Friday, January 25, 2013

Thrifted Outfit: Dotted in Pink!

Happy Friday! 
Today I went to The Cowboy Breakfast At 4:30AM! Omgh.. it was crazy But somehow, I think, I looked Ok! I'll post More about on Monday! (Stop by again on Monday!) & More PHOTOS Plus a Little bit of everything post, Aka My rambling post About Fashion & MORE! 
Yesterday Mom & I,stopped to take photos at the LIBRARY Plus a Mini Park!! 
Yes, That's Where I take photos with that lush Green trees & Bamboo trees! I love it there plus #tip1 if you go in morning, no one is there! ( I love it because I can take my time taking photos) 
Since On Wednesday Mom & I went to A NEW Thrift Store & I found This Cute light pink with dark pink dots, I only found this blouse & unique black clutch & everything else was House ware stuff, for My room & books! (I'm always buying books)
 It was very Different & New & it's run by a Church, LOVED IT! 
I washed it & fell in love with it! I thought, l would share it with My Lovely Readers! 

What I'm wearing?
Light pink with dotted dark Pink Blouse by Eccobay. (thrifted)
Long Houndstooth Skirt by collection Harve benard (thrifted)
White wedge sandals by Rocket dog (thrifted & buy Here!)  
I tried to My make up very Naturel & I'm wearing nothing on my eyes but brown eyeliner & Mascara. 

This is really My favorite spot of the park & I always Love to show the back outfits because, This means I truly wear it out! 

My unique black clutch by saddie river. (thrifted) 
The Gold accents give it a Very Designer feel & I LOVE IT! it also came with a gold chain so you could hold or wear it. 
 I couldn't find anything about this company But that's in from a Store in NYC, but I'm not sure! if anyone has ever heard of it, Please let me know! 

If You felt as If this Look wasn't very fitted you could always put on a simple blazer & It gives you that fitted look since the Blouse is a little clingy. 

I kept my jewelry very simple because I really want my outfit to be main eye drawer when you look at my outfit. 
Rose Gold Party going on here!! 
Rose gold boyfriend watch by Merona. (Here!
rose gold chain (thrifted) 
light pink nail polish "#160 Mauve it" by Sally Hansen Insta-dry 

You couldn't see them In any of the photos But I was wearing  Pink & gold rimmed Clip earrings by Forever21!
(Buy here!
I wear clip Because I love them! 
I hope,I gave you some ideas for Valentines day! 

I haven't had anytime to read "Elle" yet so on Monday! I will have a FULL report on "Elle February" Issue. 

Stay Classy
Have a Wonderful Weekend! 
Xo Pam 


Anonymous said...

Very cute! The skirt might be a tad too long for you, sweetie. But the color palette is extremely flattering! ;-)

Pam E said...

HI! @spashionstreport!
Aww! Thank You! Your Kinda Right about that, I was going to take it to a tailor but I can't seem to find one. Oh Thank You! :)
Xo Pam <3

Fashion HotBox said...

your earrings are SO fab!! Love this :)

Fashion HotBox

Pam E said...

HI! @Fashion HotBox!
Oh Thank you so much! AWW! your the Best! Thank you for reading!
Xo Pam

Ileana said...

Love the bag!!!
And ur earrings are sooo cute :D

Pam E said...

HI! @Ileana
Oh Thank You for reading!
OH yes, They are! I LOVE them!
Xo Pam <3