Monday, February 4, 2013

Modern Rodeo Cowgirl outfit & Cowboy Breakfast!

                                               Happy Monday!
If Your Like Me, you saw the Super Bowl.. And ATE A LOT! And Today we will all feel so sleepy & not wanting to do anything!
I loved the game! It was such a FIGHT! But I did not like the halftime show.
I'm not a Huge fan of Beyonce But She sings GREAT But I just did not Like her outfit at all! But Hey, If You Liked it! YAY For You! :)
I have tired Posting this on Friday But we ended Up going to watch "Zero Dark Thirty  IT WAS EPIC! OMGH! MUST WATCH! really makes You think & to see how they do all that stuff to keep us SAFE!
Now unto the post!
                                                    My Rodeo Outfit! 
Shot At: My hometown, Library! & Little old me!  
Since The Rodeo is coming, I thought this is Would be GREAT time to wear a Modern Rodeo Cowgirl outfit! I LOVE the Rodeo, I have been going since I was 5! my Parents Love it too! 

The Outfit!
Purple & pink Plaid checked flannel blouse by Old navy Or any plaid blouse will do! (Similar Here!
 Straight-Leg Blue Jeans by Faded Glory (Similar Here!)  (That are better Quality then Forever21 Jeans!) 

More Details are down below!  
My Dad's  Justin 20x  Black hills Straw Cowboy Hat (Buy Here!
my Dad let me borrow It since I don't have my own Hat yet! 

Dark Brown faux suede shoulder purse by Wet Seal (Old) BTW They are kinda tough to Find so if You find one for a great price, BUY IT!  (Similar but in black Here!

My wannabe Cowgirl pose & yes, I'm going to line dancing! hahaha!

My Slouchy Faux leather Boots "Natalie" by XAPPEAL At Rack Room, Full Post (Here!)

I LOVE the Hat, Omgh, I WANT one so bad, just make sure you measure your head the right way, before you go get hat! 

My Nail Polish is Deep red by NYC nail Polish Called "Downtown" 
Cowgirls wear a LOT Of Classic Colors on the nails, How do I Know? Well, I love in Texas & we are always in the country also & I'm a people watcher, when I go to the Rodeo! I'm always looking at what the Cowgirls wear on the nails! 
as for Jewelry, I always see a LOT of  Faux Turquoise & crosses! 
 I'm wearing Faux Turquoise stacking rings from Target (old) & Cross Ring, Flea market. 

The Cowboy Breakfast  
It Kicks off the SA Rodeo! & we are the Only City in America that has done this for 37 years.. 
(yes, my city rocks!) 
we get out of bed! & go out At 3:30 In the Morning on a Friday Morning! & stand it line still 4:30 & get our FREE breakfast! 
since it wasn't very cold, a LOT of People came out, More then ever! 55,000! People came out! 

& Oak Farms is there giving out milk, orange Juice & chocolate milk.   

Making TONS of EGGS!

OMGH! all the tortillas! 

Wow,the fire looks amazing here! 

making sausage wraps.. so good! 

biscuits and gravy!  

The Beautiful Texas Flag! 
I Hope to go to The Rodeo once it starts This Thursday to 24th! 

All the Photos are from Here! & Here! & Here!

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.  ~Dalai Lama

Stay Classy! 
Xo Pam 


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love southern outfits! I wanna see Zero Dark Thirty so bad! So happy that the Ravens won!! A big congratulations. You look so pretty!

Lisa Versace said...

Very cool western cowboy style. XOXO.

Pam E said...

HI! @Fiftyshadesoffashion Oh me too!
YES! You Must see it, It's so good! OMGH! YES!! Sister Teams! TO YOU TOO! aww.. Thank you so much for stopping by! <3
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

HI! Lisa!
Oh Thank you so much For Stopping by! btw I LOVE Your Blog! <3
Xo Pam