Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Runway Wednesday: Affordable Runway collection & full figured Mannequin's? Let's Talk about it!

                                              Happy Wednesday!
Hope Your Having a Great night so far! I'm feeling much better But here in Texas it's Cold! Since It's Easter My family & I are so busy lately! & I made some Good Chicken Soup so I'm running behind! &  Finally My Love Aka The fashion, I have Changed Today's Post three times.. I couldn't Find a Show That Fit ME! & Made me Like YES! It's Perfect, I finally found one & I think, you will like it Because I LOVE IT! Today we are talking about a American brand Called Alice+Olivia! & Last but not least Plus Size Mannequins? What Do You think? & What Do I think?

                                        Spring 2013 

By Designer Stacey Bendet. 

More Info & Photos here!

This Collection is very Classic & looks, feels very vintage to me! I'm loving it all! You can Buy it ALL! It's all Under $500! for Designer wear, that's a very good price & also lot of it is on sale right now under $150! but Before You run off to Buy it, Let's Talk about TRENDS! 
Color trends: Deep blue & pale blue & bright red,kelly green, bright orange, pale orange,bright yellow,white,black,beige,blush,gold,sliver & pastel colors & water colors. 
Print & Fabric trends: leopard & poka dotted prints, denim & floral prints, lace, Sheer fabric.  
Clothing Trends: A-line Dresses,Short Sleeve Turtleneck Dresses & blouses, & Tulip dresses, Short & Long, long tube top dresses & boatneck dresses, sweetheart strapless dresses,Matching suits, Rompers, Drop-Waist Pleated Dress, red and white Pop-art cardigan sweater, Long & Short Peplum dresses, floral dresses, Wrap dresses,Lace dresses,Denim pants, skater dresses, Geneva Stretch Silk Maxi Dress, Short Trapeze Dress, Embellished Silk Dress.
 Shoe Trends: strappy platform Sandals In many colors  & Paola Lizard-Print Leather Platform Sandals In Many colors! & Dominica Leather Lace-Up Ankle Boots, Dana Crystal-Coated Satin Pumps In many Colors! & Larimore Satin Cherry Blossom Platform Pumps & Larimore Glitter-Beaded Platform Pumps & Lena Leopard-Print Canvas Platform Sandals.

In Accessories & bags: big round sunglasses & big earrings, wide belts, bright square clutches & 

Snake Embossed Leather Bag, In many COLORS! & Multi Snake Printed Leather See Tote in many Colors & Olivia Lizard Embossed Leather Bag & Lizard Embossed Leather D Tote Bag. 

Hair & Make Up: Hair was Pulled back in a low Pony Tail with side part & some middle part, & some ladies had headbands on, Make up was very mod & bright eyeliner & tons of Mascara & Nude or light nude lips. 

Where To Buy: Here!

Full Figured Mannequin's? 
Is The World Ready for them? 

She's size 12 & Most Women In America are Size 14! 
Here's the Full story, Borrowed from
"Anatomy of a meme: The real story behind the Swedish mannequins that looked like Real women” 
By Jeff Yang. 
Yesterday, I received an urgent Twitter message from Rebecka Silvekroon, a 29-year-old project manager for LBi, a digital communications agency based in Malmö in southern Sweden, asking for assistance in reaching Yahoo, one of the primary vectors of the image’s viral distribution.
What’s startling is that she did it back in 2010. Moreover, the image came not from H&M ironically, a retailer she’d critiqued for its skinny mannequins—but from one of its competitors, Åhléns is Clothing Company from Sweden who has full figured mannequins 
The post had been completely ignored for two years, until Women’s Rights News stumbled upon it and reblogged it without translating the accompanying text & still didn't give her credit! 
As Silvekroon explained, she was the one who originally shot the image, posting it to, a personal blog she writes in when not working on websites for clients, sharing thoughts about her everyday life, travel and other “ordinary things,” she says—naturally, writing entirely in Swedish.
& She's living a very quite life & now her Photo is Starting ALL kinds of Debates!

When I was younger I looked Up to My Mom & Aunts & grandmother's & I didn't see what size they are! & I just saw how strong these women are & being Latinas &we are all curvy In our own ways! But even now, I think why don't they have Full Figured Mannequins! because as Women our self esteem after we do shopping is WAY Down.. & Mannequins don't help either! Maybe Shopping would be better for some women & myself also! & This What I Think! What Do You Think??
if You want to Read More Here!
Stay Classy 
See You Friday! 
Xoxo Pam


miri lulu said...

This has been my fave post so far!
I love Alice + Olivia so very much! I feel that the prices are very affordable considering that it's designer wear. Love almost everything! Especially the colors! It's always so vibrant. Sort of happy clothes!

About the mannequin story, I love the idea every store should have them so girls can stop feel like they're not the beauty standard.

Great one Pam!

Pam E said...

Hi Miri!
OH I'm so Happy Love it! yes, They are! ME TO! Everything is so wearable. That's so True! Happy Colors & Happy clothes!

Yes! so true! We need to make Girls & women Feel Better about Ourselves.
Thank You so much for Reading Miri!
Xo Pam

Trureader said...

Awesome article. Beautiful colors make you feel beautiful.
About the mannequins, if we were all the same size, we'd all be robots! Everyone is either short, medium or tall, wide or thin. So different mannequins are needed. Great research.

Pam E said...

HI Trureader!
Thank You so much! yes, they are!
oh very True!!! I'm hoping that the fashion world sees it soon!
Xo Pam

Anonymous said...

Mannequins for us, girls who eat lunch? YIPPEEEEEE!!

Spashionista (Alicia)

Pam E said...

HI Alicia!
YESS! haha, I know! It's like FINALLY!
Xo Pam

Marina said...

Thank you for the lovely comment! Great post! Awesome collection I like it!


Pam E said...

HI Marina!
Oh Your welcome! Oh I'm so glad & Thank you for reading!
Xo Pam

Lindsay D. Baker said...

This has been my fave post as such!

I adore Alice + Olivia so in particular! I feel that the costs are exceptionally moderate considering that it's planner wear. Cherish practically everything! Particularly the hues! It's generally so lively. Kind of glad garments!

Actually I'm looking a denim shorts for women that is easy to wear and finally, I have got it. Informative post, I love to read your post regularly, Thanks.