Thursday, February 14, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon, Eagerly waiting in Blue for you!

                                              HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!
No Matter were You live or Who you are, you Know, It's VALENTINES DAY!
I always Get my Candy & cards at lease a week early unless I get sad, then It's OFF to The store for more Reese's, I'm a Reese candy addict.. THERE I SAID IT!
this is outfit post with books I'm reading with a tiny update! Gosh,We are WAITING For! Let's START!                                  
                Once in a Blue Moon, Eagerly waiting in Blue for you!                                                                                      
My Outfit.
Blue scoop neck blouse By Forever21 (Here!
Blue Jeans by Jordache Jeans (Similar Here!  ) 
Gold Flats By Lower East Side (Here!
Black Clutch, (Thrifted, Similar Here!

 Blue Moon
I wait and hope for that special someone.
Praying someday my soul mate to come
Wishing for love that would always be true.
Then out of the blue, I will wait for you.
True love, like the blue moon will come someday.

 since I want My outfit & Face to Center! 
I just want with a simple get Glam flats 
Gold Flats By Lower East Side (Here!

My silver Heart ring is Thrifted (Similar Here!  ) 
It's my promise to God & myself, that will wait till My Prince Comes, No Matter How Long That Takes I will trust God! 
Black Clutch, (Thrifted, Similar Here!
& On My Nails "Sally Hansen" hard as nails xtreme wear In blue me away 4860-04

My Earrings,I was Wearing them But The Wind was Fighting with My hair..You didn't see them as much! But I LOVE THEM! & the BLUE is one of the IT colors for Spring & SUMMER! 
(Similar Here!)   

I'm Wearing a very light smoky eye with Red & brown & cream colors, With Brown Eyeliner.
 Since it's so light I could wear it all day & ALL night! 
On My skin, I'm wearing Covergirl foundation With a NYC Bronzer & Rimmel light pink Blush. 
On My Lips, I'm wearing a deep red Color By Wet N Wild "Rapture/extase 923"
My Hair is straightened With My Flat iron & My Bangs, I did A little Curl with the Iron. 
What I'm doing tonight?? Well, I don't have a date But I WILL be with my family!
 I would rather stay In with My Parents, since They don't go on Dates on V-Day,They do it twos days before, V-DAY! 
 Pig out on Candy! & reading.. I'm reading "Instyle" with February cover girl"JESSICA ALBA"!!
 As you Know.. I'm a HUGE FAN of Her's! 
"Vogue" with February Cover Girl "Rooney Mara" 
Can't wait to See Her Photo layout! 
"Crazy Love" By Francis Chan.
I really Love this book!  Since I'm Single, I have learned that You need to work on yourself FIRST! Before you open up to another person.  
That's how I see it, book, makes You think about Life & Love.. so much more! 

Tiny Update
Health wise, I'm doing Great, lately I'm very tired.. I don't even have to write Or Answer emails, I'm doing My best to keep up with The blog, because I LOVE IT, So If my posts are late, It's because I was tired or Too busy, Thank You so much for always reading My blog & you are my family & Dear Readers! 

Stay Classy 
no crying, Today!

 If You need talk, Just comment Or tweet me, I'm Here for you! 
Xo Pam 




Anonymous said...

Pam, no matter how crappy a day I'm having one look at your beautiful smile and I can't help but smile, too ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Spashionista (Alicia)

Caroline Topperman said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm giving you a Beautiful Blogger Award. Details are on my site.

Pam E said...

AWW!! That made my DAY! aww your the Best!
Happy Valentines day!
Thank You for reading Alicia!
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

AWW! OMGH! This Made my WEEK! WOW!
I'll Be Posting it this week on My blog!
Xo Pam