Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"In Between" Fashion?! Part one!

Hello,My Fashion Loves! 
I hope Your having a wonderful Week so far! 
Today, I wanted to talk about "In between" Fashion. 
If you have no idea what it is, don't worry about it, I will tell you right now! btw I just made it up! 
What Is "in between fashion?" it means fashion In between hot & cold weather! 
because I'm In Hot state that gets up to 107 daily and My Followers from The West Coast know what I mean! But I know My east Coast Followers are already getting cool! 70 daily or even 60. Lucky!! 
I will be talking about some fall ideas for Back to school Or Just try out! 
And then some more Summer Ideas, that are on the RUNWAY! And Then on My Next post! I will have ideas how You can wear the Runway Looks into your daily Fashion.
here's all the Runway looks for Summer & Fall. 
Trends I keep seeing! 
Hope you Enjoy! 

Fall Ideas

Ready to wear 
Fall 2012 

Oversize or big coats

Fur coats

Different take on the classic trench coat.

Oversize sweatshirt with chic & classy look.

Turtle necks

Fur and pattern mixing.

Brights & dark color mixing.

Tank top In the fall, perfect for hot fall days
& leather will keep you warm too!
again perfect for "in between!" look 

Another fall Line, This is the PERFECT "in between Fashion" 

Ready to wear
Fall 2012

I Love how this Line has thick sweaters & coats then goes into light fall looks also! 

Oversize Coats

Button down Coat & pattens

Layering with a Preppy Look 

Very simple Yet a Perfect fall color.

Perfect fall color & blazer that makes it all work.

Warm and thick Sweater. 

Button down shirt That is always in style & lace.
"in between" look

Perfect mixing of Patterns. 
"in between" Look

Designer Clare Waight Keller

Summer ideas! 

Ready to Wear
Spring 2012

Big floppy hat that makes summer style look.
blazer look & very polished outfit.

Summer dress outfit, But a chic take on it.

Sheer blouse that makes the look come together. 
"in between" look.

Mixing prints & patterns.
Another perfect "in between" 

Perfect summer & into fall color.
I love the way it flows & the Jacket for cool summer nights

matching looks Is another fall & spring trend.

 Mixing sheer & prints

Perfect "in between" look for 

Designer Donna Karan

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Make sure you keep check back on Friday for "In Between Fashion Ideas & cheap finds on how to wear these trends & how to add "in between" looks into your Daily style!

Stay with style!

Fashion Quote of the day!

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."
~ Yves Saint-Laurent


Lela said...

God, I want a wardrobe full of Balenciaga. Haha.

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Meganne said...

Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
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Pamela Esparza said...

Lela, I DO TOO! If only.. I'll go Look at your contest right now!
Thank you for reading!
XOXO Pam <3

Pamela Esparza said...

Meganne, I love your BLOG! Sure! i'll make sure to follow you too! :)
Thank You for reading!! :)

Street Fashion Paris said...

Great post, heh we are in between in Paris as well, the weather changes every day from super hot to cold:) Great pics selection!

Pamela Esparza said...

Thank You! OH I see! it's tough to know how to dress!
Thank You for reading! :)