Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thrift Haul & Thrift store tips!

My Wonderful Loves! I hope You are all well! :)
on Friday Mom and I went to the Thrift store With some cash to burn.. 
anyway, I was on the Look out for some basic shirts and Pants for a Post, I was going to soon. Didn't find it BUT! I did find some good stuff a lot for the winter.  I also posted some Thrift store tips at the End.
Hope You Enjoy! 

Here's My Mini Haul! 
  The brand is Kathy Van Zeeland Bag. around $89-$105. 
at the Thrift store I got it for!! WAIT FOR IT! $3.50! I KNOW! since It was Purses are Half Off on Fridays.

Also It's a One of Kinda Bag. It was seasons ago, as I saw online.

This is a Croft & Barrow Blouse. I don't know how old It is! but I LOVE the Collar Area and The whole Look of the blouse.

 I found a Pair of white cork wedge sandals & Brand is Rocket Dog. they Look a Little worn out.. & finding Brown spots in the Toe area is kinda Normal just Clean them REALLY well. so That's what I did! I may just wear them once or twice But they are cute. 

I found this PRETTY purple & white checkered shirt. Brand is Old Navy

Also found this Red & blue checkered shirt. I LOVE! No name Brand.

My best Find of The WHOLE Haul! 
This is a houndstooth Long Skirt By Harve Benard! 

The pattern up Close!

I went in with 20 Dollars, I always to Try to Limit Myself. everything was $17.00! Because almost everything was $3.50 or $2.50.

I hope You liked My Haul, I know It's not Much But I got some good stuff!  

I did Make a Outfit out while use My white Shirt.
I'm wearing My White Blouse By Croft & Barrow, My Black & White Skirt by New York Company. Nude Flats by Steve Madden. 

My bracelet is Rose Gold & is from House Of Harlow and My Rose Gold watch By Merona (Target) 

 Gold Ring with three holes On top and one below it.
I thought, It was Pretty! 

Thrift Store shopping TIP!
 always remember to go to the Thrift store You NEVER know what You will find! But you must LOOK! also The Thrift store I go to is always putting stuff Out!
If You are going to Chain thrift store, Like Goodwill or plato's closet. Make Sure You go On Monday and In the Morning! The earlier you go, You will find stuff soon as they put It out!
if You do Buy some stuff! Like I did!
get some Wipes and wipe everything down and wash all Your clothes Because most Thrift stores don't wash it before they Put it out.
Look for Local thrift stores too. Because a Lot of Time they have days when a Lot of stuff is Half off Like Mine does.

I also wanted to talk about If You go to My Chictopia, You will see I have the same Look before BUT I wore another White Shirt. I love Reusing Clothes. I just wash them between days! I do that a Lot! so I will be making outfits all of Clothes I have & that are new!

Thank You for reading!!
Stay thrifty!

Fashion Quote of the DAY!

I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern - wearing head-to-toe designer has become a bit passe. It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.
~ Alexander McQueen


KatieBeth Young said...

I love the skirt you found!!! I like all long skirts, probably because I really like the way they look on.

Thrift shopping for clothes is fun, but I really like thrift shopping for books! :)

Trureader said...

Great finds Pam! You have encouraged me to go look and really look. So how much did you spend after all? LOL
Thanks for the great finds.

Pamela E said...

Katiebeth, Yes! It's so pretty!
when you put them on your feel so pretty!
it is! OH I love Book shopping too! My Mom found tons of books, at the same place too!
Thank you for reading!

Pamela E said...

trureader, Your right! I forgot to Put it!
I went in with 20 Dollars, I always to Try to Limit Myself. everything was $17.00 Because almost everything was $3.50 or $2.50.
Yes, please go look! You never know what You will find!
Thank you for reading!