Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Editorial Wednesday from Dark to Light!

Today, I wanted to do something a Little Different for this wednesday No Runway photos but! Amazing Magazine editorials from French To Mexico To back home to the USA, I'm calling it "Dark to Light" Because The First Editorial From Cosmopolitan France is Very Dark But Still very Beautiful!
Then We have The in between Editorial from Vogue Mexico, That I LOVE! 
Then the Light Editorial From Elle US, that is amazing But Perfect! & Puts you in That Spring Mood, All the Editorials are from This Winter. I would LOVE to post more! Please Comment if you LOVE them,as I DO! 
                                                   "L'esprit Rockmantique"
                              "Means in English "The spirit Rockmantique"
 The Model is Raquel Nave, Photos By Bruno Barbazan, for Cosmopolitan France, March 2013.

Photos are from Here!

"Belle De Jour"
Means "Beautiful Day" In French. 
Model: EMI Phtotos by Anairam, for Vogue Mexico February 2013.

(More Photos are Here!)
 " Our Time To Shine! 
           in Elle US December Issue, Photos by Bruno Staub Styled by Joe Zee

For Elle's First-EVER! Social Media Shoot,We Consulted the people who know us BEST-YOU,Our Readers,Via Live feed on Facebook, You weighed in on the looks,The Mood And The Styling with Glittering results: Model Of The Moment Erin Heatherton In Modern Metallic's And Statement Necklaces With A Jazz-age Twist. 

(Photos are from Here!

I love ALL them for different reason, I didn't write Anything in between the photos because I thought, it spoke for itself!

Stay Classy! 
Xo Pam 


Anonymous said...

I like these, but I'm going to risk getting flamed by saying these girls look HUNGRY. They are so thin they look ill - and they are far from the worst I've seen. Most real women are softer and curvier. I wish that was also represented in fashion mags; rant over ;-)

Spashionista (Alicia)

Pam E said...

Me to! hahaha, Your so true! YES! THEY DO! I do wish,sometimes they would Use Normal women or Even Curvier girls! would be good! haha, I know what You mean! I'll stick to runway Wednesday!
Thank You for Reading! <3
Xo Pam