Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Runway Wednesday Fall: Couture Floral.

I hope all is well, for everyone! This Week has been very busy But now It's so close to the weekend!
For this Runway Wednesday,I wanted to change it up a bit, Add More Drama & show you more of a Show you fall floral in Couture wear, Enjoy!

                                                 Fall Couture 2012
                                     Giambattista Valli

Disigner Giambattista Valli
What I loved about Giambattista Valli show is that, It's so different, some dresses maybe the same pattern but different ways, and I would buy every dress If I could. 
The Butterflies to me, shows That the Women is art & the dresses & butterflies make her look even more beautiful! 
Couture dresses are mostly for art to me, because they are so beautiful! 
You could wear just the dress & It speaks for it self to me.
I only saw a few fall trends we could use in our Clothing everyday: Cinched waists, & 
 different types of dresses, Classic types of dresses & floral pattrens & lace pattrens
& so many shades of reds,greens navy & purples & golds & deep colors.

Fall Couture 2012 

Designers  Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri

If you read last week's post will have seen I showed you Valentino's Fall Show, now It's time for Valentino's Fall Couture show, I was a little hesitant to show this show because so many of the dresses are very sheer but in the end I just didn't post them, if want to seem them, Just know I WARNED YOU!! before hand just click up below^^ I really loved this whole show besides that, all the colors looked so rich & full of life the whole show, I could not have loved it more, plus I felt like they made the Dresses look as it was art & If I see anyone wearing any of these Dresses, they will have CLASS!!
Clothing trends: cinched waists, (they always Help women Look better) & so many deep shades of reds & greens & blues & blush & golds, yellows & blacks, so many patterns & lace patterns, Asian inspired Patterns & Sparkle! 

See you on Friday! 

God Bless! 
Xo Pam 


Anonymous said...

I love both designers! This post is gold! <3

Pam E said...

YAY! Glad you loved! I commented On your Blog too! I all your post! Thank You for Reading! & Commenting!
Xo Pam

GoldenDress said...

the dresses are funny ;)