Saturday, August 4, 2012

"In between Fashion part two!"

Hope You are well! 
This week did not as planned! well, when does it!  
This Post has Summer ideas first since It's summer! Then "In Between" Then Fall. 
& I wanted to end with  "What magazine? I'm reading right now!

Hope you like my "In between fashion Post part two!" post!
p.s. Thank You for reading! means so much to me!
                                       Summer Ideas

Women's Chiffon Leopard-Print blouse 
Old Navy                                                                   
Click for more info
you could even wear a jacket over it to wear in the fall if you want Or Just use for summer. 

Women's Lightweight Canvas Bermudas
also have them in many other colors
Old Navy
& They also have more Shorts on sale. 
Click for more 

The PERFECT "in between

                                   If You want a Matching Outfit set for somewhat cheap! 

Nasty girl

Nasty girl
But I really think they will sell out because I haven't seen theses sets anywhere else for this low of a price. 
I know, It's not that LOW! But it's New for fall so That's You can't really find theses anywhere else
You could wear the pants with a Tank top in summer.
wear the jacket with layers in fall or winter to be warmer.

Lace Trim High-Low Shirt
Forever 21
Lace as seen on *Chloe & Balenciaga* Used it on the Runway.
& High-low was another trend that will stay for fall! 

Lace Knee Length Skirt 
Forever 21
again,laying or just as is! perfect for Summer alone or fall with leggings or long socks or 
even WINTER with tights & boots
*using burgundy since *Chloe & Balenciaga* Used it on the Runway. 

Essential Knee Length Skirt
Forever 21
This kinda looks like the shirt that was on the *Runway of Balenciaga.* The Full Skirt Look.

Furry Moccasins
They seems to have them on sale a lot.
I bet you are saying, why is Pam putting moccasins? well, I must say if you want a WARM & I know in fashion, we don't always use the word comfortable, pair of shoes! But theses ARE! after you have worn heels all day or just want to feel warm & cozy theses are for YOU! I wear them as is & in the winter, I wear them with socks of tights. 

chiffon peplum top
go jane
perfect for either Fall or Summer! & you wear as shown or with jeans also.

                                Women's Mossimo Black® Vivian Pointy Heel - Neon Blue
                                                                 ONLINE ONLY!
                                                                Click for more info!
                                            For that extra Kick to set off Your Look! add a Bright Heels or flat!

 Fall Ideas.
Single Button Boyfriend Blazer
*Must have for almost every women. 
                                                        Click me for More INFO!   
                                                               Forever 21
              you can LAYER with them &/or wear scarves with them also to make a different look.

Chiffon Maxi Skirt 
In more colors also 
you wear them like this Or with a Blazer & nice heels to dress up or with Legging & Tee for a more down look
Forever 21

Striped Mélange Pullover
                                                                    Forever 21
You can layer or throw a jacket on and wear as a Shirt. so simple yet warm. 


                                              Mossimo Supply Co. Colored Skinny Denim
                                                            In many other colors also!
                                                                    Click for more info!
              Use like normal jeans or you can even use them as tights and wear a long shirt with them.

                                                                     Houndstooth Loafers
                                                                     Forever 21                       
                                                                  Click for more info!
       Great for mixing pattern & prints. Perfect to wear with Socks, Must be a Solid Pattern of socks.

COAT #TIP! Stores for Good coats if You don't want to pay a arm and a leg, because I DON'T! is Ross Click for more info!  & Burlington Coat factory Click for more info! I have gotten some coats there for about $35.00 or LESS! I'm not the type of girl who will spend a Lot on coats because I layer my hoodies & coats That's why! I stay warm all the time! But Maybe I will do a Coat post anyway! so Look out for that! but I just wanted to give My readers This one #tip!

 I will doing a "In Between fashion Part three! Of Jewry & purses & Boots,I didn't plan this But this Post is SO LONG already & I don't want to Cut anything! That's one the reasons, This Post took so LONG! It had to meet my standards! Part three should be up on Monday,I HOPE!

In case You missed "In Between fashion Part One! Click HERE!

                                   "What's I'm What magazine? I'm reading right now"
I'm reading two magazines, right now. 
first one is 
"Instyle" magazine June 2012 issue
I LOVE IT! so far! 

"Vogue" June 2012 issue
MY FAV SERENA! & "Country Strong" is ONE of my fav part of the Mag! 

Hope You have a Wonderful weekend! 
& Have Fun watching The Olympics!



Olga Choi said...

So inspiring great post, dear~ Thank you for sharing~
I saw your blog link at IFB forum and found a lot of inspiring outfits and posts here in your nice blog~!,
and I thought that it would be great to have so lovely girl among my followers and be your follower also~!
Just join yours~!
waiting for you in mine - hope we will be friends :)
Nice blogging~!


Inês Prates said...

Leggings from Nasty Gal!!!!!!!!!!!! Want! :)

Pamela Esparza said...

Hi Olga!
I adore Your Blog!
Followed & liked & adding you as My friend on IFB too.
Oh I hope you did! Aww!!! Thank you so much! I hope so too! Thank You for reading!

Pamela Esparza said...

THEY are SOO NICE!! right! love them too!
XOXO Pam <3

Ally said...

I noticed that Nasty Gal outfit and it definitely isn't my style, yet I'm drawn to it. If I lived in LA, maaaaybe I'd get the set. (:

My favorite magazine is Nylon because it showcases great clothing at an affordable price.

Pamela Esparza said...

well, I see what You mean! I get Like that also.. But Lately I have been trying out Loud outfits But I know what you mean! Before that I would Stay away from them!
I have to check at Nylon! I haven't read it yet!
Thank You for the tip! :)