Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Runway Wednesday: Spring 2013 Aka The Dark Side & a Lucky Review!

                                            Happy Wednesday!
This is up late because of the NEW Pope! ( Isn't he humble & so Latino? *CHEERS!*) & the fact, I had to stop & watch it, because It's History! It was awesome! if You saw it, You know what I mean!
& Friday's Post Will be PACKED! Make sure You Come back for that!
Now On to Today's Post, It is Spring in most places. But why is there black & white on the Runways? Okay, let me show you! Here we go..
P.S. this is Yves Saint Laurent but they Dropped the Yves last Summer.

                                    Saint Laurent 
                                Ready To Wear
                                 Spring 2013 

Designer Hedi Slimane

More Photos & Info Click ME!

I LOVE IT!! It's Just all very sheer But a very good cover slip would stop that! But OMGH! I love the hats & the whole 60's vibe going on here.. My Gosh, My Dream.. Wow.. *Sobs WANT IT ALL* 
*gets self together* 
& You can still Use some of these trends to get that 60's & sheer vibe for your Spring outfits! 
Let's talk Trends! 
Color Trends: blacks & grays, white & camel brown, dark brown & red shades & greens. 
Fabric Trends: Silk & Cowhide & chiffon, lace & leather. 
Clothing Trends: Draping dresses & Bow blouses & cigarette pants & Open-Front Blazers, Pointed blazers & Long sleeve sheer blouses & pinstripe matching suits, leather blazers,Blazers jackets & sheer lace blouses & high-low lace dresses & high & low skirts & high slit dresses,wide leg pants,Cowhide skirts & sheer vests,black capes & leather skirts & leather jackets & crop pants & bermuda shorts & Fur coats & glitter dresses & glitter cardigans & Long silk dresses & lace body suits & silk long dresses. 
Shoe trends: Black Platform heels & Classic Saint Laurent Paris T-Strap In Black Patent Leather Heels. 
 In Accessories & bags: Skinny belts in every color  & wide belts & bangles & bracelets & necklaces & floppy wide brimmed Hats & bows.
Hair & Make Up: very naturel make up & naturel hair.

Magazine Review On Lucky Magazine March 2013

I LOVED IT! It was great, & so sweet! If you buy it make sure you read "The look of the Month" It's so pretty! & Then read "Four Trends to TRY Right now" I'm trying to use them little by little, Then they have a eight pages of SHOES! & From High to Low prices! & Then read "Beauty Spy!" For the low down on Pink Lips! & Nude Colors for Summer! 
The Interview With Lauren Conrad, could have been better It wasn't that great, I thought. 
& Lucky had a a Couple of pages for Sensitive SKIN From Cream to make up to nails!! That's My skin, & this helped me a lot! & "9 Secrets of Top Beauty bloggers" & Then read One of Two Editorials I LOVED! "Wear a little..wear a lot" 

Go Mod!
60's-inspired looks for you to get some ideas from it! 
Styled Xanthipi Joannides 
Photographed By Arthur Elgort 

I LOVE IT! It's so Classy! & I loved the Whole Magazine! 
It was worth it even though the interview wasn't that great. I loved this Look, I'm really into 60's & 70's outfits right now But I'm way to short to wear any of the dresses of pants But I'll keep trying! 

Stay Classy! 
See you on Friday! 

Xoxo  Pam 


miri lulu said...

Loved it! You're awesome!
Loved the Saint Laurent collection. I love black so I liked it immediately!

Pam E said...

I'm so Glad You Liked it! Haha, It's amazing! OH YAY! yes, It makes Black look even better & Thank You for reading! :)
Xo Pam

Caroline Topperman said...

I'm always so happy when I see hats on the runway!Those were gorgeous outfits!

Pam E said...

Oh me too! yes! I know, I couldn't pick a favorite from this collection, Thank you for reading!
Xo Pam

La Mode DEmm - UK Affordable and Fashionable Trends said...

wow pam, such an informative post.
the shots you've featured are stunning!!

Pam E said...

Thank You for reading, I love your blog too!
Xo Pam