Friday, July 20, 2012

Little bit of everything!! (The week of July 20th!)

 Bonjour! I hope you are all well! I have been sick but now better and I found some more Cheap FINDS! If You like them please Comment! I would love some feed back so I can find MORE! & some Celeb Looks, I would Love to wear!
some runway looks I love By One of My FAV Designers "Jeremy Scott"

If You truly know me. You know I love 2NE1 a band, yes, sometimes the outfits they wear are a little sexy But I love The Music Because it has so much Beat to it.
The AMAZING Designer behind them is, Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott who's Looks & lines are works of Art. Also is working On 2NE1 outfits for The First World tour Of 2NE1. (I won't be going! :( to far from Texas.) anyway!

I LOVE these SHOES! 


SO awesome!  

I LOVE this dress! 


jacket is so CUTE! & the shoes too! 

The pants are so FIERCE! 

to cute! 


there so much MORE!! Here's the Link to Look at them and pass out like I DID! 
they are wearing a lot of The Outfits! 

2NE1 and Jeremy! 

Now on to My FINDS! I really love This bag so I had to add it! 

High End finds
Adidas by Stella McCartney
Carry-on bag, $150 At

CHEAP Finds! 

It's so Pretty and ONLY $34.80! 

It's Visatel! & so cheap only $24.80


 This a REALLY good steal! 

On sale for $9.99!
I may Buy this too! because It's so PRETTY! & so chic.

Celeb Fashion! 

Marion Cotillard in Dior. 
Beautiful. Breath taking! 

Marion Cotillard In Christian Dior Couture dress, Dior shoes and bag, and Chopard jewels

Hailess Steinfeld in Marc Jacobs

Anne Hathaway rocked a Gucci dress, Tiffany jewelry, vegan Casadei shoes, and a Jill Milan bag
all at "The Bat Man Movie" Premiers in LA and London. 
                                          DIY of the WEEK! 

Here's a D.I.Y! I will be doing This week And I wanted to Share is with you all! 
Thanks to!! "DIY Floral Crown." CLICK ME!  such a cute Idea for the Summer and a Bohemian Style Looks. 

Before I go, This day has been so tough on everyone and Now this Will be  the Day when we Remember The Batman theater shooting. Praying for all of the families

"But I can’t help but be thankful for whatever caused me to make the choices that I made that day." ~ Jessica Ghawi "One of the girls who died after getting Shot in the Leg then Yelled and the shooter shot her again in the head. But two weeks ago she almost died at another Shooting and This what She wrote on her blog. here  

She was from My Hometown. 
Have a Good Weekend and Live for every Moment! 
God Bless! Pamela <3 

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Trureader said...

Lots of color. Like the straight down dresses. Good pics. Good choices. LIKE!