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Goodbye to Nicolas Ghesquière!

                  Ciao,Fashion Loves! 
I hope your weekend was great!
 Mine was Awesome! On Friday was saw "Skyfall" & It's the Perfect Film, I loved it, so much Action & I was kinda busy too. 
I don't know if anyone Remember Last Monday? well, I was Online, On & I remember reading Nicolas Ghesquière was leaving Balenciaga, I felt so down.
because I remember being 12 & Looking at Vogue at the Dr's & seeing one of his Dresses & saying "Wow.. It's so beautiful, MOM!! Look at this Dress, I WANT IT!" My Mom, "Pam, That's Designer!" I said, "Mom, I know, but I WANT it!" now I know, It's his from his Spring 2003 show, 
Since Nicolas Ghesquiere is leaving Balenciaga. I thought we should take a Look at at his Best shows  & Seasons with Balenciaga. He's started as a Head designer in 1997 with Balenciaga after Josephus Thimister was fired following a highly unsuccessful show,He Nicolas took over as creative director  & Turned Balenciaga around, I really wanted to see his first ever show with Balenciaga But I couldn't find any photos But I did find his 2000 show Photos. 
  Spring 2000

Do you see something, I do?? 
These are all Classic to go pieces now for women, he truly is Classic,  

The Gucci Group (PPR) bought Balenciaga in 2001. Ghesquière who wanted to stay & expand Balenciaga could only be bought through the house.  His First show after that was 
For Fall 2001, down below.                                                                       
                                            Fall 2001 

So fitted & perfect business wear for fall. 

Let's keep talking about the Best shows from Nicolas Ghesquière With Balenciaga. 
I loved his 2003 show, I'll show the dress I fell in love with,

Spring 2003 

This was the dress I LOVED! 

Such a sporty show & really using the sea as inspiration but very detailed with the sea theme going here,also the cuts are perfect.  

This one show, I HAD to show you if you hadn't seen was his Iconic 2006 show. 

Fall 2006

The Hats are such a ICON!! omgh, plus the 60s boots! & the coats are so PRETTY! & Peplum before it's TIME!! 
Again, in Love with this show!! 
                                    Spring 2008

This Show is so Dark for Fall but very Spanish to me, I can myself in some of theses Dresses and it has so many trends, that we can still use for this season. I just love it & It's so fitted & yet so detailed from the dresses to boots.
        Click me! 

I talked about his 2012 Fall show already, just Click me! to see it.

Now, I really don't know why,he's leaving But some people online were saying, that, he just thought it was time for him to leave since he has been there for so long but others say, since Balenciaga is owned by PPR, He couldn't do just what he wanted as in Designing but Now Balenciaga 62 Flagship stores. 
They would have never have gotten there with With Nicolas Ghesquière since so many people love his designs & He's worn by such fashion icons and "muses" for some of them as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, model-singer-actress Joana Preiss, Anna Wintour American Vogue's editor-in-chief & Selena Gomez

I really Think, he's going to start his Own Label, Since he's so great at Designing & has tons of fans. 
Karl Langford Told Reuters On Nov 8th, "Perhaps Nicolas wants to have his own label, which is not a bad idea.And it would not be a bad idea if somebody such as Bernard Arnault would invest in a new label because there are so many old labels (within the LVMH group)." 
See what I mean, Even Karl thinks It's not a bad idea, We will see. I Hope so!! 
                               Goodbye to Nicolas Ghesquière Working with Balenciaga

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Stay With Style! 
Xo Pam 


Daisy Quijada said...

Those dresses look simple yet elegant! :0

Ohhh..I am about to watch SKYFALL. :)


Pam E said...

yes, they are! :)
YAY! OMGH! you are going to love it!! :D Thank you for Reading! :)
Xo Pam

Ana Pejkanovic said...

Amazing designer, and the end of an era!:(

Pam E said...

It truly,is! Thank you so much for commenting! :)
Xo Pam

Heiress said...

That's a great timeline and we love Nicolas too !! He has done a great work at Balenciaga over the years !!

Much Love
The Heiress Blog

Pam E said...

Thank you! That made my day! :) aww! awesome, he has! who ever takes his place has big shoes too fill. Thank you for reading!
Xo Pam