 Have a Blessed Weekend! 
Stay Classy! 

Xoxo Pam        


Blonde Bombshell said...

In love with your outfit and bag. I love bath & body works. Thank you so much for the shoutout.

Caroline Topperman said...

Wow what a great find, that bag is beautiful! I'm loving your coat, you look so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love your hair, cutie! What luck scoring that DB bag. I like BBW, too. I wear Moonlight Path ;-)

Spashionista (Alicia)

Pam E said...

Oh, Thank you so much!! OH ME TO! I LOVE IT! I can shop in there forever! !
Your welcome My Dear Friend!
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

It made my YEAR! it was! It's My Favorite Coat! EVER!
Aww Thank YOU!
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

OH THANK You! :)
Haha, It was such a blessing! OH YAY! OH That smells so Great!
Xo Pam

Sissy Yee said...

Love that sweater!! :D it reminds me of the background of your blog :)