Thursday, January 10, 2013

Runway Thursday: Edgy Resort wear..

                                             Happy Thursday!
I Hope Your day is going well, but Now since all the Holidays are over, Don't You just wish You could go on a Vacation right now?? Well, I know I do! I really need some sun.
Well, That's where Resort wear comes it! well, first I really didn't know, what Resort Wear Is!
I went online & looked up resort wear on It says
"Resort wear is a specialized clothing style, as well as a year-round fashion "season". Sometimes known as "cruise wear", it was originally marketed by "upscale" stores and collections only to very affluent customers who were expected to spend the post-Christmas/New Year's weeks in warm-weather climates." you can read it Here!  This was Back in the 1940s
But Now, I'm seeing that a lot designers are making collection's for the seasons in between Winter & Pre-Spring & beach Weather
I also Love as The Shows I'm about to show you are very edgy & street style outfits for Winter & Pre-Spring! & I think is PERFECT!!
I wanted to make sure, I teach My wonderful readers something! Because I didn't even know Fully what Resort Wear was.
 If someone ever asks you what Resort Wear is, you know it & say! "It's Collections that are for winter & pre-Spring & sometimes Beach Weather.
                                                            Stella McCartney
                                                               Resort wear

(For More info Here
What I really LOVE about this Collection From Stella McCartney, It's very vintage inspired & pastel also Stella dared to use daring leopard print, along with a holographic reflective heels & Clutches, Only Stella McCartney! 
In Color Trends: bright orange, chrome yellow, forest green,sky blues and hot pink,white,Black. 
fabric trends:lace,floral print,leopard print,plaid patterns & fringe,silk.
Clothing trends: pastel-blocking oversized knits, menswear inspired suits,spring lace dresses, perforated pleated skirts, and floral brocade coats & Blazers, Floral dresses & floral matching two pieces suits & flared pants. 
In Accessories: holographic clutches & iPad cases & Square Black Clutches. 
in Shoes: Holograpic & leopard & bright orange, chrome yellow & white &  pointy-toed wedges.
Make Up was very Natural & hair was down & very natural.

Rebecca Minkoff
Resort wear

(more In info Here)

Why, I love This Collection is because I love that Rebecca, Had This teenage fantasy in which she imagined herself as one of the West Coast's cool kids, a.k.a. the skaters and the surfers.
well, I DID TOO! ok,Who didn't? Anyway, I love the Whole California feel her to her collection. Color Trends: white, cream, light blues,blacks,Bright pinks,mint. 
Fabric Trends: cheetah print,cotton, jersey, silk, leather, tricot cotton & aztec prints & painted looking pattern & Color-blocking
Clothing Trends: color-blocked baseball hoodies & sun-bleached prints on pants & dresses & board shorts with zippers & high wasted pants & sporty hoodies & Thin sweaters & bomber jacket. 
in Accessories: bright Square Clutches & purses and shoulder bags in leather
in Shoes: Sandals in black, white, yellow with ankle-straps, golden sandals with cross-straps. 
Hair: Very straight hair & make up: very Natural but Eyes are smoky.

I was reading up on Rebecca Minkoff & she Thought it would Awesome to make a Gif Lookbook for this Collection, I found some online, Since they are already gone her website But I found some on google. I love her Gifs. 

Have a Wonderful Day! 
Stay Safe! & Classy
See on Monday
Xo Pam 


Je ne sais quoi said...

Hey Pam! First of all thank you for the tip , i didn't know as well lol
now we all DO! :)
I loved both collection from Stella and Rebecca , however I see myself in the second one it's more funky I might say !

Pam E said...

Hi,Nini! :)
OH Your welcome! YES! ME TOO! OH I see what You mean! I love a Mix of both.
Thank you for Reading! :)

Anonymous said...

I have always loved Stella McCartney! She's simply amazing and stunning! Lovely post!

Pam E said...

ME Too! Oh She is! Thank you so much For Reading!

Antal Tímea said...

I never really liked wearing 4-5 colors on my at one time but these pictures convinced me a little, that it could look pretty amazing. :)

Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog.. I would love to follow each other, I mean I'm following you already :D.

Here's my blog:

Can't wait to hear from you!

Pam E said...

You should Really Try it! I know, I shy away from it sometimes too, IT IS!
Oh your welcome! OH Thank You so much! YES! Your blog is amazing, I'm a Huge fan of it. I'll make sure to follow you right now.