Saturday, July 14, 2012

Boho Classic!

Hi, fashion loves! 
I hope You are having a wonderful Saturday! 
I have been feeling really into Summer lately & I'm having a boho feel or flower  child I'm on the Look for flower child Outfit but in a Classy WAY! so Let's call it "Boho classic" 
 and I think I found it! 
 but it's way TOO Much MONEY!  But ME! being a good Shopper found some Cheaper versions!

This is The Dress! That is HIGH priced That I wanted it & saw online

at $345.00
Sleeveless Mixed Lace Sheath Dress

Lower cost Dress

Dropped Waist Lace Dress 

Givenchy Calf hair pumps

But if You still need money to eat! But are in LOVE these Shoes, 
here's a Cheaper version! 

        pointy toe metallic pumps

And it's 

pair these Heels with The White lace Drama That just sets the whole Look together! 
Ok, IF the Dress is to 
high for you since I don't like to show My legs all the time, I would Pair it with Leggings, But what Kind? 
Here's some High end ideas And Low end ideas for any type of girl. 



They have so MANY colors & a Coral would Look pretty also.

& now for Jewelry
I'm going for high end & lower ideas,again! 
It doesn't need a necklace since There is so much going on with the Dress. so I will just be using Bracelets & rings & earrings.

 think it would Look good with a arm party with homemade Looking bracelets.

           beaded cross bracelet


Next Bracelet!

 Pearlescent & Faux Stone Bangle 

Spiked Hinge Bracelet 


arrow cut-out shield ring



         printed cross earring


to end the Look, What Purse should you use? 
if Your Like I want to buy a pruse to use for all Summer!

Buy one that is YOU! 
I'm really boho kid. because I love A lot of stuff from the 70s! *who doesn't?* and I love bright colors & it fits with anything

here's some Purse ideas That are 
Perfect for the Boho girl

Mossimo Supply Co. Blue Blue Suede Fringe Hobo

Mossimo Supply Co. Yellow Aztec Printed Canvas Backpack


Mossimo Supply Co. Gray Mid Crossbody Pastel West

This is THE BEST! hairstyle for this LOOK! 

And if You were to wear this with a Boho head wrap
Like this one

Floral Crown Headwrap 

   buy here! 

Metallic Daisy Headwrap 

and that would MAKE the this Look PERFECT! 
This is my Outfit of BOHO Classy!! 

I hope You like it! I just wanted to try this out! 

I hope to buy all this soon! :) 
Have a wonderful Saturday And weekend! 
 God Bless! 
Stay Beautiful! 
XOXO, Pamela 

Quote of the day! 

"Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back."
~ Harvey MacKay


Trureader said...

Awesome clothes. Too much white for me, but I love the purses and jewelry. Keep'em coming!

Stephanie Suarez said...

Great choices! Love all of them.

Pamela E said...

Thank You Stephanie! Your so sweet!
Thank You for reading!