Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Wear!

Cheerio, Everyone!    
I know, I sound cheesy! I wanted a British way to say Hello! 
Since This is the 
USA Olympics! 

How to Dress for the Olympics...
Tip #1 Wear the stuff you wore on 4th of July! 

Tip #2  The British Flag is cool, too. You could wear that! Even if you're not a Brit!  It just shows You are Happy That the Olympics are starting! 

Tip #3 Dress in red,white & blue! or whatever Country you are from! 

Tip #4! if you have a Tee with a Flag on it, wear it!! 

Go to Old Navy store or call, the store in your area & ask them if they have any of these left. 
Good thing is you don't have to pay for shipping like on the Official Store website! 

It's $22.94




I LOVE this one! 

If You have a Hubby or Brother. They also Have Men's and Kids shirts also! 

Men's Shirts


Another Men's Shirt But in a Different way.


That's all at Old NAVY! 

If You want to look chic & but still have that Olympic Look. 
I found Theses Cute shirts at Forever 21. I really feel Like The Clothes & Jewelry. They have improved a LOT. 

It's a World Flags Sleeveless shirt
Like all the Countries In the world will be there!! I thought It was PERFECT! 

If you want to see the outfits of what all the Athletes will be wearing! well, Here they are! Also they are all made by Ralph Lauren 

to see the Prices or see everything! 

ALSO! don't forget to download the Apps for The Olympics! they are Free also!!
has so MUCH! about the Teams and Different Countries & if You Click the star & Favorite it,You can see all your teams or Events you Like! on the My Favorite area. 
Also put it your time & it will show you what time they are showing it in your area
also You can Put in what phone/Tablet & it will show you where to go! 

I saw the Tv times weren't on there, Just the times are! 
here are the times and channels.

Hope You Like This Post!!
Have a Wonderful Olympics! 
& stay Beautiful! 

Quote of The day! 
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."
~ Confucius


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