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Golden Globes Wednesday Best Dresses & Worst Dresses

                                                        Happy Wednesday!
Oh I have missed Posting On Wednesday! But I'm BACK! I did see the Golden Globes on Sunday! & It was AMAZING! I was thinking for the past two days, Should I do a Post? Or shouldn't I? Well, this Morning, I said to myself, I SHOULD! I Put this together for YOU! & My amazing readers!!
How I rate a Dress By For Best Dress & Worst Dress. 1. How is fits? 2. Is it Age Appropriate For that Person? 3. are they Showing to Much cleavage? 4. Is Good For the Event?
                                                    Golden Globes Best Dressed! 

Marion Cotillard in custom Dior. 
I LOVE the Color! & I really Love How It's all Matching. Such a big trend In Fashion right now & Her  accessories are Perfect & Perfect for age & Perfect FIT! & she's not showing a thing, I LOVE IT! A+! 

Anne Hathaway in Chanel.
It's Perfect for the Globes & Perfect for her age & great fit! She's not showing anything! A+! 

Ariel Winter in Valentino. 
omgh, I LOVE THIS! She's truly growing up into a Classy Young Lady. all the colors are very In trend for Spring & her accessories are the perfect pop! & very age appropriate! fits her great & Perfect for the globes & she's not showing anything! A+! 

Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta
I LOVE The COLOR!! Coral is Perfect for Spring! Fits her perfectly & Very Age Appropriate for her & she's not Showing anything & Jessica is keeping it Very Classy! A+! 

Julianna Margulies in Pucci. 
I love the Lace Details & it's Very Age Appropriate for her & Fits Her PERFECTLY! & Perfect for the Globes & she's Not showing anything. A+! 

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford. 
I love the Colors, It's Very Classic & the accessories are GREAT! she mixed Gold & Silver jewrly but It looks GREAT! & the dress fits her Perfectly & It's Very age appropriate & Perfect for the Globes! A+

Michelle Dockery in Alexandre Vauthier. 
It's Perfect for the Globes! & Fits her great, Perfectly Age Appropriate for her & not showing anything A+! 

Naomi Watts in Zac Posen.
It fits her perfectly! & It's Great for her age! she's just showing BIT of back cleavage! It's it's still sexy But not in a bad way! It's also perfect for the Globes. A- 

Glenn Close in Zac Posen. 
omgh! I LOVE IT! very Perfect For her Age & for the Globes& I love the Color! I give her100 A+!! 

Emily Deschanel in Badgley Mischka.
I love the Color! & Perfect for the globes & She's not showing anything & her accessories are PERFECT! :) A+ A+!

Salma Hayek in Gucci
I love The color & It Looks Great On her! & the fit is Perfect & she's just showing a bit cleavage But it's ok & it's Perfect for the Globes. A-

Jennifer Garner in Vivienne Westwood. 
OMGH! this is so BEAUTFUL! PERFECT in everything & the Color is SPOT ON!! A+ A+!! 

Adele in Burberry
I LOVE This On her! Plus, I was so happy to See Her on the Red Carpet! It's PERFECT! Wow.. ALL Perfect. A+! 

Lea Michele in Elie Saab. 
PERFECT Dress! & no cleavage, Just a Little Leg But not to much & Her tan is a BIT much & It's Perfect! A!

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy.
OMGH! I LOVE IT! Perfect for her age & Perfect The Globes & no cleavage! At all & Perfect Fit! A+!

Rosario Dawson in Antonio Berardi.
Perfect Color for her & the Peplum Trend is AWESOME! & Fit is awesome, A+ for the Globes! She's not showing anything SO A+! 

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior.
I LOVE the Color! Wow, It's Perfect for her & The Fit is Great & Amazing for the Globes & She's not showing anything. 

Francesca Eastwood Aka Miss Globes in vintage Giorgio Armani.
LOVE this Dress & Perfect for her age & She's not showing anything & Perfect for the Globes! & The Fit is PERFECT! A+! 

Tina Fey in L'Wren Scott.
Old Hollywood anyone? Wow. Perfect Fit & Perfect for the Globes & Perfect for Her age & she's not showing anything, It's Great. A+ TINA!

Lena Dunham in Zac Posen. 
I LOVE this Dress on Her! Perfect for her age & the Globes & yes, she's Not showing anything But She Just Really should Have used accessories more! A!

Megan Fox in Dolce & Gabbana.
OMGH! It'S PERFECT! Everything, I died when I saw this Dress. I LOVE it! perfect for her age & perfect For the Globes & the Fit is GREAT! & She's Not showing anything at All. A+!

Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta. 
Red looks GREAT on her! It's very Perfect for Her Age & Fits Her Great! & Perfect for the Globes & She's not showing anything! A+ 

Debra Messing in Donna Karan.
I know, a Lot of People hated this Dresses but I LOVE IT! The Black shade is Perfect! & Because It's Perfect for her age & perfect for The Globes & she's not showing anything. A+! 

                                           Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen. 
I LOVE the decorative gold accents. OMGH! YES! Plus I love How It Very Victorian English. Perfect for Her age! & The Fit is great, Just the key hole was a little big! & perfect for the globes!  

Isla Fisher in Reem Acra.
I LOVE IT! this Dress is Perfect. Wow. Pefect for her age & Good Fit & great for the Globes, the cleavage is Ok. A! 

Hayden Panettiere in Roberto Cavalli. 
Such a Pretty Color! & The Pink Clutch is that Pop of color! 
the Fit is perfect & Very perfect for her age & she's Not shoing anything & it's PERFECT for the Globes! 

Halle Berry in Versace.
I LOVE this Dress, It's Perfect for Spring & Perfect for Her age & Great Fit Is It Great for the Globes  Maybe a Little to Springy buy I like It anyway! :) A! 


Giuliana Rancic in Celia Kritharioti.
Ok,I LOVE Her style Most of the time But This not a Great Dress! not great for her Age, Makes her Look Like a Old Lady! & It's not very Good for the Globes, It's WAY to Much! yes, She's not showing anything but The Lace is WAY to much & the Fit is WAY to Tight It looks like. B+

Nicole Richie in Naeem Khan. 
OMGH! NICOLE! what HAPPENED To you?? Gosh, Looks like a can of blue paint fell on this Dress, It's way to MUCH! & Makes her Look Like a Old Lady & the fit is not too great. 
But I LOVE Her accessories & Make up & Hair. she gets a B

Alyssa Milano in Ports 1961. 
OMGH! THE COLOR is a NO NO!  since she has a Olive tone skin, she would really stay away from yellow tones, It washes her out & The fit is not Good Either. It's Ok for Her age & she's Not showing anything. B+

Claire Danes in Versace. 
I really Like the Fit & It's Perfect for Age & she's not showing to Much But the color Washes her out a lot & she really didn't use accessories that would have helped too. B+ 

Sarah Hyland in Max Azria. 
Umm are you going Clubbing After Wards? or what? this is not For her age at all aka She's 22. Well, at lease I think so. It's ok,for the globes & it's very Tight, can She Breath? gosh & WAY TO much cleavage! for a 22 year old!

Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton.
I LOVE LV but this Dress needs help. Where's the Rest of the Dress?? I guess It was late, haha. She's Not showing anything & That's Great But For the Golden Globes Really? better for a party & It's Perfect for her age But there is too much going on. C-

Sally Field in Alberta Ferretti.
I didn't Like It because, It's Not Perfectly fit & It's not Very Age Appropriate since She's showing some cleavage & For The Globes, I guess it's Ok. B+

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen.
The Color is amazing But It's Not really Age Appropriate (45) & The fit is kinda Tight & Not Very good For the Globes Maybe more for a Party. I give Her a C. 

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera.
OMGH! are You going a Wedding After This? this Dress is HUGE! Wow.. way to big for the Globes! & too much & the Fit isn't that Great either, yes, nothing is showing but It's just to big! B+

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors.
I love the gold But Why The Bare Tummy? looks Like She Doesn't Fit in well or something. Plus The fit doesn't Look so good & Maybe Not the globes.. B

Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka.
I love The Dress but for a Party not The Globes & It has a lot going on to me. The fit is Kinda tight too & It's Great for Her age & She's not showing anything. B+

Helena Bonham Carter In Dolce & Gabbana.
I love it That's kinda  lot Going on & It's way better for Party not the Red Carpet.. 
It's Perfect for Her Age but Not The Globes & she's Not showing anything. I give her a B! 

Heidi Klum in Alexandre Vauthier.
omgh.. WHERE DO I START! way too tight & not very Good for her age & Where did She think She was going?? clubbing? no, Not for the Globes. F!! 

Jodie Foster in Giorgio Armani.
umm.. are you still in the 80s?? no. This 2013! not the 1980s. this dress makes her look VERY OLD! the Color is good & The Fit is Ok & she's not showing anything.. B+ 

Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci. 
OMGH! Eva Where's The Rest of Your Dress? this Not age Appropriate For anyone.. & for The Globes. NO WAY! plus it's way to Tight! & It's just too much cleavage! F!

Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein Collection.
I really Don't Like this dress! Because She's showing way too Much cleavage! & It's more of a Summer Dress & this Fit is not great at ALL! It's not Age Appropriate for ANYONE!

Thandie Newton in Giles Deacon.
WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?? I don't Liek anything about this. everything was just plan bad.The Color & The Sheerness & Pink heels did NOT go with this! F! 

Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney.
YES! It's Pretty! it is for the Globes NO WAY! Yes, Your can Wear a Pant Suit if She would have worn a White blouse under it, GRAT but she looks like Rock Singers Off to a concert Not to globes, Not for her age Only a 20 something year old can Maybe wear this & too much cleavage & It's kinda Tight for her. 

Sofia Vergara is wearing a Michael Cinco Dress. 
This Would be Better the after party not the globes, It's Just to much! & she had no accessories & it doesn't Fit her age either. C-

Amy Adams in Marchesa. She Should have picked a better color & it washes her out everything else is  Perfect But the color! B+

Katharine McPhee in Theyskens Theory. 
Where the Rest of her Dress? & what's Going on with Her Heels? where's the rest of It? this just WRONG! & her hair, did she roll out of Bed? If she Need a Stylist  I'm HERE For You girl! Just email me! Wow.
F+ F+ F+ 

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu.
This way to sheer! & Not very Age appropriate & it looks More for a party then the globes & the fit is not to great either. 

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad. 
This WAY to Sheer! when I first It I thought She's was Naked because it's WAY To sheer! & Not Very Age appropriate for anyone! & Not for the Golden globes either & it's way too much cleavage & it's to tight. F!
FYI ONLY TAKES Tip from the Girls on the BEST List! 

For girls who are on the Worst List. PLEASE CALL ME! I'll  HELP YOU! I'll even Work for Free just don't dress like that again & Don't take tip from them..
THANK YOU! For reading! 
For more Photos & stuff Look ->! Here & Here & Here 
(FYI None of these PHOTOS ARE MINE!)

I'm very sorry, I took so long to Post this That I'm posting it Wednesday night!

See Your on Friday!! With Best & Worst after party Looks & Best & worst MEN LOOKS!! WHOO HOO! 
Stay Classy! 
Xo Pam


Linnie Tam said...

Anne hathaway, jennifer lawrence and emily blunt are my favs!!


Aska Wolf said...

Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts and Taylor Swift were my favs. For the most of them I agree with you but I strongly dislike Halle Berry and debra Messing because they both looked like they stole granny's curtains. And I don't think that Halle's dress was age appropriate at all as well :)
Nice post. I love discussions :)

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amberbee said...

Thank you! Now following you on all of the above as well :) Bloglovin #81

Pam E said...

YES! I just wish Emily Blunt Dress was one Dress it would have looked a LOT better! :)
Thank You so much for reading.
Xo Pam

Pam E said...

OH Great! I know! I forgot Taylor Swift Dresses!
Oh Great! Haha!
My mom Thought the Same thing That they weren't that Pretty But I really like them,& I was kinda stuck On them! & If should add them to Best or Worst, I always ask myself Would I wear That? Well, yes! I would! :)Well, That's Kinda True since she's in her late 40s!
Oh Thank you so much! For Reading!
Xo Pam
I LOVE them too! everyone has a Different point!

Pam E said...

Oh your Very Welcome!
OH great! Thank you so much! :)
Xo Pam