Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday Outfit ideas & 7 golden rules..

                                                                Happy Thanksgiving!!
I covered all about outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving & fall trends. NOW! let's get into the HUGE Topic around for all people & Only in America.. well, people in other counties could use this too if you have your own Sale day! 
it's BLACK FRIDAY BABY!! do I go shopping? well yes, not to much.. but I'm out there. 
I'm kinda a pro at this so I know how to dress for it & how to shop. Let's START!! 
How to dress when standing in line?? waiting for the doors to open.  
I took some photos on how to dress & how to layer just for it! You may think, she's taking it over board!! Ummm No, I'm not!! I kinda know what I'm talking about..

Outfit,black Beatles tee by Walmart(old) Purple warm ups by Eddie Bauer (in Eddie Bauer store only) & Uggs by Target(old) 
grey by Forever21 (old) rose gold watch by Merona (Click me!)
Start with warm pants (NOT JEANS Because they don't let you run or move fast) since you will be waiting outside before 1AM!! You must be warm! simple Tee under it all & warm boot, These are so WARM! Plus I know, they are uggs but people can run on them & i'm ok, please wear a hat while you are waiting then as the time comes take it off so it won't fall off when you are running or moving around & wear a watch so you can tell the time, not your phone, because 1! they can steal it while you are waiting 2! it can die on you. 

On Top of all that put any long sleeve shirt you have!! I used a long sleeve thermal by Gilligan & OMalley® Click me! Got in grey & on sale too! 

Hoodie is from Old Navy (old) 
Now You put a hoodie on top of all that, Why? It keeps you warmer plus, if your warm enough here you don't have to wear a heavy coat on. 

My coat is very old! & my scarf is from aeropostale got it last year at black Friday! 
It's super cold at 1am or what ever am your out, I would wear a small coat (unless your out in the snow, then wear a huge coat!) then your warm scarf then warm gloves & yes I know, I forgot about them in the photo.. (no comment) 
So where do you pick where you are go to!!????? 
Umm.. we get the newpaper on Thanksgiving from some guys who sale it just on that day! & online
& from the stores,I want to go too. 
we are going to Bath & Body works,Target,Old Navy, ToyRus and aeropostale,Ulta & Kohls. 
Think about what You need, just don't Shop for the rush! I'm really thinking what do I need?? is it worth it? 
I need more winter clothes & scarfs & purses & candles.. so if I don't see a sale worth it, I don't go. Why? because it's sometimes SO PACKED!! Walmart is the worst! I have gotten my foot run over, ToyRus is bad too, but we are still thinking if we should go or not. 
Ok, If Your a newbie to all this or maybe want to try it.

Here's Pam's " 7 Golden Black Friday Rules"
1. if they shove you, push BACK! BUT only if you were there first!! That's the only time, I push back! 
2. Don't make friends while waiting.. some people do that then the person will trip you or something.. (shaking head) 
3. leave your iphones or ipods in the car or pocket.. I use them on our way over there then I leave it in the car! I know you want to show the lines are long or show off what you got But do it at home!!! 
4. if there is a line, stand there as soon as you see it!! don't be all, What's this for? or wait for someone to meet you there, Just stand THERE! you could let 2 or 10 people get in front of you!! 
5. be careful with slow people! My mom who walks slow,almost got run overed! she's staying home from now on. just keep a eye out, go around them! don't hurt them. I'll try to run around them.
6. GET THERE EARLY!! get there at least one hour early, we get there two hours early. 
7. Believe it or not, You will have to run!! if You want that item. 

I don't really do Cyber Monday.. I can't give you tips on it. All I can say is Get UP EARLY!! & get Online & SHOP! 
(I'm old School I would rather shop in store.) 

This My Last Post of November since I will gone till December 1st, I'm on Thanksgiving Vacation!! plus I'm working on something.. HEHEHE!! Sneaky... 
My Fashion Loves, Have a WONDERFUL!! Thanksgiving & Pigging out! but stay in STYLE! & Stay safe!! & Have Fun shopping!! 

I leave a Photo that is awesome, is so CUTE!! 
From Fashion Love by Pam to YOU!! 

Xo Pam


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! This post was lovely! I will so be wearing sweats and uggs. I mean, my grandparents want me to dress nice. I'll dress nice, but I'll back comfy clothes to change in.

Pam E said...

Aww! Thank you! OH awesome!! :) Haha, My Mom wants me to dress up too! YES! always! Since it's all starting earlier this year, right after the meal, we have to stand in line! lol. Thank you so much for reading! & Commenting! :)
Xo Pam

Caroline Topperman said...

Love it! You look raring to go. It's after the fact now so I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and survive Black Friday in one piece!

Pam E said...

Thank you so much Caroline! I Did, I hope you did too! the lines were so long! I couldn't get into Target or JC penny's,I just did Cyber Monday. Full post on it, soon. Thank you for stopping by.
Xo Pam

Anonymous said...

You are too cute! I had a "plan of attack" too, but I started at 7am. I find that if you go to the clearance racks on Black Friday the stores are desperate to unload them to make room for holiday stock. I got 3 shirts, a tunic sweater, and a faux leather jacket for around $65.

Pam E said...

Love Your blog!
aww! Thank you! Awesome!! OH!! I have to try that next year, WOW! That's a great deal! :)
Thank you for stopping by & Commenting, means so much to me.
Xoxo Pam