Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Fall Trend: Cardigans

                                                           Happy Friday!!
Whoop Whoop! it's Friday and the weekend starts... & Thanksgiving coming soon, I'm on the hunt for something pretty so wear,we (Mom & My brother & I)  walked into my fav store, "Salvation Army"  I could find anything But some cute dishes,I'm using for my make up now,I said I'll just look at the clothes.. I found a pretty Cardigan.. I don't have anything like it & Since they are so warm & such a fall trend, I brought for $5.99!
We took it to the dry cleaners & this morning did a tiny Photo shoot with Mom, but when we got there no one was there then we start taking photos & everyone is looking around... If we the photos seem rushed that was why..

I'm Wearing,Striped cardigan by Croft & Barrow (Similar Click me! ) white shirt under is by Wet Seal (similar Click me! ) skirt by Ann Taylor (Similar Click me!)
Tan sparkle flats by Lower East Side (similar Click me! )

I know, It's little small In Size for me But Cardigans and fit big or small or Fitted like mine. 

Looking cute on a Tree (I know I'm not, LOL!)  

I almost fall in! 

My Mom was making joke about me falling in so That's why I was laughing.. she's so FUNNY! 

Showing off white shirt)

Mixing Metals for Fall, It's such a Trend right now, If You want post on how to do it the right way,(Please Comment for me to write it! <3)  
by the way, Rose gold Watch by Target, Rose gold chain bracelet is vintage,Ring is from a Store in Houston & My nail polish is Agro by China Glaze for the hunger games collection. 
 I LOVE IT! it's perfect for fall & in the sun it shines. 

The park we were at was so beautiful! 

Such a Pretty tree! let's Climb it!! (NOT! LOL!) 

They are kinda a Street trend right now & Alexa Chung is always wearing one like here & It's a Good idea to invest in one too,if you want that's last, You can wear them with anything jeans or over a dress like shown below. 

See how Simple yet Cute it is! 
If You want a warm cardigans here's some ideas for you, Low & Medium & high prices! 

Striped Cardigan 
At Forever21 

Cardi Hearty Green Cardigan 
At Lulu'

Classic merino long cardigan
At J.Crew

What Magazine I'm currently reading?
I just got my Elle December issue in the Mail today!
there are two magazine one for Subscribers & one for the stores & Newsstands,both of are pretty 

With Cover girl Jennifer Lawrence. 
since I'm a Sub I got this one. 

I'll update you on my favorite stories  & so fourth next Friday! 

Fashion Quote of the Day! 
“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
—Ralph Lauren

Xo, Pam
Have a Safe Weekend! 


Heiress said...

Nice stripe sweater !! :)

Love your nail paint and watch !

Much Love
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Pam E said...

Thank you so much Heiress! Lol, watch From Target & Nail Polish from Sally's Beauty.
Thank you so much! I'll go read right now, I Love all your Post!
Xo Pam

Haley said...

Great blog. very unique style. Interesting content. You are so cute.

Pam E said...

Thank You so much,Haley! Aww! How sweet! *blushes* Thank you for reading,means so much to me!
Xo Pam
P.S. I LOVE you blog! :)